Orion’s Spectacular “Cosmic Bullets” | Space News



5 thoughts on “Orion’s Spectacular “Cosmic Bullets” | Space News

  1. Of course the word plasma refers to plasma in the blood because of its self organising and life like properties.

    Talking of self organisation, oh boy, you have got to sea this video by Dany Wilton relating human anatomy to the Orion Nebula! You could say there’s a little more to these things like cosmic bullets.


    This is a quote I happened to copy and paste some months ago.

    “As we perceive humans, they appear to us as swirling luminous egg-shaped fields of light and sound. The physical body can be ‘seen’ through these swirling fields of colored lights and appears to us as a shimmering galaxy of stars. Each atom is like a miniature star emitting a brilliant light, and the organs of your body are like star clusters. When your body is viewed through the swirling fields that surround you, you are quite beautiful.”
    (“The Hathor Material,” Tom Kenyon, 1996)



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