Why cannot people see the chemtrails??

For many years now I have seen these chemtrails but it is only since 2010 that I came to understand what they were. Of course soon as I discovered this I wanted to tell everyone. Naively I thought the moment I told others about what was going on they would be like me , shocked , appalled and would want to do something to stop it. How wrong I was! I was shocked and a little unnerved by the response that I got from people. Some people did not believe me and ridiculed me which I have come to realise is a fear response , which is to be expected .However a lot of people either did not hear me , ignored the information as if I had not spoken or some aggressively attacked me, as they told me this could not happen. Not once did those who were reacting aggressively question their behaviour. One person was a close personal friend and was usually loving and very tolerant , even she reacted in a rude , aggressive and hostile fashion. I was gentle in my approach and once I had seen this reaction I backed off and changed the subject. Why was she reacting this way and why did she not notice her own strange behaviour?

What on earth was going on , I thought to myself? It appears as if people are mind controlled and brainwashed they cannot imagine that our governments are doing this as they believe all the media , governmental propaganda and have since given up thinking for themselves. This mind control made sense to me, after all if you look into the television , media etc, you can see how they are subliminally promoting chemtrails, they are even appearing in cartoons. However there is more going on than NLP mind control. It seems that even the word ” Chemtrail” is a trigger word. It seems that people have been mind controlled to not believe the so called conspiracy about chemtrails and also somehow they have managed to use the actual word as a mind control programming trigger word. ( anyone wanting to understand more about mind control and triggers , research MK Ultra mind control programs). The reason  l know this is because I told a friend at work about the chemtrails , as I said the word, his eyes glazed over, his energy became extremely hostile and he became angry , his veins on his neck were standing out , however he did not know what the word chemtrail meant, as I then had to explain to him .All the time he looked like he wanted to seriously hurt me. I then came to realise that they are brain washing people through electronic media using the actual word as a trigger to kick in their programming.

Strange as this was this is not where this stopped. The girl friend of mine who had hostilely reacted to me ,was with me at a party , there were several people there who were awake to the chemtrails , we were quietly discussing how they had been spraying all day and pointing out the chemtrails in the sky. They were super evident as there were no other clouds , only blue sky with lines all over it. I over heard my girl friend talking in a very patronising way to another , saying she did not know what on earth we were all talking about ,as she could not see them. I was shocked , how could she not see them?

David Icke has written recently that the Moon is being used as a artificial planetoid and from this place scalar waves are being beamed directly to earth to hold us in an artificial matrix. This resonates with much of my work and experience, I have had first hand experience of this matrix . He talks about how this technology has hacked into our body/mind computer ( the human self on earth) and is feeding us a false reality. It occurred to me that are those people who cannot see the chemtrails are fully under the influence of these scalar waves and are living in a false reality. Are those of us who are seeing and understanding the chemtrails waking up and moving out of the influence of these scalar waves , is being able to see the chemtrails a sign of awakening from this false matrix?

So if this is right how did we wake up , because if we can figure this out then we can awaken others. Telling others about them ,pointing them out and informing people does not seem to be working with hardly anyone. Anyone have any ideas about this I would be very happy to hear from you. all my love alloya 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why cannot people see the chemtrails??

  1. my “waking up” was due to feeling very depressed and isolated, and wanting to heal ALL the loneliness of the entire human race (and thereby heal my own) and so i opened myself up to channeling gods love. and then i had the desire to become a master of everything so that i could “ascend” but also so i couldnt be lied to or manipulated, so i guess questioning everything, and then using mind over matter to block or allow certain possibilities and events. but even then, if im honest, from reading your other article im only in the “waking up” category as im only aware of the chemtrails but not doing anything about them. i have tried to radiate energy to clear them but to little effect, have also asked the sylphs, but again to little effect. i will keep trying though 🙂 xxx


    • We are all trying to figure out what to do , myself included of course. I have written to my MP a very 3D thing to do , I have meditated calling upon the Sylphs just like you with no real lasting affect. I cannot get away from the feeling they are somehow a sign , not just geo-engineering , not just some evil agenda, like it is a sign of awakening. We live in an artificial reality manipulated by many levels of consciousness , some of which are ourselves , maybe this is a good sign that we are waking up, seeing outside of the matrix , seeing how they artificially create this world. Are the chemtrails somehow part of the creation of this artificial reality, are we seeing the stage props ? love alloya


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