Michael Tsarion – words of wisdom

” The answer is that we , the present occupants of the planet, must deal with our own negative emotions and make a conscious return to the earth. In short, we must re-establish the umbilical rapport between ourselves and nature. This is the rapport once enjoyed by our ancestors. We must begin to work with earth’s energies, and perform the rituals long preserved by the shaman of the world who have been ruthlessly targeted by sorcerers and their agents. In so doing we strengthen the immune system of the biosphere which then assists the earth- in its own mysterious manner- to repel, or destroy the offending pathogens. Thus the parasite is eradicated in a way that is sane, non-violent and permanent.

When the sleepers awaken and make a return to the earth, a great circle of times closes. Men and women return to the human , as opposed to the alien , within themselves. They dispense with oppressive authorities and become their own priests and priestesses. The separation between the microcosm and the macrocosm passes away forever, like a shadow in the architecture of the nightmare, and the true renaissance of humankind begins. ”

I especially resonate with the part about restoring Gaia’s immune system and doing the rituals to bring balance to the bio sphere. Many of you are being called to work upon sites where there are already built freemasonic , illuminati artificial control grid monuments , such as the monument at Washington , the Vatican etc. Some of you are being called to work there in physical , others are being called to work on astral levels. These places are geometric control devices deep within the matrix. There is lots of research on the internet about this subject not to go into this here. But if you are interested research how key places around the world have had geometrically , astrologically aligned , grid placed, (places on nodes of crossing ley lines) , buildings, monuments , standing stones, pyramids etc built upon them by elite families upon the planet, you will be fascinated. These places are endangering the immune response of the biosphere which is Gaia to this parasitic entity infestation. If we could find a way of restoring her immune system we could free ourselves of this infection and free ourselves from the bind of evil. By moving the energies around in these places through energetic ritual we could restore Gaia’s system. This ties nicely into Dan Winter’s work on geometric fractal patterning affected the grid system of the bio sphere.


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