Step into a New Planetary Reality- Alloya’s seminar in Belgium – March 2013

166911_10150390745608651_617273650_8644754_1148106223_nStep into a New Planetary Reality
During this seminar we will work with our soul’s energy to remove
all that stands in our way of being in the truth of our divine
consciousness. We will work with the soul to clear negative,
limiting patterns and programmes from the cells of the body to
make room for the high light information that is encoded within
the light body of the soul. Alloya will introduce you to a powerful
and affective transformation technique which will allow you to
not only bring yourself to a place of healing but it will allow you to
finally stand in the power, divinity and truth of who you really are.
In truth we are multidimensional beings who have more than one
expression on each of the dimensions which make up this
universe; Alloya will gently guide you to meet, work with and
finally integrate the various aspects that make up your
multidimensional consciousness. Some of you are not originally
from earth so therefore you will be introduced to many of your
star family, other planetary guides and galactic consciousness.
Alloya will teach a new and powerful way of transforming the
energetic body, moving into activating the energy system which
is forming, turning the chakric wheels into diamond structures,
harnessing your true power and enabling you to work with the
Kundalini energy in a new and healing way. As we move into
these exciting times of transformation Alloya is becoming aware
of the need to support others in their merging with the divine
Goddess. Your home is within the heart of Gaia. Learn to
communicate with her whilst in body, step upon a path of power
and aid the Goddess in her return. Activate the centre of bliss
which is forming in the upper chest and aid the creation of a new
planetary reality.
Friday March 8th 2012, 8pm – 10pm
lecture and short meditation
The multidimensional self & integration of the soul
bookshop De Kleine Prins, Gitschotellei 188, 2140 Antwerpen
10 euros
Saturday March 9th & Sunday March 10th 2012, 10am – 6pm
workshop *
Step into a New Planetary Reality
incl. coffee breaks & vegetarian lunch
160 euros
Friday March 8th & Monday March 11th 2012
private healingsession 1 hour *
60 euros (70 euros incl. translation)
*subscribe before March 1st, limited places
information & subscription:
articles & books:
no refunds, only replacement possible


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