The Navigators of the AbZu” Part One

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New revised version of , ” The Navigators of the AbZu”

NB* I previously posted Part One of this book on line , however I have since added many more chapters , so for those of you who have already read , The Navigators of the AbZu , please start from chapter nine , page 123.

The Navigators of the AbZu is a journey through the geometric folds of the universe. The Navigator travels from the sleeping expanse of the Void to an incarnation here upon the planet Earth.  The Navigator journeys through gateways of the stars, passing through portals into other dimensions.  Alloya travels through the levels of the cosmos, guided by the being known as Ananda Hari , Serpent Goddess. Ananda Hari tells the story of the many fallen races who are members of her serpentine family, for she is the Mother Aeon of all Serpentine kin.  Within this book you will meet many different levels of consciousness , Silver Serpents of Light , Orion Queens , and the dreaded fallen Draco Reptilians and come to enquire as to the process of the Fall. Alloya takes the reader into the world of plasma sciences and puts together the missing pieces to her soul’s story aligning science , mysticism and imagination.


One thought on “The Navigators of the AbZu” Part One

  1. HI Neil , no you are not losing it , you are having a kundalini activation. The colours around people are their energy bodies, which you are seeing. The feelings in the body rising up from the base is the kundalini pushing through the blocks in your chakras. The numbers are showing up because your soul is trying to make contact with you through synchronisation. Take a deep breathe , relax , find a way to move the body whilst the blocks arise , you may find you want to make noises allow them to come they will help with the moving of the blocks. If i can be of further help please email me at all my love alloya 🙂


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