The Giant of Atacama

The Giant of Atacama

The Giant of Atacama, Chile* (900 AD) “The lines at Nazca aren’t the only landscape figures South America boasts. About 850 miles south of the plain is the largest human figure in the world laid out upon the side of Solitary Mountain in Chile. The Giant of Atacama stands 393 feet high and is surrounded by lines similar to those at Nazca.

Without the use of a wheel or Iron tools, the city of stone was constructed to include over 600 terraces, a 1/2 mile long water delivery system, and temples built of amazing stone work. One of the mysteries that remains is how 50 ton stones got to the top of the mountain ridge. The mystery remains who built the site and when.

video: — with Carlos Serrano, Renate Filipzik, Ellen Paraiso Tabaranza, Aumaurilio Justo and Fátima Lopes.


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