Is the chakric system we are taught correct ?

For some time now i have been having the information that the chakric system that we are taught is not correct and in fact what we see as these vortexes is in fact a damaged and wounded system. Now that i have been studying Dan Winter’s work and also David Talbot ” alien skies” , i have come to realise that what we are seeing as these vortexes is in fact the chakras bleeding or leaking charge . These vortexes are allowing our energy to leak out and also negative or unwanted energies to enter. Through these wounds other people , other beings can attach 4d pipes which they then can feed off our energy and also sending controlling frequencies into our minds and bodies. So my question was how do we heal these wounds ?

It then came to me whilst sitting in the winter sun ( a rarity here in the uk ) , the sun talked to me and told me that i needed no outside light or energy and if i sealed my wounds , my holes i would not need an outside light . How can i seal these wounds i asked. That was when i saw a solar disk , a wonderful sun yellow disk with the most exquisite geometric fractal patterns over it. It was placed into the area of my upper chest in the new energy centre which is forming in the area between the throat and heart chakra. I wondered if i needed one solar disk for each chakra and i was told no, the solar disk which was placed in the upper chest will expand to seal the leaking skin of my auric field. This is an on going process which is no way near complete . It seems we are to remove all the attachments and then the new centre will activate and turn our auric field into a giant fractal pattern living in absolute harmony with Gaia , who is the only game planner i will follow.

Anyone any ideas or thoughts on this i am very open to chat love alloya 🙂


9 thoughts on “Is the chakric system we are taught correct ?

  1. The Moon Matrix is responsible for interfering with the Chakra system. The moon is not a natural sattelite but a super computer put in place to block kundalini activation and thus interfere with the the human races ability to wake up. It emits frequencies which the chakras absorb and confuses the body. The matrix we see is a program that is unreal and causes humans to believe it is reality, when it is only a consciousness program overlay.


  2. I came across a talk yesterday between George Kavassilas and Laura Lee Mistycah. These two individually expose the faults in the chakra system and have come together for a chat.
    (Ep 5. Skip tp 105.00)

    They are quite convinced the chakras are an imposter system and needs to be removed. I am not quite in agreement (yet), especially for people to rush ahead and delete their chakras. Tomorrow I may think otherwise.

    Alloya, I think its good that you follow your own guidance and do not be too much influenced by what others have to say; or at least be aware of what others are saying but continue on your own path. You may even agree with say the deletion of the chakras given further exploration; or end up with a viewpoint on the chakras that is totaly different.

    In terms of the kundalini … is it an outside energy wanting to come in to parasite off human energy … or is it an latent potential energy within that wants to come out? I question our subsciption in the first place.

    Happy fractals


    • I am not sure i want to delete them as such as it seems to be a natural process , i am seeing golden solar shields placed over the chakra which is transforming it into a jewel , fractal. 🙂


      • wow well said thanks for some clarity. As i read this i thought it is like the chakras are like the pipes which were in Neo’s body in the film the Matrix. We cannot unplug ourselves too soon from the matrix. We would gain too much attention, we have to do it gently and allow Gaia to take us at her pace. 🙂


  3. Sankarshan here. Sincronistically, I’ve been coming across this point lately more and more. Some people had a vision of them being like a router, and chakras as antennas, acting like recievers.
    Whenever they see some advertisments or something, their third eye goes crazy and they see it recieveing programmes and energies without their permission.
    So they are having doubts that Controllers are using chakras as recievers for manipulating people.
    Even pineal gland!
    Those people used different energies to even disintegrate chakras and pineal gland! They claim that ever since they have done that, their “True Heart” started to appear and grow, they feel blissful and free. Like this True Heart is who we really are and everything else is to make us distracted and controlled.


  4. Thats very informative Alloya, and I appreciate you covering the topic which I’ve hinted at here and there. I’m on par with what you say; and your solution coinsides what I have been focusing on over the last few weeks and months.

    And in my own words, that is focus on the true center (not to be confused with heart chakra), and simply allow that to take care of the rest, such as what you term leaks/vortexes in the chakras; or whatever else is going on. That core center is key as its the connection to a perspective on life and power beyond which we can harldly rationally comprehend.

    Some people even choose to remove there chakras. I think the chakra system is intricate to the 3D 4D paradigm that we choose to experience; but soul may guide one to remove them if that is part thier journey.

    I’ve had the term “we are fractal pattern genertors” running back and forth through me much …relating to what you say “turn our auric field into a giant fractal pattern” …relating to generating energy from the inside out.

    How when we take the outside in we get tend to get hijacked by outside energies. We much be very valuable entities indeed to attract so much attention.

    How this related to the kundalini I can only ? But for now I focus on my core center; and that what matters.

    Happy fractals


    • Hi Jon thanks for the confirmation i am on track . i do not see myself removing the chakras but simply sealing the holes , the fractal is generated in the true heart as you have written. i have been watching this new chakra for want of a better term , it has been developing in layers of geometric patterns, starting with a simple triangle or pyramid and then now it is a 8 pointed star or sun inside a circle which actually i found after reseach it means a sun god. I do not know how the kundalini fits in but i am being shown a different way to work with it , very hard to describe i mean to draw what i see and post it very soon, would love your thoughts on it love alloya 🙂


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