Speaking but not being heard

All my life I have been struggling to understand why when I speak to others they simply do not hear me or ignore me or talk over me. Before I did my self healing I thought the reason for this was because I was boring or not worth listening to, or unworthy in some way. However when I began my spiritual work in public I was surprised to find that those who came to my seminars listened to my every word. It seemed that those who were working on raising their frequency could hear me , wanted to listen and saw me worthy of listening to. However when I tried to talk to people who were locked in a 3 D consciousness only and were still sleeping , I found that they simply were not interested in listening to a word I said. So I went into meditation and talked to my soul I wanted to know why . My soul explained to me that I was indeed raising my frequency and thus those who were still locked in 3D could not hear me , and if they could my energy was triggering issues within them simply by me being in my truth . My truth aggravated the low energies within their bodies and made them feel uncomfortable. This then caused defence mechanisms to arise within their egos, which resulted in them closing down , ignoring me, or not hearing me, the ego would do anything other than listen to my words of truth. It did not seem to matter what the subject matter was it always happened whether I was talking about spiritual things or not. The reason I write this today is because I awoke from a dream where I was trying to explain to one of my more 3D friends that this has been happening over and over . When I awoke and looked at my emails I had an email from a friend talking about just this subject. Is anyone else experiencing this ? I would love to hear from you .All my love Alloya 


9 thoughts on “Speaking but not being heard

  1. im starting to notice they some of my family are trying to talk to me more with idle chat and bad joke of them trying to make me happy and smile and talk more with them. are they trying to pull me back into 3rd dimensional reality? i donit want to be stuck there.


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  3. this happens to me all the time, so i just stop talking to most people. i completely agree that they cannot see/hear us untill they want something from you, and the magicaly they can see you again. i too tried the energy build up whilst walking along paths, again to no effect. what fun times 🙂


    • This is why i posted this so we could all talk about it and see we are not alone in this phenonmenon , we need to prepare for things to get stranger too. love alloya 🙂


  4. its very confusing. in one of your articles that i downloaded as a pdf you wrote :The fourth dimension is a place of extreme light and dark. It is as the place of illusions. This is very evident in my reality at the moment. I was having dinner with friends and all of a sudden I could feel an extremely negative energy coming into the room, all the hairs on my arms stood on end. I looked at my friend across the dinner table and I could feel this energy coming from his body. I looked into his eyes and they were the coldest blue I have ever seen. I smiled at him, hoping he would return the smile and he just stared at me with pure hatred in his eyes. This energy did not go away and for the next few days I was in fear of him and did not want to be next to him at all. He changed in his personality and was rude and nasty to me for no
    reason. To say this caused a problem for me was an understatement. I talked about this to his wife and she basically said I was crazy and she had not seen him be horrible at all and I think she was thinking I was causing trouble. I said, “Did you not see his awful blue eyes? “. “Blue eyes, he has brown eyes “she said, I suddenly saw him in the third dimension and she was right he did in fact have brown eyes.”:

    i experience this wi a cousin of mine recently where this happened except i didn’t notice the eye color.
    is there a list of things that i could read about that would be helpful right now, if so please email me at aalease32@yahoo.com
    ~peace and love


  5. Hi Kristina, I too am often not seen , I have had people actually stand on my feet in a party and when I asked the lady in high heeled shoes to get off my feet she was shocked to see me standing there. I am always the one who has to move out of the way in the street , now you could say that this is because people are rude but I have challenged this by walking down the street in as much energy as I can muster and I have smacked straight into them they simply did not see me. When this happens in my car then this concerns me. I thought just like you that it was hurtful but as I went through life I have challenged this and it is not that they do not care about me they do not see me. I like you have never been able to join in on the idle chit chat I go blank cannot think of anything to say and have even been known to yawn , which matters not as they cannot see me anyway. As you know I have written books and built my own website , you would think out of kindness my 3D friends would at least ask what it was about , no nothing. When I was looking for approval it was hurtful but since then I have made so many enlightened friends who think I am awesome it does not matter so much now. Only the other day I told someone I had got another book published , I did not get to end my sentence before they talked over me and told me I had reminded them to go on line and buy someone else’s book they had only met them the day before. All very strange . My partner says they are just rude but I think it is more than that , even if I talk about something they are interested in they still do not hear me.

    On the other hand those who are awake recognise me immediately , some have even recognised my ET origins. I am intrigued to ask one of those who are asleep if they do not hear me or are simply not interested but of course I never can because they do not let me finish my sentence. Lol…

    Is this the beginning of the split in two realities, will it get to the point where they really cannot see us that would be great.

    Has anyone reading this had experiences where they are not seen ?

    Love you and see you love alloya 🙂


  6. I can relate, Alloya. It is like they refuse to acknowledge you are speaking, even if you try to contribute to a topic of conversation that is of interest to THEM! Sometimes, they don’t even SEE me, which was disconcerting and sometimes hurtful as a child. I later learned that I really don’t give a crap anymore.

    I now cannot stand idle shit-chat of unimportant, mind-numbing topics, such as the ‘excitement’ happening on some reality show (I was literally given a strange look and immediately shut out of the conversation because I said I don’t watch Masterchef lol oh well). Also when I offer advice and help…it falls on deaf ears. I don’t get it. Even those in 3D consciousness – ones I call sleepers – who listen with some interest, do not go on to read articles or books I suggested, or go to watch YouTube videos I suggested. I could talk about something everyone can relate to like food – I would add the importance of organic foods with them agreeing on everything one minute, and then they go crack open a can of aspartame the next, or they would say ‘yeah, I need to try that’ when talking to me one-on-one in one minute, and then laugh at me when they are with others because I eat organic food the next minute. There is obviously some kind of fear happening there. In a way, their behaviour is bizarre, nonsensical and sad at the same time. I am sure however, anyone quietly listening in with interest may be absorbing some little bits of info I offer.

    It IS like being invisible, however, I can say that most likely I am – I operate on different frequencies to the others. So, one day something will trigger off in the sleeper’s hearts and minds and they will go ‘click!’ and realise “oh, THAT is what she was talking about!” and start searching for their own Truth.

    Meanwhile, I seek those who do operate on similar frequencies to me, simply for the fact that just ‘get’ it. Like you, Alloya, I noticed people are more interested in listening when they can relate on similar levels and who are working on raising their vibes too.

    Much Love and Harmony to you and those reading.


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