Preparing to open the Stargate.

I have in the past 6 months been in contact with a new group of beings. They are very tall and thin , made of light , with slightly elongated heads with bright round eyes. They come into my meditation through a stargate. One of the adults comes out of the stargate but the smaller one which I think must be a child stands in the opening of the stargate . The adult will come near and I tried to communicate with thoughts and words, with no success. Then I noticed that this being was affected my heart and the new chakra which is forming between the throat and heart chakra. This being was changing the patterns coming from my heart, it felt like it was changing the beats . This has been going on for weeks. I had no idea what was going on, then I got told I was to communicate with these beings through heart resonance. If you would like to know more about heart resonance go check out Dan Winter For those who have read my article ” Braiding the self” you will understand this for those who have not check out this article When the heart is in bliss it braids the dna and causes that to implode which then creates a star gate or wormhole. Well the other day whilst with my friend Cherry we have first hand experience of this opening of the wormhole. We are working with energy together and as we do the room disappears and we are in an alter state. I look at Cherry and think oh how lovely she is , this moved my heart and I felt it changed resonance. All of a sudden the energy before me spirals and I see the very beginning of the wormhole open. Now all my life I have been waiting for this and thought it would be wonderful. I was not ready for the energy surge , it span me out , I ended up having to lie on the floor with my heart racing , I look at Cherry who is obviously experiencing the same thing and is holding on to the wall.So suffice to say it looks like I need more preparation. 🙂 


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