Workshop in Belgium- Antwerp

I have recently returned from Antwerp where I did a very successful two day workshop . We worked mainly with navigating the dimensions and learning to heal on each level , integrating the various soul aspects on each level. People really worked hard and went deep into their own healing . It was not all healing we had fun too , empowering ourselves so much that people could feel the activation of codes within their dna , which resulted in shivers, tingles and vibration in the bones. At the beginning of the workshop we were strangers, by the end of the workshop we all recognized we were a soul family , a group who had contracts with each other to come together and do some very special work to integrate all the different energies which were contained within our multidimensional selves. and aid Gaia in her transformation and passage through the zero. Well done Guys I love you all .

I intend to return to Brussels later in the year to begin a series of workshops to train others in the healing work that I do. If anyone is interested in this please email and I will give you details as we form them.

love alloya 🙂


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