It is time to look at the shadow and take responsibility for the part we play in its creation.

” Think positive , do not look at the darkness, only focus on the light . ” This is the mantra of the Light Workers on the planet. All sounds like good advice or is it ? I come across lots of people in my work who profess to be Light Workers. They focus only on the light to the exclusion of the shadow , they smile fixed smiles hoping no one will notice the fear of the shadow , that can so clearly be seen in their eyes. They refuse to look at the shadow and chastise anyone who is brave enough to look. They put their heads in the sand and hope that some saviour from the stars will save them in the nick of time , all the while the world sinks deeper into chaos. Little do they know that their refusal to look  is in fact creating the shadow. The darkness is the polar opposite of the Light , without the Light there can be no shadow . When the Elohim first moved away from the body of the Source they were over whelmed by the feeling of separation , refusing to move out from the radiance of the Source , they turned their backs on the void and bathed in the light of the Source. Whilst doing this they created the first shadow in the universe . The Light Workers are doing the same, their refusal to look is creating the shadow. How ironic that they are actually doing the work of the dark side. It is not about being aligned with the dark or the light as this is polarised thinking and will only result in the creation of its opposite . We are moving out of the confines of the polarised reality, we are being challenged to look with eyes which are beyond polarity, with eyes of truth. Take a deep breath , breathe in your truth and look at the shadow after all it is your creation , process your fear and be brave , move beyond the black and white thinking and learn to walk in the shades of Grey. Be as a Zeta human hybrid and move beyond the confines of this dualistic prison. Love Alloya 🙂


3 thoughts on “It is time to look at the shadow and take responsibility for the part we play in its creation.

    The root of evil is in that part of our genetic make-up that creates in the neonate the power to demand from adults the means to survive. If this power is not controlled as the neonate becomes a child; the child begins to manifest greed. Unsatisfied greed leads the child into devious ways, which once learned stay through adulthood becoming unconstrained greed for anything and everything that is available in the world. This means anything, money, power, sex, territory and artifacts of any kind that may be seen as attractive to the greedy individual.

    Homosapiens acquired this genetically derived greed from our creator ENKI. We Homosapiens are a combination of genes from Homoerectus and Annunaki. The Homoerectus genes gave us the basic structure to our frame, the Annunaki genes refined that frame, gave us a voice box and the kind of brain that can learn anything. However, if as children we are not properly socialised, for example, learn that greed is divisive, contrary to what the Thatcher woman decreed, then the evil of greed will be manifest in any way our perverted minds wish to take us.

    Anyone following the path of greed, unless they see the error of their ways, will create mayhem. We live in a society that thrives on mayhem and uncertainty, a society that preaches that competition is good for all sorts of reasons. Those reasons are created by the greedy to allow them to use more and more devious ways to achieve their ends.

    Society tries to put limits on the effects of greed. Laws try to curb the excesses of greed and limit actions in its pursuit of its goals; we have yet to understand the evil that is greed. The kinds of controls needed are not laws to curb the excesses of evil, but proper parental training for everyone at a young age. This training would give all the means to teach neonates/young children how to leave behind the “power to demand” once they become capable of reasoning. Given that everyone learns at different rates, those children who cannot be socialised to leave behind the “power to demand” during their pre-school years need to have early years teachers with greater knowledge than parents in socialising individuals into a caring and sharing frame of mind. Only when such learning experiences are in place will we see a decrease in manifest evil in our world.

    The majority of crime committed in the world today has at its base GREED. Wars, given to us by our creators, are always caused by GREED, first theirs, now ours. Every unsocial act committed by an individual on another individual is down to GREED. The way our society is run is based on GREED; acquisitiveness is prized, as long as it is done within the law. But the law has no effect on the GREED of people who force other people to create things by their hard work, only to have them sold back to those hard workers at increased prices. Then when all the money that was in circulation has fallen into the pockets of the GREEDY people, hard workers have to go into debt. They can find no work, but unscrupulous GREEDY people, who now have all the money, offer the hard worker loans out of that money. The hard worker now has to work much harder to pay off their debt and to keep their family. This is evil.


  2. And it goes on to say ” whoever does not know the root of evil, is not stranger to it . The Gnostics say the root of evil is human error, the mind mistaking itself. To defeat evil , we must unmask it by seeing its origin in the erring operations of our own minds.


  3. I am reading John Lamb Lash’s book, ” Not in his image ” , there is a Gnostic quote in there which affirms what I have said above. ” So long as the root of wickedness is hidden, it is strong. But when it is recognised , it is dissolved. When it is revealed , it perishes. As for ourselves , let us each dig down after the root of evil which is within each of us, and produces its fruit in our hearts. It masters us . We are its slaves. It takes us captive, to make us do what we do not want, and what we do want, we do not do. It is powerful because we have not recognised it”


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