Dreaming of Reptilians

For weeks now I have had a recurring dreams or rather the themes of the dream are the same. I am not human ,in some of the dreams I am humanoid but not from earth and in other dreams I am an actual reptilian Humanoid. All the dreams are the same , I cannot go out in the sunlight , as if I am some sort of vampire. I spend my time in the dreams making sure I have my whole body covered so that no sunlight can touch my skin. Last night I dreamt I was a full on Draco Reptilian and I was explaining to someone I do not know that I could not go out in the sunlight as it would trigger a response from my dna which would literally change the orientation of my consciousness. Is anyone else having dreams of the same theme about not going out in the sun. In my everyday 3d life I love the sun and make the most of it when it is here in the UK which is not often… Love alloya 🙂 


One thought on “Dreaming of Reptilians

  1. very interesting, ive not remembered any dreams for a while, and not certainly not any non-human ones, except borg (urgh) except the ones ive already shared with you. i do think our sun is brighter and hotter than usual though.


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