Hybrid Beings

 Hybrid Beings

I think this is meant to be a vampire character or something but i think it looks like the hybrid beings that I often see in my astral travels to ships which are orbiting our planet. There are many ships on many different levels orbiting our planet. I regularly find myself on board a huge ship ,on board are several different races, sourcing from different dimensional levels. There are Pleiadian Humanoids , Zeta Riticuli , some reptilian Hybrids which look part Reptilian , part human, and some other hybrids some of which look like this image. There are physical density beings, and etherical Zeta beings who manifest in light body. It is a ship which houses many races and levels of beings, I have had conversations with some of the crew , they tell me they are part of a galactic federation( not too confused with the Galactic Federation of Light) , they sole purpose is to monitor us not to interfere in any way but simply to monitor our transformation.

They are currently monitoring earth and the effects on human dna , by the solar flares, and sun emissions . Our earth is going through an intense solar activity phase , called the solar maxim which is culminating in 2016 , these emissions are having effect on the mutation of our dna ,as we shift in consciousness .

I am often taken on board to a room which contains many thousands of little glass draws. Held within each draw are genetic codes and information which is contained within a jelly like substance which is flat but flexible.Upon these jelly disks are geometric patterns and matrices which contain dna information samples. I am not taken on board to take my dna samples only , but to perform some sort of work . I have had many dreams where I see myself as one of these Hybrid beings working on board ship working with this genetic information. In the centre of the room is a technology which I place these jelly disk into , this takes the dna out from the disks and it hovers in mid-air and is then spiralled by an unseen energy source . I monitor how the dna is affected by a beam of light which is the same as the rays coming from our sun , I watch as the dna changes and reacts to the presence of the sun beam. This activity of the sun is a very important part of our consciousness shift.

All life comes from the sun and the sun acts as an alarm clock to wake us up from within our dna , to move into a new level of consciousness.


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