How can I balance myself when I am affected by everything?

1422379_10152039130153973_963099688_nHow can I balance myself when I am affected by everything? Part 1 When you feel that you are reacting to everything, your body and mind have become confusingly entangled. You have created a tension loop where your body and mind give each other negative signals. Your body feels tense because you are verbally repeating your fears to yourself. The body responds to your thoughts by generating physical tension. And then, when your mind senses the tension building in the body, your mind generates even more negative self-talk. That makes your body even more tense. And so the loop continues… Don’t blame yourself — this is a moment of empowerment, where you take charge of a tension loop that is of your own making. You may think that the emotions and thoughts that you so strongly feel are the only natural responses that you can have to the situations in your world. This is the limited thinking that keeps you stuck in the tension trap. Freeing yourself from the tension requires recognizing that you created your own emotionally unbalanced pattern. Why is it empowering to recognize this? Because if you created the situation, then you can choose a more balanced response to your experiences. First, really understand how you became trapped in the tension loop. The trap was caused by your own endlessly repeated, verbal descriptions of your world — your self-talk. You generated your own dramatic descriptions of your self and your situation. And when your body felt tense in response to your words, you became even more enmeshed in your problems. But, you may protest, the problems really did happen. Yes, they did indeed, but this is not a denial of the events that occurred. In fact, your basic descriptions of the events that have occurred could be accurate. However, your verbal interpretations of these events are needlessly dramatic, and this is where you have some control of the situation. You can explore using neutral descriptions of situations, rather than heightened dramatic terms and emotionally charged interpretations of reality. You can choose your words, because you are speaking and thinking them. They are yours to shape as you consciously choose. When you examine your choices of verbal descriptions, and shift the dramatic words and scenarios into more neutral descriptions, then your body and mind can begin to achieve balance. This neutral atmosphere creates more space for your deeper spiritual wisdom to manifest. This creates a new healthy pattern where the body and mind are in deeper harmony. Here are examples of dramatic language, changed into neutral language. The first example is dramatic, the second is neutral: 1. I lost my job, and this is terrible. 1. I lost my job, and I am looking for a new job. 2. He left me, and I can’t stand it. 2. He left me, and I am still a good person. 3. They were rude to me, and it’s terrible when that happens. 3. They behaved childishly, and I choose to be around people who are more supportive. Now you can explore neutral self-talk for yourself. Take any situation that you are reacting to. Write down the way that you have been describing it. Are you starting to recognize the blame, the judgmental tone, and the dramatic descriptions in what you wrote? Compare what you have written to the examples above. Now take a breath, and explore rewriting your description. Here are some things to check for: 1. Shift strong judgments about other people into neutral terms. Shift from blame to neutral descriptions of events. 2. Shift helpless descriptions of you into empowered descriptions. Emphasize your true abilities and your deeper potential, so that you support your moving forward in a healthy way. 3. Shift negative assessments about the world. Aim yourself towards the people in the world who do believe in you, and who are supportive of you. Now read what you rewrote. And discover how you are breathing, and how you feel in your body. You are beginning to get a sense of how you can balance yourself, even when you seem to be affected by everything. Congratulations — you are rediscovering your ability to choose your states of consciousness, even amidst everything that is happening. Now that you have shifted your verbal descriptions, you can explore a stabilizing energy meditation that unites your body and mind — take your time, breathe, and guide yourself through these steps: – Imagine that you are uniting the energy of your parts: your body energy – your heart energy – your mind energy – and your soul energy. Pretend that they are all made of energy, weaving together in harmony. – Sense, or imagine this unified energy from all your parts smoothly flowing through you. Perhaps you feel it as gentle waves, or a subtle warmth, or a mild tingling energy. It’s OK if it seems that you’re just making it up. – Breathe in the energy that flows through your body — just imagine that you are easily and comfortably doing this. – Relax into the feeling. You are breathing easily. Your unified energy is flowing. Just be with your energy presence, however you experience it. Now you are starting to experience a balanced inner feeling that reduces tension. It reorients you to the state of grace. This centered feeling supports your practice of learning to describe events in non-dramatic, neutral language. When you practice freeing yourself from your own needlessly dramatic loops, you discover that you are practicing a spiritual path of conscious wisdom. Perhaps you had supposed that this path was only available to special spiritually awakened people. And yet, these abilities can be practiced by anyone. Basically, you are learning to step back from dramatic descriptions. You generate neutral descriptions of reality. You bring yourself back to your center. And this frees you to access your inner peace and divine soul wisdom. It’s profound, but you can do it. You don’t have to remain caught in the tension habit. And you don’t have to wait until you are enlightened to free yourself. Higher states of consciousness are a set of choices and behaviors. You can access the healthy states anytime, by choosing the balanced behaviors. Here is a powerful centering meditation that helps transmute tension — use it when you feel affected by everything: – Let yourself breathe into your body. Imagine a vast inner imaginary space within you, where the energy of your soul shines brightly. It’s OK if it seems that you’re just making it up. – Imagine that the energy of your arms and legs is weaving together with the energy of your body. Imagine that as the parts of your body unite, you feel the gentle warmth of life energy in your body. – Sense the layers of tension — Let the tension layers gently dissolve into your inner bright soul energy. Imagine that your soul recycles the old tension energy into refreshing new energies. – Dissolve the layers gradually, and one layer at a time. Be gentle with yourself. Honor when you make even small shifts. – Notice how each little shift feels. This itself is an empowering and inspiring discovery. This meditation helps create a centered state of consciousness, so that you can quietly look at your life from a deeper, more balanced perspective. You can notice the dramatic words that you may be using. You can let yourself make the shift from dramatic expressions to neutral terms. This helps you create friendly balance between your mind and your body. It is easier to breathe. Your body awareness keeps you centered. Your soul wisdom is available for you. And you can think more clearly. Welcome to this moment of peaceful clarity. You are rediscovering your ability to choose balanced states of consciousness, even amidst everything that is happening. May every breath you take unite you with your center, and with the divine truth that lives within you. Many Blessings, source:


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