We are dreaming…

We are dreaming this reality , we are the Dream Weavers. We are becoming conscious of who we really are. When we are unconscious of ourselves and the forces within us we objectify this unconscious aspect outside ourselves in the dream. We project our unknown , unconscious , dark aspects outside of ourselves within object reality. Be courageous and look at the shadow which is here upon the planet , as within this process we are making known this parasitic artificial entity which has infected our human species. This parasite relies on being hidden, unknown, unconscious, secret , this is why this energy has manifest itself within secret societies such as the Freemasons, Illuminati, various religious sects etc. By facing the darkness which is manifest upon the earth you are making this parasite known.

We are not separate to each other or Gaia as we are all part of a field of conscsiousness called the biosphere mind. We as this collective have a bad case of parasites which has infected our mind. We must become aware of this infection. By looking at the darkness , we are looking directly into the eyes of our own darkness, our shadow , our un-concsious . At first you only see the monster which is the shadow and it causes fear, distress, worry and pessimism. However if you work with the frequency of your soul’s truth you can process through these illusionary fears and get to the core which is that this shadow and all its horrors are part of us , this is our shadow.

This is when the game plan changes, no longer are you a light worker with her head in the sand , you are a courageous warrior of truth , you have had the courage to look directly into the shadow and recognise it as your own. You then realise that you created that shadow to act as an important challenge to the evolution of your soul and if you have got to the point of meeting your own shadow , then you are very near to waking up in a new planet reality.

“Our inner process is manifesting as the outer body politic”- Paul Levy


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