Comments on energetic protection article.

We are in the time of the grand revealing even within the new age community. We are coming to understand that many of the teachings of healers, teachers etc is incorrect. When I first qualified as a Hands on Healer ( with the London college of healers) I was taught a protection ritual. From the very beginning I did not feel right about the whole protection thing. After seeing how it entrapped me in a fear paradigm I threw caution to the wind and gave up protecting myself. I did not just leave it there I processed out my fear of having something negative attack me some entity wishing me harm. I came to understand that like attracts like very early on and realised if I was attracting any negative entity it was for a reason and there was a lesson for me to learn. So I opened myself up fully and embraced all beings that came to communicate with me light or dark. This has stood me in good stead throughout my work as there have been times when I have been challenged to prove my bravado .


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