Doubt is a control trigger from the Matrix.

Are you being interfered with ? Do you hear a low hum in your inner ears, do you suddenly forget what you are talking about especially when it is something cosmic or informing? Do you feel confused and suddenly feel overwhelmed by doubt ? The controlled Matrix in which we live here on the earth has automatic triggers within it, which get triggered when you are raising your vibration or accessing information that the matrix would prefer you did not know. Some people think that there are actual beings interfering with them sometimes this is the case but more often than not it is the automatic triggers from within the matrix. Do not fear when this happens , simply stop  , take a deep breath and breathe in your truth of your soul energy. This will not only stop the interference but eventually you will continue on a roll and the information will flow again. Doubt is a tricky and powerful way to get you off track. Throw away that doubt it comes from the programming in the rational mind. When you are communicating with your soul , take the first thing you hear or the first impression you feel , this is correct . Doubt only comes after to try to throw you off track and dis-empower you. love alloya Image


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