Current Seminars

Current Seminars

Escaping the Moon Matrix & freeing the Goddess & Becoming the Solar body & claiming your Solar identity

Cornwall 30th September – for details contact

Belgium – 17th & 18th of November 2012 – for details contact Hans Matthys by email

Stellar Light body activation, taking it to the next level!

Stockton on Tees UK 15/16th of December 2012- for details contact Sarah Tebbs by email

This seminar is for all those people who are working on themselves and with others to move to the next level of ascension, transformation and light body activation. During this seminar we will work with the removal of miasms or pockets of negativity which are preventing the full activation of the Stellar Light body. We will work predominately with the information contained within the light body codes, which contain memories of when we failed at our ascension in other systems. Many times we have tried to ascend various planets and systems, we were not always successful. Within the universe there are many systems which have fallen into false ascension patterns, many of us have the memory of this within out light body. As we activate the light body often these codes are too activated causing many problems and blocks to the raising of our consciousness and the overall ascension of the planet.

During this seminar we will bring a new level of truth into our awareness , we will then use this as a platform from which we can make contact with higher versions of ourselves, guides and beings who are in truth. Many light workers on the planet at this time are being manipulated by many different factions; many are thinking they are working with higher energy beings, when in fact they are being guided down false ascension pathways by beings who are disincarnate spirits, alien imposters, and those who are pushing a false artificial inorganic ascension process. We will look at why we are attracting beings of this nature and how to tell the difference between a genuine higher dimensional being and one who is trying to manipulate us from the fourth dimensional astral realms.

The main focus of this seminar is to bring us to the point of empowering ourselves, making contact with our higher selves and all the various aspects which our soul contains, and other members of our soul family who genuinely are here to aid us. It time we stood in our power and learnt to access high information for ourselves and move beyond the need to channel and be manipulated by lower dimensional entities, impersonating light beings. If you are drawn to this seminar you are one of a group of souls who have come to earth to make sure she does not fall into artificial 4d matrix and frees herself and her human family from failed ascension. Let’s come together and do the work we came to the earth to do.

All seminars vary in length over one day or a whole weekend. Prices vary due to expenses but all are reasonable. For example the weekend seminar in Belgium is 250 euros .

Alloya is also available for individual healing and soul integration sessions at many of the venues after the seminar .

If you are interested in organising a seminar in your area please contact and we can discuss your needs. Image


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