Bases 25 Part One SSS Erin

Many years ago I had an astral attachment or device in the area of my lower back. I was attending a facilitator training seminar which i was helping run , during the first day my teacher said to the group that we were going to take someone through an intense process to clear a very dark memory , programme and attachment . I knew it was me so i was not surprised to hear her say i needed to prepare myself. I went through a process where the teacher was holding me in truth but also the whole group of trainees too. I went back in time into another lifetime , i was in the centre of a planet which had been hollowed out , it was in the system of Orion. I was merged into the walls , there were many others in the same predicament. Inserted into our bodies were these awful black slimy tentacles. Through these tentacles a terrible disgusting black slimy was passed into our bodies. We were recycling this awful black goo , it was the most terrible experience.

Years later i did a energetic constellation process with friends during which i channelled Gaia, i clearly saw a black slug like leech attachment on my back, it was only fleeting so i could not get any information about it but i knew it was connected to my experience in Orion.

A  month ago i did an Ayahuasca Ceremony , during which i saw this leech again on my back. I was lucky this time the Shaman present aided me in its removal. An hour later Mother Ayahuasca took me once again to the cave in Orion. She showed me why they were feeding off me, they had no connection to the light of the source , they had no access to the love of the universe. I felt such deep compassion for them, as i sent them unconditional love they transformed into light beings and flew back to source , it was the most amazingly touching experience.

My soul is guiding me to understand this black parasitic dark being , I think this is the same being which is in the Gaia Sophia Myth  called the Archons. I recommend anyone wanting to research the myth go to John Lamb Lash site

it is also in the film Prometheus, it is a  black liquid. Several years back i spoke to the Goddess, she spoke about the oil which was being taken from the earth and how bad it was as it was sentient and conscious and had a mutating force upon our dna.

i am interested in talking to anyone who has had experience with these black parasitic slugs . love alloya 🙂


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