kundalini system

 kundalini system

I found this, it is a Birkleland Current the same electrical discharge that i wrote about in my plasma article and the angel symbol on my neck article. This is how i am seeing the kundalini energy as it rises up the body, imagine the middle as disks going all the way around which are the solar disks . The top horns part the terminus is the holy grail wave pattern that i am seeing appear around the head. The solar disks are like coils in a electrical generator it reminds me of a tesla coil. Instead of the kundalini going up the spine and bursting open the chakras and causing them to emit more charge it moves up and through the solar disks until it ignites the wings of flames at the thymus and becomes the winged serpent and then it activates the holy grail wave form around the head. It is all about electrics really. simple. I think i am on to something here…lol…:)


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