The New Humans by Mary Rodwell

What i find the most interesting about this video is Michelle around 1.10 ,who we see healing and and talking ET language, she works in the exact same way i work when i work with my Antari especially. These languages can be very complex and can come from many different aspects , depending in what aspect i am speaking. I often go to the forest and i can talk the language of the trees each individual tree has its own language and signature , there are healing languages which are ancient , the trees are very appreciative when i speak their language , it is not often that they hear this anymore. Portals into earth realms where the elfin, fairy and devic forces reside can also be accessed through this language, as are star gates into higher dimensions.

It brings me great joy to speak these languages , i rarely speak these languages in public , shy i guess. 🙂 however thanks to Michelle i am going to begin recording these languages and will post them on this blog .

love alloya 🙂


3 thoughts on “The New Humans by Mary Rodwell

  1. It sounds like Michelle’s healing session, from my reality or even if I watched it there, was going at a faster “time” or pace. She is perceiving or relaying information from a dimension that is obviously going faster then ours. I noticed it predominantly when I watched her hand movements and saw how intricate they were. Then I tried to slow down the vocalizations that she was making in my mind and they seemed to make a little more sense to me as I am now. I hear similar type of language in my head from time to time but it is much slower and you can hear all of the tones in the “words” or sounds. When I was younger it was more like Michelle’s but I never knew the meanings of what I “heard”. I got goose bumps numerous times while watching her 🙂 Which is something that I view with significance, as if something was unblocked inside me.

    Alloya, I would love you to post some videos! I was wondering if each one of your connections have their own kind of language and if they can mix together and such so that they can understand one another. Or if you are the translating medium between them?

    ❤ Incendius Phasma


  2. always makes me cry when they say “i dont want to be here, i want to go home”.
    ive spoken a few different languages in my dreams, have never known what they are or what they mean, but most of the time, it speaks itself through me, and its usually when im “casting a spell” or altering reality (or just mine) :/ x


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