The Archons

I would like to promote John lamb Lash as he is the best researcher I have found on the Archons. His website is

According to John ” the Archons are parasitic alien entities who have infiltrated our solar system and our human consciousness . They are  an inorganic species with a hive mentality that constructed a planetary system under the direction of a reptilian overlord, Laldabaoth.”

I know of these beings and have had some dealings with them especially when I first woke up . When I first woke up I became aware that my rational mind was not my own , the thoughts it produced were often cruel and limiting to me. Often when I was trying to lift myself up it would shout doubtful , harsh and negative thought patterns at me , this only resulted in me feeling down , deflated and lost. After several months of self reflection and self healing I came to realise that this mind which I thought was mine was not mine at all but was an alien artificial implant or construct. With the guidance of my Soul I began to dissociate myself from its rantings . I then had two perspectives going on, the perspective of my higher self or Soul and the limiting perspective of my rational mind. I came to realise that this rational mind was like an automatic program which constantly ran in my conscious awareness, always looking for ways to sabotage me and get me off track. I wrote l about this often in my book ” The Mission of the One Star” ( available for free as a PDF file on my site or hard copy from Amazon). I began to disengage myself from the rantings of the rational mind but it was not easy. It seemed the more I tried to ignore it the worse it became. My higher self explained to me that we all have a implant in the base of our brain which has been put there through artificial genetic modification and that implant enables us all to be plugged into the artificial matrix which is present here on the earth. This must be the reptilian brain I hear so much about. My higher self told me that every time someone begins to awaken from the illusion of the matrix and begins to think outside the box, outside the imprisoning confines of the rational mind that this alerts automatic alarm codes within the matrix. These codes trigger the matrix to begin to attack the waking up person . The electrical grid , computer system, internet and electromagnetic grids are all part of this matrix. As I began to ignore my rational mind and listen more closely to the wisdom of my higher self, these codes were triggered. My electrics in the house would turn on and off, my computer would not work or delete files even when turned off, my on line passwords were changed , and the list goes on and on. It is enough to send someone crazy and I must admit until I understood more of what was going on I was paranoid.

The icing on the cake was when I received a email which contained a paragraph of my book , the part about the Zeta ( or the Greys as others call them) along with a paragraph of the most strange text mentioning Echelon. I had no idea what Echelon was so when my computer hacker friend came to visit I showed him the email and asked if he had any idea what it was all about. He explained to me that Echelon was a signals intelligence gathering technology . It looked for key words within emails, phone calls and websites. Why were they tracking me I thought. My friend put a ping on the email to find out where it had come from as every time i replied to it , i received a delivery failure message. He told me it was coming from the white house. At first I was not having any of it I thought my hacker friend was playing a trick on me, he assured me he was not.

Over the next months this kind of thing increased , my whole house felt like it was full of static , my tv would turn on and off on its own as well as the lights, especially when I was channelling the Zeta . It seemed that what ever this was did not like the frequency that I operated in whilst talking to them. I began to hear voices in my mind coming from the rational mind , so full of hate , then I knew for sure I was under attack.

I had spent months building my website , learning the software from scratch. I called upon my hacker friend to help me when it came to up loading it. We uploaded it as as we did he said that strange things were going on with the router information was coming down the line to my computer as well as up . Once complete we looked for my website on line, no website. He told me not to panic we could upload again, he opened my software to upload it again , yet there was no website it had vanished. I began to cry all my hard work gone. He told again not to panic he would look for it in doss, as he did he went white in the face , he said there was no sign of my website ever being on my computer . I was devastated and also scared what did this all mean, was I being tracked by the American government, for what ?

Over the next weeks this all became too much , my passwords on all my on line business were changed nothing worked, it seemed any thing which was part of the system in any way was tampered with. The attacks became too much I could not sleep and felt constantly watched . I dared not tell anyone in fear they thought I was going crazy. It came to a head one day so my higher self told me to run to the woods , there were no electric pylons there and I could take some sanctuary there. During my time in the woods away from the eyes of the matrix I was taught how to spin my energies like a revolving door so that the matrix could not detect me. I returned home with this new technique in place. As I span my energies I heard in my mind someone say ” she must still be on the planet but I cannot find her ” it seemed this spinning of energies had scrambled my signature and they could no longer find me.

From that day on I gained clarity and could hear my higher self and other dimensional beings much clearer than before. It seemed that those who were behind the creating of this matrix and its alert codes were this electrical , metallic consciousness , artificial , alien and inorganic , was this the Archons.

love Alloya 🙂


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