Move beyond the illusion and no longer walk the path of false ascension .

It is time for truth , it is time we threw off the shackles of our imprisonment.  There are energies being beamed to this planet via the Moon which are holding us in an artificial matrix , which is controlling our ascension. This is only one grid of many which has been set around the planet like the bars of a prison. These grids have been set here by other dimensional beings which are sourced from the fourth dimension in a twelve dimensional model. These beings can be seen from two different perspectives.

One perspective is that these beings are of a negative service to self orientation and that they are here controlling us , taking our energy  and manipulating our ascension for the own ends. Another perspective is that we as powerful multidimensional beings that have created these beings, to act as characters in our dream. They have been created by us to be that which is a challenge, after all life without challenge is boring indeed. These negative beings are only characters in a dream ,which we are chosing to experience here upon the earth at this time. It is only a game after all, it is only a dream we are all collectively dreaming . Many of these negative beings are not showing their true identity , they are turning up as light beings, ascended masters, egyptian gods , and loving alien entities, when in fact often they are beings or entities who are stuck on the fourth dimension.

As we raise our frequency we move into various levels upon the fourth dimension , within each level there are lessons to learn , obstacles to overcome , demons to defeat. Just like a computer game we are locked in a imprisoned reality , a Metatron’s Cube. We are in a virtual world designed and manipulated by those, some of us consider to be ascended masters . Many are being fooled. These beings act as if they are of the light , and are loving and wise and can guide us through our ascension . They teach methods and techniques which many have practised without fully understanding what they are doing , which is aiding these beings in creating a false and artificial ascension.

One of the many things that have been taught by these imposters is to create a grid of light around the planet , many complicated geometric designs have been created from the powerful imagination of our human minds . This grid we have been taught to lock into space at certain powerful points in time , all orchestrated to create a Christ grid . Has anyone ever asked if this is correct to do this , has anyone ever challenged these ascended beings who instruct this?

What if these beings who are teaching this are not light beings at all , what if they are trapped fourth dimensional entities who are masquerading as light beings , and the grid we have been instructed to create is just another level to this prison within the fourth dimension, yet another floor in Metatron’s Cube?

Today I listened to a meditation on you tube , during which they advised to connect and give my light to the Christ Grid above the planet. All of a sudden I felt myself connect with the Sun , the divine being of our solar system. The Sun explained to me that this Chris Grid was yet another layer to the virtual prison and that I was not to add to its creation. I felt two points between my shoulder blades open , the place where your wings would be attached if you had any ( which of course as an angel you do ) . I then felt my chakra open , the new centre which has been forming over the past years, between the throat and heart chakra. It opened wide and as it did it blasted light out and made a small hole in the grid , through which codes of dna spirals passed from the Sun through the hole, directly into my chakra and then out through the back of my body directly into the earth. I felt like I had achieved something important , I felt clearer as if I had connected to a higher level.

Since doing this I am very aware that I have lots of eyes on me , I can sense these fourth dimensional imposters watching me , for me this is confirmation that I have indeed exposed their game and it is now up.

There are light codes being beamed to us from the Grand Central Sun in the galactic centre , it travels along photon highways of light to all the suns in the universe, our Sun being one of many. The Sun then baths us in these codes which react and trigger new designs to appear in our dna , it causes the dna to braid itself, pulling all the junk dna which has been chopped up by service to self creator gods , back into one ladder of light . The Moon and it manipulation is scrambling the messages held within these codes for all those who are operating predominantly in the third dimension. For those of us who are light workers and have successfully raised our frequency up into the fourth dimension, we are now held in an imprisoned consciousness by the Christ Grid. These service to self beings knew we were on the planet , knew we would try to ascend the planet , and as they knew we were too powerful to stop, they decided to create a place for us to ascend to. They have created a false fifth dimensional heavenly reality within the lower levels of the fourth dimension . We practice their light technologies of ascension thinking we are raising our frequency and taking ourselves up into the fifth dimension , when in fact we are only rats in a maze going around and around within false artificial heaven created by these service to self beings. We are being fooled.

Wake up all you Light Workers and take back your power , connect with the Sun and move beyond this matrix , the time is NOW ! Do not worry or chastise yourself if you were one of those who followed these teachings, we are all under the most intense mind control and manipulation , no wonder we have fallen for their games. Forgive yourself , move on as we have a job to do on this planet. We have been sleeping in the illusion it is now time to WAKE UP !


12 thoughts on “Move beyond the illusion and no longer walk the path of false ascension .

  1. Hello Alloya,

    I do have the same experience concerning the way you are looked at when you’re deploying your etheric wings especially by false lightworkers. Their eyes are lustful when they fisrt see you.
    They tried to seduce you to have you connected to their “ascended masters”. But when you start to realize the gap between who they pretended to be and who they really are and refuse to submit because in your heart you don’t feel like this connection is right, all of a sudden you’re violently attack. I just wonder where is the “unconditionnal love” ?
    I’ve been violently attacked and they’re still trying to reach me any kind of way.
    To a certain point of this process of false ascension, they seem to loose all sense of discernment and they cannot see their own shadow and there’s nothing that can be done to make them see their own darkness. They seem to be so afraid of it, I wonder where their lessons about “fear and love” are applied.
    It requires extraordinary courage and inner strength to resist because you are completely alone on such a path, all these people pretending to be spiritually enlighten pointing at you like you are the Darkness just because you can clearly discern all the manipulation’s happening in their subconscious and send you archons infections.
    To this thought police of the New Age I now say this : “It’s not because I can see the Darkness and speak about it that I am the darkness. I even think that it requires a big inner light to observe in a neutral way without being afraid despite all the attacks”.

    Concerning the Christ egregore, the archons and the maybe “true” history of this solar system and Gaïa trapped into it, did you came across Jonh Lash’s work ?
    Because it’s the most coherent and structured work I ever red concerning what’s going on here.


    • Thanks for your supporting words and understanding . it is hard road for us to travel. You are right when you say it requires a big inner light to observe all of this in a neutral way . I love John Lamb Lash , his work makes a lot of sense and is rich with pictures in the mind. all my love alloya 🙂


      • Thanks to you and all the other beings like Cameron Day and the people writing comments.
        For the first time in my spiritual path I don’t feel alone anymore because I could’nt find anyone in France seeing these falsifications the same way. But continuing my research I finally came accross with John Lash’s work translations … What a big relief INDEED !!
        So we are now in what I call the post-New Age and I see something else coming : a real co-creation by exchanging about our experience trying to understand what’s really going here and in other dimensions.
        The question I’m wondering since today after reading you and Cameron and other conversations with a few elighten people is this one : is fighting the archontic infection the way we always did id the right way ? I mean, if the infection is THAT spread of the universe like you suggested, is there’s any hope do get rid of them ? Could the solution be to accept a symbiotic relation with some of them when they’re not controlling you ?
        I’m saying this because I think I’m regularily insfested and it started with the 1st “lightworker”. I’m recomposing with another point of viex what ahappened these last 15 years. But the parasite did never control me, my mind nor subconscious. I have to say also that when looking at all SF movie stuff (Matrix, The Host ans so mant others), this is always the solution that is suggested to the spectator.
        It can of course be a manipulation to make us capitulate but I’m a free thinker, always exploring all the possible way of thinking about a situation.
        I’d like to explore this question with you and the other if you find it relevant.

        Love ot you Alloya.


      • If we look at this phenomenon through the eyes of plasma physics we can better understand them. LIfe is created by toroidal spinning energy waves , ( i call them the silver serpents) , they are self regulating , self supporting and life generating. Then there are the archons who do not have the ability to spin and thus cannot create life for themselves so therefore they go after those who have light in their energy bodies in which to feed off. Many of the negative beings in our galaxy are under their influence so people mistake the beings for the archons this is incorrect. The archons only agenda is to feed. They are electrical discharges. Let me explain. Imagine the source as a ball of electrical light similar to a plasma ball. From this electrical discharges emanate. Imagine if those electrical charges moved away from source and created a spin in their formation , they then would become life generators. Imagine also those electrical discharges moving away from source with no ability to create life spins , then they would fizzle out and die off, so they are attracted to those with chi or light in their bodies to prevent their death. It is physics nothing more. Hope this helps to alleviate any fears. all my love alloya 🙂


  2. Agreed, very good writings and a good WAKE UP call. Talking of the artificial matrix and the many cunning traps that keep us within the box, I question the entire chakra system. Why do the “fake teaching” and religions promote this? Is the chakra system our true energetic make up, or is it implemented? Have you ever questioned this Alloya?


      • I am suggesting a different energetic make up to the chakras as we know them. The sun/star being central …a fractal of the sun/stars . Like the ‘Mission of One Star’ term or title reflects this, but does that include the seven chakras. Is Jupiter trying to steel the show? See the ‘chakra conspiracy’ topic in the forum.




    • you are not alone , many of us are waking up and being ridiculed , it is their programming which causes this. be comforted that you are not alone and there are more waking up daily. 🙂


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