The Olympics are over and no false flag attack so what happened?

There has been talk for many months on the internet that we were due for another false flag terror attack during the Olympics , I have researched for hours on the occult symbolism as many of us have. There could be no mistake the Illuminati were up to something and it looked like it was going to be big. Meditations were set up which myself and many of my friends attended on other levels. The purpose of which was to send positive energies to see the outcome not being the evil ritual which the Illuminati had so obviously planned. So were we successful did we avert the planned sacrifice. It looks like it , have we shifted yet again on to another time line? I feel we have . I can never tell when we are going to shift but once we have it is very obvious to me . The last time it happened was during 9.11 and before that during the Harmonic Conveyance . The future is not set in stone and there are many more shifts of time lines to come. If you are reading this now you came with us . There is another earth where the Illuminati were successful in their sacrifice and the world was sent into chaos. We obviously are choosing something different , as we shift on to more and more positive time lines we are getting closer and closer to creating a new planet reality.


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