The Mink a new power animal .

I went on a vision quest today , I drove to a woods near my home with a question which I wanted answering . I went deep into the woods and found a rock to sit upon next to the stream , I entered an altered state and communicated with Gaia . She showed me how to open my chakras and run solar energy from above and earth energy from below up and down my body. I could feel all the stresses of the day just washing away. I then asked my question and waited for the answer. This practice is a native thing to do  , ask the question and then wait for nature to answer. Suddenly at my feet in the stream was a brown chocolate Mink , he was wonderful. His little face looked at me , his eyes were scanning me all over. He came out of the stream to take a better look and came right up to my feet , we talked in our minds . He told me he was my new power animal and he was here to guide me in the next phase of my journey. So I looked on the internet for information about him and this is what I found which was very apt as I am having problems with people invading my space . I live next to a field which has illegally been rented out to holiday campers , who keep me up all night and wake me early in the morning , I have no privacy and there is constant noise as you can imagine it is hard to deal with, so when I read this I was amazed at how much it resonated.

“If you have American mink as a guide or totem in your life, you’ll often find that you require and prefer rich environments in which to live. This can refer to wanting financial security, or an environment that is richly stimulating intellectually, emotionally and sexually. Generally, you will find that you suffer or do quite poorly in impoverished environments. This includes landscapes that are by nature arid, or semi-arid, as well as less literal landscapes that might provide little by way of external stimulus or comfort. 

You prefer protected safe places that you can control wherever possible, this means that you generally don’t like people coming over uninvited, and that you have very firm internal rules about what is a safe place, and what isn’t. Your idea of safety can be quite stringent compared to that of others, and is often anchored more to protected places, than to certain people. In addition, you will regularly seek out seclusion in order to find nourishment, wisdom or energy. Conditions are optimum when your safe place is also a space where you are guaranteed seclusion. Image


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