More black stuff.

At the very beginning Miles says it lives in crude oil. When i talked to the Goddess Gaia for several days and the result was my book ” Her Perspective ” , she told me about the dangers of the crude oil and that it was a multidimensional intelligent fluid from the earth , it was parasitic and fed off negative emotions and caused all who came under its influence would be tempted into evil ways of being.


2 thoughts on “More black stuff.

  1. There are at least four examples of this black goo in TV, movies and games: Prometheus, of course, then there’s the black alien goo in Spider-Man 3 that becomes Peter Parker’s new costume (but later tries to turn him evil), the alien “black oil” in X-Files that lives underground in petroleum deposits (, and finally “The Filth” in the game The Secret World ( In each case, it seems to work just like Gaia described to you.


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