Two Realities- continuation of ” Speaking but not being heard”

I wanted to continue with the post “Speaking but not being heard ” ( please see below) 

It seems to me as if we are living in two world , two realities which lay side by side and at times it is possible to have one foot in one reality and another foot in another. The one reality is the place that many of us feel we have woken up from, it is the what up to now has been considered the one true and real reality consensus of the collective  This reality is experienced as 3D , a reality where you work, go shopping , take the kids to school.

It a place of consensus of being normal reality by the majority.Within this reality are the majority and its beliefs , this reality is full of those who still sleep under the illusion which is present here on the earth which dictates to us, who we think we are , and what life is all about . As we awaken we move into a new reality , one which contains the information about who we are, as souls , divine co creators ,a place of change , transformation and a shift in paradigm.

There are those of us who are experiencing talking to those in the old reality, only to find they simply are not listening to us , ignore us or simply do not hear us at all. This can be frustrating as we all like to be heard however we have to begin to realise this is not something which is happening to us personally, because we are in some way not worth listening to. The more we wake up, the more those around us have to either move out of our lives, as we no longer are operating in the same reality , or they have to change to match our frequency and enter the new  reality.

When we are speaking in a high energy whether it be a spiritual topic or not, we not only are not heard by the person still focused in the old reality but we are aggrivating them. Have you noticed how other people are getting frustrated with you for no known reason , that is because you are holding them in truth, simply by being there with them , your presence alone affects them, you are often unknowingly triggering them. When a high energy comes into contact with a low energy all that is not able to resonate at the new higher level is called to be processed. They will do one of two things they will either stick it out and transform and raise their frequency or they will leave your life, as you are too uncomfortable to be around.

Many of us are in relationships where one is in old reality and one in new, this can become a problem as your energy is making the other person uncomfortable . This process of crossing over from one reality to another is a challenge for anyone especially those who are in relationships. Do not take it personally when they do not listen but simply recognise in that moment they are operating in old reality and you are operating in new.

Take a deep breath and breath in your truth, truth is not a mind concept , like this true and this is not , it is in fact an energy. By breathing in your truth energy as if it is in the air around you , you will be able then to process all that stands in the way of living your truth, there will be issues within you which will arise which need to be addressed , as well as working with the other person as they cross from one reality to another. This crossing over goes on from moment to moment every day , we are shifting backwards and forwards becoming stronger and stronger in truth and able to focus in ,on the new reality a bit more everyday. I think this process will continue until we begin to operate in totally different realities and will be able to walk down the road past someone still operating in old reality, without being seen. 

Have you had experiences of not being seen , or being heard or becoming aware of yourself operating in a totally different reality than those around you? Some of us have been alone with this and have thought we were either mad or wrong in some-way , however as more and more people are reporting this happening it is becoming evident there is most definitely something going on. Is this the start of the shift ? 

love alloya 


3 thoughts on “Two Realities- continuation of ” Speaking but not being heard”

  1. i would not say that they are doing it consciously but they are simply trying to be comfortable with your energy, it is natural that they would want to bring you down to their lower level of consciousness it is easy to bring you down than for them to rise up. They also want you to operate in the mundane of the left rational mind as you are uniform then , more easily understood. There are also automatic triggers running within the matrix which are triggered when we rise up to a higher level , these triggers can then manifest through other people to also to bring you down to the lower more easily controlled level.


  2. I posted this on part one but just in case it wasn’t seen ” Im starting to notice they some of my family are trying to talk to me more with idle chat and bad joke of them trying to make me happy and smile and talk more with them. Are they trying to pull me back into 3rd dimensional reality? i donit want to be stuck there.


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