Astral Prisons

We are moving into 4th dimensional awareness. Our collective consciousness is moving up in frequencies , this process is manifesting within our reality. We are those who are awaking , we are waking up from within the matrix. As we move up through the many layers of illusion which make up the 4D , we will experience many layers of false , illusion, deception this is the nature of 4D. Within this place we are becoming aware that we are held in a prison , an astral matrix which is making itself known within our dreams and visions. 

We are waking up inside Metatron’s Cube which is made up of metal constructs, holding consciousness in geometric configurations designed to hold a soul within its matrix. We are encountering the true side of those we have foolishly worshipped , believing them truly ascended. We are waking up to the manipulation from many outside sources , we are waking up as we are divine. 

Are you dreaming of being in a future prison environment , are you dreaming of metal landscapes, alien beings, or shadow characters, are you dreaming of mind control from outside sources, are you waking up too ??? 

Many people are writing to me and telling me they are dreaming of being in some sort of prison environment , a metallic planet , or ship , having to raise their frequency within the dream to escape this place . There are so many people now I thought I would post it as it is interesting indeed. love alloya 🙂 


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