I was first alerted to the Chemtrail phenomenon in the summer of 2010. For many years I had been seeing what I thought were innocent contrails left by planes, leaving streaks across the sky which did not disappear but stayed there for hours. I had not given it much thought. I had noticed that our skies were often grey , especially in the winter , I thought this was normal , I was used to having grey raining days in the winter ,as I live by the sea in Cornwall in the UK.

I had often seen trails which left large crosses and lines made by planes in the sky but thought it was simply the planes fuel vapours. One day I was looking on the internet and saw a picture of a chemtrail. The reason I then clicked on the page and read about chemtrails was because the image looked exactly like, what I was seeing in the sky, outside my home. I was shocked to read what people had to say about chemtrails.

I know many of you will think they are contrails, simply the vapour trails left by planes, however this incorrect. I researched and found this information.

“According to the US Air Force a jet forms contrails only at 33,000 feet when hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses ice crystals into pencil- thin vapour trails that quickly vanish like the wake behind a boat. Chemtrails look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of Xs, tick- toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines. Instead of quickly dissipating, Chemtrails expand and drip feathers and mares tails. In 30 minutes or less , they open into wispy formations which join together , forming a thin white veil or a “ fake cirrus – type cloud “ that persists for hours. “

I researched for hours on the internet.(  I am not going to put links on this article but if you need to inform yourself, there is a lot of information on the internet. Just put a search in for chemtrails, Haarp etc.) There are a lot of theories out there as to what they are and why these planes are spraying. They vary from really scary ideas, like they are spraying us with biological diseases, i.e. swine flu to make us sick and reduce the population. Other theories are they are trying to block out the sun to reduce global warming, and another one is that they are creating smog to act as a platform for Haarp technology. It is very easy to be bogged down by other people’s theories and even though I consider myself to have a good intuition, it was hard to figure out for myself what the planes were spraying and why. We are living in very challenging times and there is a lot of disinformation on the internet especially when researching a subject such as this, so I began to become confused and a little in fear, which I later found out, was the sole intent of many of the dis-informers upon the internet.

However the more I researched the more it became apparent that a lot of people, even those within scientific circles were coming to the conclusion that the chemicals being sprayed were Aluminium and Barium. Many people had managed to collect rainwater after heavy spraying days and tested it and this is what it contained. Others had found patents for these chemicals too. It seemed to me that they were using these chemicals as conductors of energy, i.e. the radiations of the Haarp Project.

By Clare Swinney – “Barium, which is an immune-system suppressant, is a soft silvery metallic alkaline earth metal and it should not be found in rainwater, period.  It is believed to being pumped into the atmosphere in aerosols sprayed from aircraft around the world, where it is being used for a variety of stealth warfare purposes in a silent war that is being waged against humanity. A big clue regarding barium’s uses comes from Bernard Eastlund’s patent for  HAARP. HAARP is a transmitter which can be used for a variety of functions, including heating the ionosphere.  It has the ability to direct a steerable electromagnetic beam at the upper atmosphere and effect rainfall patterns in a particular region and notably, the patent calls for large clouds of barium to be released into the atmosphere. As well as barium, there is strong evidence to show that the massive aerosol operations that are going on around the world include the spraying of aluminium.  Disturbingly, this is being found to have a devastating impact on eco-systems in some regions.  In an area of Shasta County in California, where a lot of research has been conducted into the impact of these aerosols, it has been established that aluminium is altering the pH of the soil from acidic to neutral and causing the trees to die.”

I began to watch the skies everyday. I work in an office which has windows all around three sides, so therefore I had a good view of the sky and could see easily the affects of the chemtrails. Day after day I watched plane after plane spraying the Chemtrails which opened up and completely covered the sky in a white haze. It was unpleasant to watch. I had not come to a fixed conclusion as to why they were doing this, but it seemed to be that they were indeed trying to block out the sun. This was not good from my perspective, I did not want to live under a grey sky and I could not imagine that this affect or the chemicals they were using to do this could be good for people or the planet itself. On the heavy spray days I felt depressed and deeply sad.

It did not make sense to me that they were spraying these chemicals to prevent global warming, as it was becoming evident that global warming was all hype, and had been created to force countries to pay high carbon taxes. (Again do not take my word for this but do your own research). Many were saying that we were indeed going through global climate changes, but they were not necessarily created by man. Gaia has been through many climate changes, ice ages, hot periods and that a changing climate in the grander scheme of things, was just a natural process for the earth. That is not to say that we are not damaging the earth with our disrespect and abuse of her body, just to say that this climate change was not all our own doing but a natural cycle. Scientists were also finding that there were many changes going on within the planets of our solar system. Climate change did not necessarily mean global warming as scientists had recorded a drop in global temperature.

So if global warming is fake, then why would these planes spray chemicals to cool the planet and thus prevent global warming? They would not continue to spend all their money and resources on a project which they knew to based in lies. But the more I watched the chemtrail phenomenon and its affects on the temperature, it looked more and more to me that they were indeed reducing the earth’s temperature. I wondered about this, why they would want the planet to be cooled down. One theory was they want to cut down the population and if they starve and freeze us to death, they would be successful in this. I could see the logic of this but had this nagging feeling it was for something else too. It was a double edged sword; it had more than one purpose.

One day I was at home and watched a plane spraying, I had recently read about Orgonite (please research this yourself again there is a lot of information about this on the internet) I had read that the human body can be an Orgonite generator, similar to being a chi generator and this could clear chemtrails. So I decided I would give it a go, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply , imagining myself filling with Chi, energy or orgon and radiating it out for a ten mile radius. I knew it had had some affect as not only did the chemtrail disappear (it was not originally a contrail, as it had been there for several hours), but an unmarked military helicopter circled around my home. To me this was a clear indication that the military were aware of someone messing up the Chemtrails. I was a little concerned as I live in the middle of the countryside and even though we are on a commercial flight path, I had not seen helicopters flying low over this area before. Who were these helicopters, they were obviously military but from where? I live near an air force base, Culdrose so to see helicopters flying in my skies is normal. However in all my years living here I had not seen them fly over my particular area and not flying so low. Why all of a sudden was I seeing these helicopters flying low over my home. I started to look out for them too.

I noticed that fifteen minutes after the planes had sprayed a helicopter would fly over, low. These helicopters seemed to be coming from the same place obviously Culdrose air force base but they did not just fly over but circled my work place. If I was not a stronger person I could have become very paranoid. I researched again on the internet within forums of those working with Orgonite and they were all reporting seeing these helicopters flying over, when there were heavy spraying days. They were also noticing that the helicopters circled around and around many times, when the chemtrails were not sticking. It seemed that some chemtrails spread across the sky and made the sky white, yet on other days they did not seem to stick, they did not open and they did not have any affect, was my positive mind energy preventing the chemtrails from sticking and having an affect, just like those who were reporting busting the chemtrails with Orgonite chembusters.

I watched more and more and it became very evident that the helicopters were connected with the chemtrails. On the days when there were no chemplanes, there were also no helicopters. If my place of work was directly in a helicopter flight path then surely I would see these helicopters on both days of no spraying and days of spraying. The helicopters only showed up on chemtrail days.

I was deeply disturbed by this and at first desperately wanted to believe that this spraying was to block out the sun to prevent global warming. However the more I researched the more worried I became as there was a lot of talk about how global warming was a con, to introduce carbon taxations to line the pockets of greedy governments. I thought even if global warming is real and they are innocently trying to prevent it by spraying, the chemicals they are using are harmful to both humans but more importantly to Gaia, the planet herself. Then I found that the United Nations had banned all geo- engineering on 31.10.2010. So if they had banned it why was I still seeing them spraying almost everyday.

Maybe it was not a country or government who were doing this directly, as they had signed the ban, but maybe it was a private company. What ever I thought it was at this point, a method of preventing global warming or weather experimentation, that fact remained that if the UN had banned it, it was not good. And no one was asking the people’s permission to do this, after all is this planet not everyone’s home? At this point I knew little about Haarp and had not seen the affect in my reality, I had read a lot about it on the internet and seen pictures of the affect it has on the sky, the natural clouds and the chemical smog produced by the Chemtrails. But I had not seen it in my reality.

I had noticed on heavy spray days I felt so depressed. At first I thought it was because I could see them spraying and it was psychological affect , but some days I would be fine and then feel this depression come over me and I could not see outside , so I had no idea if they were spraying or not. Then I would go outside and see trails everywhere. I started to ponder if my waves of depression were something to do with the Chemtrails.

I decided to inform people, so I downloaded a flyer off the internet explaining the chemtrails and began giving them out to people who came into my office. I see approximately 30 people a day, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to inform them of this. I was confused by the reaction of the people. I tried to contain my emotions and not tell people about it in a fearful way or with anger, I stayed in my truth and radiated a calm energy and simply asked them if they had noticed them. I asked 3 questions. 1) When you look into the sky what do you see? Many said things like clouds. 2) Since when are clouds forming in straight lines? 3) Do you know what those planes there are spraying? I then informed them of what I knew, not saying I was convinced yet of any of the theories but simply asking them to look on the internet and find out for themselves.

Some believed me and said they would research on the internet themselves. But most did not believe me. I noticed a very strange phenomenon, some people approximately half of them, did not hear me. I told them all about it; they glazed over, and did not react what so ever, as if I was talking about what was on the TV the night before. One guy said “ok, well I must get on “and walked out of the office. I thought to myself he did not hear me, he did not even get to the point of ridiculing me for my beliefs. I thought to myself he has been hypnotised not to hear this information. He was not the only one, several reacted like this. Others ridiculed me, which I expected; people do this when they do not understand something. One guy said “do not be so stupid if someone was doing this it would be in the papers”; I asked which paper. The reply was “The Sun”. For those of you who are not English, this newspaper is about as basic as you can get; only the most unintelligent of people would read this newspaper. I thought oh my god these people are so stupid, naïve, they need to wake up.

So I thought I would email everyone in my company, as there is a way of bulk sending emails. I sent an email to over 500 people, the only reply I got was from a regional manager telling me it was inappropriate and if I did it again, he would take a disciplinary procedure out on me. Only seconds before I sent the email, I had received an email with a dirty joke within it, which had also been sent to over 500 people. I thought, how on earth can an email warning about someone spraying chemicals in our skies, be inappropriate but a sexist dirty joke was ok to send. I began to think these people are insane how they can not be bothered about this. Call me paranoid but I got the strange feeling someone or something was trying to stop me. I then put the flyer up on the notice board in the canteen; this is a notice board where everyone can put up what they like. The next day I returned to work to find it had been taken down. I replaced it, the next day it was taken down. How strange is that? Why would someone want to take it down?

I wrote to the local newspapers, the environmental department and my local MP, absolutely no reply. I started to think that they had been warned not to talk about the chemtrails but that seemed unlikely. I started to think everyone has been hypnotised to ignore the chemtrail phenomenon. I noticed that I became aware of them myself after having not watched television for over two weeks. I had never watched that much TV, but at some point every evening I would turn it on, and flick through the channels in the hope there was something interesting on, which there never was. So I stopped watching it, however this was not the time during which I noticed the chemtrails for the first time. It was when I decided to turn my TV off at the wall and not have it on standby, which it had always been before. I noticed a huge change in the energy of my home when I did this. I am pondering whether the Powers that Be are programming us through a frequency which can come through the TV, even when it is not on, but still on standby. I do not tell others this because they would think I am insane, as they are programmed to think this kind of theory is insanity.

One day I watched nine planes spraying, later that day my partner called me and told me he had seen the Haarp cloud formations above his work. He also said he saw a military plane bunny hoping the trees to get below the Haarp clouds. I thought to myself then, oh my something is going to happen tonight. Later that evening we had the worst flooding we have had in over 30 years, even sweeping away people’s houses. The Met office had no idea this was coming, as this was not a normal weather phenomenon, it was becoming clear that this had been the first sign of weather warfare by the Haarp that I had seen.

One day I was at work and they were spraying all around me, but immediately over my office the sky was blue. I radiated my energy out and up and this seemed to be working. Military helicopters were flying over and circling back to fly over again. I was looking out at the sky watching the helicopters and seeing how all around me, the sky was completely white. Then I noticed an orb above my office. It was silvery metal, sphere, not very high up in the sky, hovering. I knew it could not be a helicopter because of the way it moved. I tuned into it and was told it was an Arcturian orb. I felt that this orb was protecting me from the Chemtrails. All that afternoon the area above my office was blue and all around me the whole sky was full of chemicals and was completely white.

I became very frustrated, why did others not notice this, why did I not notice this even though it had been going on since 1990. I started to think that people have been programmed to ignore this. Then I read the following:


To understand this goal necessitates an understanding of the human soul, the Self (Christ or God within, if you like) and the connection between the two as related to the endocrine system functioning within each human host. Pay close attention to these last words, as “host” indicates that there is a parasitic relationship to be established. Many UFO abductions are part of this op. To begin with, we must understand that our intelligence agencies are operating at a very high level of OCCULT SKILL AND AWARENESS, as taught to them by their progenitors, the Nazis of old who were brought here in 1947 through 1953 via various operations, the most common known being operation Paper-Clip. In short, any Intel agent of a G20 rating is a practicing black magician entirely “sold out,” soul-wise, (via rites, rituals, and esoteric training in Long Island, Florida, and California) and are speaking plainly functioning black Adepts with a complete and unquestioned license to kill.”

It all started to make sense. No wonder other people were ignoring the Chemtrails they are being directed programmed not to care.

So I meditated on it. The Zeta explained to me what is going on. They told me that this programme has been going on for a long time, and the conditioning and programming has been going on for an even longer time. They told me that to notice the Chemtrails is a sign of awakening. Those who are deep asleep cannot see them at all; those who are snoozing can see them and even know what they are but are apathetic and do not care about them. Then there are those who are totally awake and can see them for what they really are. They told me that they are broadcasting subliminal messages through various media using trigger words to dumb down people’s consciousness and prevent the awakening. I noticed this triggering and thought it was super strange. One guy at work I told about the Chemtrails, before I could even get to the end of a sentence he got really angry with me and started using very threatening body language, he is usually a nice guy. I asked him if he had asked himself why he was reacting so aggressively and he looked puzzled and walked out of the office. He returned not 15 minutes later and acted as if nothing had happened. He was programmed.

The Zeta told me that the word Chemtrail is a trigger word and I would know who had succumbed to the programming and who has not by their reaction. The Zeta told me that if someone ignores the information, or laughs at it or gets angry they are the deepest into the program, just like the film the matrix. The Zeta told me that those who recognise it and push it away and try to ignore it are doing it because it makes them feel uncomfortable, this is programming too. There are lots of people in the light worker circles who like to push it away and say things like do not focus on the fear, think positive. The Zeta told me that this is also programming , that the dark agenda or what ever you want to call them are fully aware of all the light workers on the planet and that they are feeding them the ” just look on the positive side ” so they are no threat to them as they wake up.

Then I started noticing the programming in adverts, there are even cartoons with Chemtrail skies in them, the dark agenda is trying to condition us to think they are normal. Have a look on you tube put in the search “Chemtrail o2 advert “. It is an advert for o2 mobile phones. It is a stadium with lots of teenagers in it, they are all dressed in black with hoods up, above their heads the whole sky is full of Chemtrails and at their feet there are sprayers spraying them. It is amazing. I do not know if the people who did this advert are trying to warn us of the dark agenda or are they are so arrogant they flaunt it right in front of our faces. For most this goes unnoticed.

I researched the Haarp project and mind control and discovered that some of the affects of Haarp is the radiation of ELF, which can be utilised for mind control of the unsuspecting population of earth.

“As a topic of additional research, it is well documented within the HAARP literature that ELF production that results from the pulsing of the ionosphere with high frequency radiation is an application of importance.  ELF propagation has the property of traversing extensive distances over the globe due to the extremely long wavelengths involved.   Earth penetration and subsurface communication applications are also major uses of ELF propagation.  The role of a modified atmosphere resulting from the introduction of massive amounts of electrically conductive particulate matter must be considered in conjunction with these disturbing findings.

Six significant effects or mechanisms of ELF radiation upon human health have been identified through initial research on this topic, including but not limited to:

1. Human mental functioning, influence and control
2. disruption of cellular metabolism
3. suppression of the immune system
4. genetic modification and/or DNA effects
5. influence upon free radical formation
6. cyclotronic resonance.” –

taken from ELF & THE HUMAN ANTENNA by Clifford E Carnicom

So this made sense to me that they were spraying the atmosphere with Aluminium and Barium to act a conductor for the Haarp ELF rays to control the minds of those on earth for their own ends.

The more I looked at the skies the more interesting it became. I would sit at work looking out of the window and the skies would be blue and no sign of a plane. Then I would get this strange feeling I would look out and there the plane would be. The only way I can describe it is I felt like my aura had grown so large that it encompassed the whole sky in my area. Maybe it was because I had been expanding my aura to a ten mile radius to fill it with Orgon energy. I could then feel the planes in the sky as if they were in my aura. I became very sensitive; I could feel normal planes, chemplanes and the helicopters. They all had very different energies ,the chemplanes being the worse kind of feeling. I could feel the normal planes with people inside, the pilot just simply doing his job flying the plane. The chemplanes had a different feeling to them. Some felt like they had human pilots, people who did not care, had no heart no conscience as to what they were doing, they gave off a reckless energy. Then there were other chemplanes which had no pilot energy what so ever, this made me think they must be flown by drones or automatic piloting. The Helicopters had human pilots but they had a very threatening feeling , they instantly made me angry I wanted to go outside and lay huge paper on the field next to my home with the words “ We know what you are doing “ written on them. I know it would do no good but it would have made me feel better. I often went outside and shouted at them and shook my fist, just to make myself feel better. This whole phenomenon when you first discover it can be very disempowering.

I read on the internet about how people thought some of the planes were not planes at all but were in fact alien crafts cloaked to look like planes, that they were entering our space through dimension portals. I watched several kinds of chemplanes. Some suddenly appeared and sprayed and then disappeared. On most days I saw this, the sky was blue and no clouds could have hidden them. I saw videos on you tube of planes which had decloaked and revealed their true form. I began to see these too in my skies. I watched orbs flying within the chemtrails and some even flew at the cockpit of the planes spraying. What were these orbs, some people think they are simply being sent up with the chemplanes to monitor the affects of the spraying. Some think they are alien orbs, negative beings and part of the chemtrail phenomenon. I think these orbs are other dimensional beings, I think some are actually trying to stop the planes, as I had watched them dive bombing the cockpits of many of the chemplanes. Maybe these orbs are both negative and positive alien consciousness.

We are not alone there are many beings here on this planet, orbiting our planet and living inside the atmosphere. The Sylphs are the air elementals beings who live in our skies. I had read that people were calling upon them to clear the skies of chemtrails. So the very next day when they began spraying again, I called upon the Sylphs and asked them to clear my skies. This they did amazingly. I watched whole armies of Sylphs marching across the skies and making them blue again. I also read that people were clearing the chemtrails with their minds. I tried this and to a point I had success. However behind my work there is a sacred hill. Here in Cornwall there are ley lines and sacred sites everywhere, it is a very special place. I noticed that the chemplanes sprayed more over the hill more than any other place. It seemed that the Sylphs could easily clear all of the sky apart from over the hill; it seems nowadays that the sky is always white over the hill. At present I do not know why they are spraying or appearing to spray more heavily over the hills and sacred sites. I am yet to research about this to see if others have noticed this too. It is interesting that upon that hill there is a huge Masonic Needle monument which dominates the landscape.

We have lots of amazing sacred sites here in Cornwall, sacred burial grounds, hills and ley lines. I have noticed on the sacred hills there is always a monument of some sort, usually a needle or cross, simply put , an antenna. Also on these hills there are often radio, TV or mobile phone masts. The Goddess had told me before that the Illuminati had build monuments upon the crossing points or meridian lines of the ley lines that were on the peaks of these hills. Were these new masts, just modern versions of these Masonic monuments? Gaia had told me how they could harness her energy which was neutral and direct it along a thought line and radiate that thought out into the surrounding landscape. They used these monuments to dumb down the consciousness of the humans living in this area. This was earth magic, used to control and imprison human consciousness. These mobile phone masts were just the modern upgraded versions. They did the same thing, channelled the earth energy from the earth, programmed it with a certain thought form or program and then radiated this out into the surrounding landscape. The electric pylons pick up this program and then carry it world wide, the pylons create an electrical matrix, which then holds humanity’s consciousness in a dumbed down prison. How are the chemtrails connected with this, I am yet to discover.

At present I have not come to a final conclusion as to what they are doing, but I can say I do not think it is to prevent global warming. I think there are many different agendas going on, that would make sense of why some chemtrails appear different and have different affects. Also the chemplanes themselves are different in both appearance and energy. I can say the governments are involved or they would be shooting down these planes which are invading our air space and not flying along predestined flight paths. Also the military are involved as helicopters are often seen shortly after the spraying. I have noticed that there is an increase of helicopters when the Sylphs are doing a good job clearing the chemtrails or I myself are managing to clear them with mind power. It is as if they want to know why the chemtrails are not taking and spreading across the sky as desired. I think they have a way of detecting this orgon, chi energy. They are trying to find the source of it.

I think there are many agendas going on; here are a few of my ideas.

1)          To prevent global warming, highly unlikely.

2)          To experiment with weather manipulation.

3)          To aid the affects of Haarp for weather warfare and mind control.

4)          To hide something which is appearing in our skies, maybe the return of Nibiru.

5)          Stopping the entry of an alien consciousness coming into our dimension.

6)          Aiding the entry of an alien consciousness into our dimension.

We are all waiting for aliens to land or make themselves known to us, when in fact they are already here and have been here for thousands of years. There are many races living deep inside the earth, many are Reptilian races. Reptoids do not like the harshness of our sun and prefer a cooler climate. Maybe they want to block out the sun and cool the planet down to make the earth more habitable for them to live upon the surface, so they no longer have to live in the darkness. These Reptilians think this planet is their planet; they have lived here deep inside the earth way before the times of Atlantis. They consider this planet to be their planet; we are like a parasite which they want to get rid of. Many when they read about the depopulation of human race by these beings and their puppets the Illuminati are horrified. Just for one minute imagine yourself as one of these beings. They live upon a planet which is infested with a parasite. Would you not want to rid your bed of fleas? This is how they see us , we are cattle at best and parasites at worst. If we put ourselves into their shoes they are not acting from an evil standpoint but are only trying to survive.

I am continuing my research both on the internet and within myself and will be posting any new findings. I am interested in hearing from any one who has any information about this, please email me at


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  1. They are creating drought so monsatan can save us and kill us at the same time. Listen to my Internet radio program at and
    It’s The Cold Reality News Report


    • yes i know this thanks for the link have you seen the new film ” why on earth are they spraying” ? it fills in lots of the gaps when looking from a 3d level. 🙂


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