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Hi Everyone , welcome to Alloya’s Blog.

This Blog is intended to share articles, videos, websites, blogs and links.

You can find here many topics on a wide variety of subjects.

Prepare to have your minds twisted beyond all recognition.

Have fun and enjoy .

Love Alloya

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6 thoughts on “Welcome Post

  1. Hello,

    I have a question, i was reading some years ago all of your writings and some things left in my mind unclear.
    I do not know where exactly but it appears that you have dissolved your personality in the void and I would like to know which is in command, is in control of your physical body at the moment? who is making thoughts?
    Do you still have an ego?
    Is it the conscioussness of the kundalini who is guiding you?
    I guess things change when the human consciousness is no longer there, no longer certain desires, isn’t it?

    If you can clarify, I thank you


    • I would not say i have disolved my personality i would say that the integration of my multiself has added to my personality and of course ego. I am not going to pretend that i have no ego but what i can say is i have the presence of my soul which enables me to be able to heal any issues that come from the ego. It is a process we are all in , i like everyone go back and forwards , i am not perfect in human terms but i am perfect in the eyes of my soul which all that matters. thanks love alloya 🙂


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