Learning more about the parasite which is the Archons.

I am fascinated with learning all I can about the Archons, it turns out they are parasitic alien inorganic entities, who have infected the human consciousness with evil.

John Lamb Lash calls them the Archons and researches into the Gnosis teachings about this parasite.


Michael Tsarion has researched the origins of evil ( his work is excellent one of my favorite writers) , he talks also about the Nephilim as being this evil parasitic consciousness which has invaded and infected our earth , also the Moon and Mars.http://taroscopes.com//atlantis/index.html

Paul Levy talks about the Wekito virus. http://www.awakeninthedream.com/wordpress/

All point to this parasitic infection which is causing the manifestation of evil within our human species. Now at first glimpse this feels like it is a cop out, after all we all need to look at , acknowledge our shadow and own our darkness, both as an individual and also as a collective , but on further research and confirmation through experience I can confirm there is most definitely a parasite within our species. I have seen this parasite.

I was working on a christmas market in Slough, London, UK. I was bored out of my mind when all of a sudden I made connection to my Zeta self and their We consciousness. They talked to me about different soul types and showed me examples in the crowds which we walking by. They told me there were many variations of soul types, showing me twin souls , manifest in the bodies of two people holding hands. They showed me one soul operating more than one body , alien souls like me and much more.

Just as the lesson was coming to an end they said ” and of course there are sub humans here with no soul , they are merely hosts to parasitic entities” . They explained to me that a infestation of parasitic entities had enter earth space and infected the earth and the human host. They made it impossible for the body to house soul and infected much of the population . They told me they were sub humans as they did not house soul but these parasites instead. They then showed me these bodies walking down the road, as a swarm , all moving as one morphing infestation , it was the strangest and slightly creepy thing I have ever seen.

I have also worked with people who are having dark and evil thoughts and feelings out of character as if they are possessed or infected and I have drawn long worm-like entities from their bodies. I have also seen a metal mask taken from the face of an Annunaki and see inside the metal suit a creature which had worm-like pipes coming from its face , just like a parasite looks under a microscope. I have worked on hundreds of people who have had pipes connected one to another , especially those in dependent relationships and was told that the pipes are something to do with how the parasites feed too.

Anyone had any experiences with this parasite or any ideas?


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