New way to work with the Kundalini

I have been working with my Kundalini energy for quite some time , i did not follow anyone else’s teachings but followed the wisdom of the Serpent Goddess  . I have been shown and taught a new way of working . I will try to describe it the best i can , i intend to draw a diagram of it and will post it soon.

At the base of the spine instead of seeing the base chakra as a wheel i see it as a pyramid with a serpent inside it . The pyramid can be pumped up and down which builds the serpent energy , it causes the serpent energy to look like a slinky or tightly coiled spring. Once the energy builds enough it squirts up out of the top of the pyramid to the place of the lower belly. Once it gets to this point it forms a figure of eight which is on its side , horizontal . The serpent energy runs around and around this eight , generating a intense build up of power . You get the urge to move the hips in a figure of eight movement . From this place it eventually begins to travel up the spine but instead of firing up the chakras it moves in diamond formations encompassing the whole body to the point of the new power place which is situated between the heart and throat chakras . This I call the place of bliss, this centre when fully activated causes the energy to spill out ,as if there are wings which open in this place causing the body to be flooded with bliss. This causes a force field of energy to surround the head and neck , the result looks like the holy grail around the head. This is experimental , if anyone has any thoughts on this, or have tried something like this and can share their experiences i would be grateful love alloya 🙂

I want to add that i found this and i think this is what the figure of eight at the belly area is and the pump is the pyramid that i pump up and down i think i am working with this .

Tantien, center of your body.

The center of our body is called tantien or dantian in China and Hara in Japan.It is the center of the energy body and pysical body, located in the lower belly, more or less 2 cm lower than the navel, in the middle, inside.It is the center of gravity of the body and the inner energy pump.Our heart is the blood pump in our body, and our tantien the chi energy pump.

You can use it as a tool, as an inner hand, to make the chi or life energy flow in the body, to concentrate your chi energy, to protect yourself, and to find the right posture.


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