Galactic Federation Of Light And Its Luciferian Origin

This is thought provoking . When I first began to move in new age circles I came across many people who were into the Galactic Federation of Light and so I was interested to know more about them. I began to read the various channels , channelling their information. I could not understand my reaction , even though all the words were of love and light I could not get away from the sick wrong feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. I tried to ignore my intuition which said they were not who they said they were and were in fact dark.I wanted to be part of the new age crowd, so I ignored my belly’s warning. One day my higher self took me out of my body on a journey through the dimensions , on my way through the fourth dimension I saw many bubbles of misty light within were demonic beings disguised as angels working with channellers here on earth. My higher self told me that this was the Galactic Federation of light , that they were not on the fifth dimension as they professed but were in the polarity of the fourth . They had created astral prisons for the harvesting of those on earth who followed their light body teachings. I was told not to do any of these meditations or practices , not to communicate with these beings . I was told not to judge them or those who followed them, as it was their soul’s choice to experience such things. Many will ascend into these astral prisons and become fuel for these beings. These beings are fallen and have lost the ability to ascend further up the dimensional ladder. I have compassion for them. The light workers who choose to walk this path will not realise they are trapped they will be kept in a hypnotised state of bliss and will think they are in heaven. I was told this was not my way so I left the new age meditation groups and walked my own path. Many years later I communicated with Gaia and she told me that the first beings to make an official first contact were imposters and would deceive many and I was not under any circumstances to go with them. Now I am not telling you this because I have in any way any hatred , judgement or fear of these beings, I have carried this information for over 20 years now , i am telling you this so you have an informed choice. As I love you all my fellow star seeds , we have a mission to do here on the planet , we are not to leave in ships of light . Stay with Gaia and hold on to your inner light and truth and give no one your power . love Alloya


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