Starwater and Noctilucent Clouds

Starwater and Noctilucent Clouds


2 thoughts on “Starwater and Noctilucent Clouds

  1. Furthermore I’ve heard that even our sun produces water. Sun spot – being wormholes into the singularity of the sun – can spew out jets of H20. Mention this to a scientist, they would give you a strange look.

    In the vacinity of black hole and singularities, extreme temperature, pressure, spin and speed, weird things happen. The laws of physics break down … such as how one element can morph into another, not to mention how time and space collapse.

    Its an area so secret even nature draws the curtain, an event horizon (which makes ablack hole is black) so you cannot go peek a boo to the other side and leaves physists with worried looks on their faces scratching their heads.

    But is this so? If you are inclined Alloya have a look up the term “naked singularity” for the fun of it and see where the dominoes lead.

    Thanks for all your blog links here. Sometimes I work long night shifts and I am always on the browse for interesting and challenging info to keep me awake…in more ways than one.

    I have been listening to lots of radio talks of George Kavassilas recently such as that on “Red Ice Radio” and “Zany Mystic Radio”

    Jon S


    • oh thanks for the info , I love all this kind of stuff gives me such a truth buzz, finally I am loving science . Have you checked our Nassim Haramein, I think you will love him. 🙂


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