New article from Alloya – Moon Matrix

New article from Alloya – Moon Matrix


8 thoughts on “New article from Alloya – Moon Matrix

  1. Hi Alloya, I would think if one is connected to the moon, you are also connected to Saturn.

    Here’s an excelent briefing on Saturn David Icke did at the Wembly areana a few weeks back. Some of which I believe/disbelieve. He relates Saturn was once a second sun in our solar system; and all sorts. I’ve got to admire David Icke; the more he goes, the more he goes. … YQ2d5VpOI#!
    (skip to 1:50:00)

    George Kavassilas relates his thoughts on how the being Saturn is jeolous of the sun and wants to divert our focus away from the sun, disempower us and reape the benefits of our attention. He also saya, uniquely, that the frequencies broadcast from the rings of Saturn harmonise with our chakras. hmmm?

    Saturn seems to be all around us in symbols frequencies and philosophies. Its seems much of what we people worship in religions and spiritual teachigs can be traced back to the being of Saturn.

    Its emerging Saturn is very much a central theme in the control matrix within our solar system. How has it remained so hidden?

    Good luck with what processes you go through.


  2. Hi Alloya, in connection to the moon matrix, you have the Saturn matrix? David Icke has been talking much about Saturn recently. His theory is that the moon acts like an amplifier to the energies beemed from Saturn. He mentions how the energies of Saturn are all around us.

    I am curious if you have had much experience with Saturn and what your feeling are about the planet?



    • Hi Jon thanks for the post , i have heard something about this from David Icke, to be honest i have not had any information about Saturn yet. I think i am working on a process , i recently did a seminar working with the energies of the moon, remote viewing , removal of the moon influence etc, I am wondering if Saturn will be the next agenda for me to look at . If i get any information of course i will share it, if you have any insight i am very happy to hear it love alloya


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