Chemtrails – trying to prevent the embedding into Gaia’s plasma fields ?

We all know that the chemtrails contain Aluminium , I have been wondered why this is. The chemtrail agenda has many purposes , on many levels one of which is to block out the sun. Some are saying the reason for this is because they are trying to prevent global warming , some say it is to create global warming, as it is trapping heat around the planet. There are always different dimensional purposes for all agendas and the chemtrail agenda is not different.

When I was a child I had a very intense and memorable dream. I was stood on the surface of the planet and watched a huge wave of light come from the Sun like a tidal wave  . It was ecstatic and blissful , I thought in this dream that all the evil in the world would now cease to be, as it could not survive in this wave of light . This dream has been in my mind all my life , I could not shake this feeling that it was significant , it is only now that I am coming to realise what this dream meant. This is the Rapture that the Christians talk about.

Dan Winter says the Sun is about to have an orgasm , it is going to set off a solar flare so huge it will sweep the Earth in a wave of light . This wave will call all of our plasma fields ( our auric field ) into a perfectly embedded wave or geometric pattern. I see it like this ,Gaia , the earth is the perfect place for many beings with many different patterns to come here and embed themselves into the pattern which is Gaia. It is a perfect example of being able to fit a round peg into a round hole. By perfectly embedding our plasma field pattern into the plasma field of Gaia , we are then able to share our plasma waves with her  , which brings bliss. If we are successful at embedding our plasma into Gaia, then when the Solar Rapture comes we will not be destroyed but will live in bliss.

The Annunaki, Draco, Orion Greys , all those races who have lost the ability to travel multidimensionally within their own plasma field and need metal space ships to navigate the universe , do not have the right pattern to be able to successfully embed within Gaia’s plasma field. When the Solar Rapture comes it will destroy all those who do not have the ability to embed.

Aluminium prevents certain frequencies from passing through it , it is not healthy to live in a metal building because of this , it does not allow your plasma field , your auric field to breathe . Are they spraying Aluminium into the atmosphere to prevent certain frequencies from radiating to earth from the sun? Do they think they can delay this Rapture ? Do they think they can prevent it happening so they can continue to live upon and within our planet? As they know they do not have the right embedding patterns within their plasma field and dna and therefore when the Rapture comes they will be destroyed. The lost their ability to embed when they fell in consciousness.

Many of us have had incarnations or lifetimes as one of these beings and are here now on the earth trying to find a way to synchronise our plasma waves into the right pattern to be able to embed into Gaia . We are here as representatives of these various fallen races trying to find a way of helping them ,as a race to find this pattern, so they too can move with the bliss of the Rapture. This is why it is so important that you integrate all aspects which make up your soul consciousness, even those who represent fallen races. By integrating your Multidimensional Self and all its aspects you are creating within your plasma field a perfect geometric pattern ,made up of all the lines of force of all the various soul aspects. This pattern on completion will perfectly embed within Gaia’s plasma field and we will move in syn with the bliss of the Rapture.

love alloya 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chemtrails – trying to prevent the embedding into Gaia’s plasma fields ?

  1. The Rapture – Great article! When is this solar rapture wave coming? Check our this from Red Ice Creation – Susan Joy Rennison – Plasma Phenomena, UFOs, Plasma Entities & The Return of our Ancestors. A very insightful interview.


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