Archons Infection

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The Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators. They exist on multiply dimensions, able to slip from one dimension to another within the lower frequencies of the 6th, through to 1st  dimensions. They do not solely exist on the third dimension though they can directly affect our reality, often unseen. They have infected all life forms in our galaxy to one degree or another. They are mind entities and operate on frequencies, which affect the mind matrix of all beings in the galaxy. They can be thought of as intelligent, mind predatory entities. They do not have a form as such but for those who have seen them manifest in 4th dimensional bodies, they often appear as black slug like entities. They are a cloudy black mass of energy which moves in slithering movements which resemble large snakelike slugs. Healers and Mediums are reporting seeing black slimy slug like beings hanging around the homes, of those who are having problems with astral entities, ghosts, and the deceased. These snake like slug beings are also seen attached to people’s auric fields inserting their tendrils into the chakra points, feeding off the person’s energy body. Just as leeches were used in medieval times to cleanse the blood these black leeches are feeding off the life force of an infected person.

The host planets to these beings are within the constellation of Orion. This system is not their original home but it is one of the many systems which these beings have taken over and made into their host worlds. These Archontic parasites inhabit hollowed out cave systems within planets, which they then inhabit to produce their offspring. In the centre of the planet there is one large Hydra like being whose tendrils pass through all the labyrinth cave systems feeding upon the negative fear energies, created by humanoid beings imprisoned there. These beings feed upon lower fear frequencies which they stimulate into being through mental torture.  Humanoid beings from other systems in our galaxy have been captured by possessed Reptilian and Grey forces and are now held prisoner within the caves of these host worlds. Humanoid beings have the ability to create an emotional energetic food which these Archons feed upon. The Archons prefer the negative, dark, polarised energetic food which humans create when they are in intense fear and a constant state of anxiety.

Once these Archontic parasites have developed to a certain level they have the ability to project themselves into other dimensions , like a writhing mass of slithering black snake like slugs they move into and through the lower levels . They search for beings with minds which can be directly affected to stimulate and create low frequencies emotional nourishment for them to feed off.  These parasitic beings influence humanoid beings to live in the illusion of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, pain, suffering, and torture. Beings in these states create certain brain waves which then cause a reaction within the emotional bodies, which the Archons then feed upon. The Archons are totally cut off from the nourishing light and love of the Creator, the Universal Dreamer. They are so cut off from the light and love they need to feed off the energies created by other beings in order to survive. They infect the mind matrix of the possessed being, learning extremely quickly how the host’s mind works and very intelligently infiltrate it and begin to influence it from within the subconscious.

Some beings are more prone to being possessed than others; fallen reptilian forces especially from Alpha Draconis known as the Draco have been totally possessed by these parasitic entities. The Draco Reptilians are aggressive in nature and produce massive amounts of hormonal, chemical, energetic substances within the brains and bodies which the Archons can then feed upon. It is a symbiotic relationship, the Archonic entity possesses the mind matrix of the Draco Reptilian and stimulates its thinking into demonic , negative , dark thought processes which directly influences the creation of hormonal , chemical ,and energetic food within the Reptilian body. The Archon lives within the mind matrix of the host being, stimulating it into creating a reality which the Archon can then live within and inhabit.

The Archons cannot create reality for themselves; they have long since severed their connection with the love and light of the Universal Dreamer and therefore no longer have the ability to create. The ability to create comes directly from the creator of this universe; the Archons no longer have this ability and therefore can only copy the inspired thought of other lower dimensional beings. They inhabit beings existing on the lower levels and cause them to use their divine inherited creative ability, to create realities which run along the designs of the Archontic agenda. These realities are especially dark and controlling as it is within these kinds of realities beings are so easily led. The further into dark realities a being falls, the easier it is controlled and possessed by one of these parasitic archontic entities.

They are especially tricky beings as they have the ability to slip in between dimensions within the lower levels, they can mimic and shape shift into other forms, therefore deceiving beings into accepting their influence. Healers working on various dimensions have reported that these beings can operate on several levels at once and are intelligent enough to pass from one to another, often undetected. Often when we are battling demonic often reptilian forces we are not only battling actual reptilian beings existing on the 4th dimension, but we are also battling against an archontic parasite which has possessed the Reptilian being and is influencing its mind and behaviour. The Archons have created a distortion within the mind matrix of our galaxy and all beings operating in the lower levels within are under their influence to one degree or another, however some are more genetically predisposed to being possessed by an archontic parasite than others. The Reptilian genetic makeup which creates a reptilian mind matrix is easily infiltrated by these archontic parasites. Many of the wars fought in our galaxy in past and present eons were first triggered and then nurtured into being by the Archontic mind predators. The galactic wars created immense pain for the galaxy and all beings which lived within it, the victims of these wars created massive amounts of emotional, energetic food for the swarming snakelike parasites. These negative energies not only nourished the Archons, it also caused them to increase in numbers .Our whole galaxy is now infected. There are of course beings in the galaxy that operate on the higher levels who are not under the influence of these archontic entities, however many of the races of negatively orientated beings within our galaxy, now affecting earth and humanity, are directly possessed by these Archons.

Through the Reptilian forces the Archons have imprisoned the human mind, encouraging humanity’s victimisation by other galactic beings. The energy of victimisation which humanity is creating only sends a message out into the galaxy, that they are open to be oppressed and thus they attract negatively orientated beings, such as the Reptilians, who wish to negatively influence mankind. The planet earth and its human family are in a high state of archontic infection of epidemic proportions. As we look out at our world and see massive amounts of negative realities being enacted on the world stage, we have to ask ourselves from where this negativity comes. The average person on the earth is of a loving heart yet daily they act as if they have no heart, no mind, and no will of their own. They are infected by an archontic parasitic mind entity.

The archontic infection is very difficult to diagnose as these entities are incredibly tricky and have the ability to directly affect our mind and can talk with a voice and words that you think are your own. These beings have the ability to look into the subconscious mind and use the language it finds there to communicate with the conscious mind, putting it directly under its influence. It is possible to be completely possessed by these Archontic parasites without having an idea of the infection. Someone who is possessed by these Archons has chakra infections, the infestation orientates in one or more of the chakras. The solar plexus which seems especially prone to infection, is often completely infested and controlled by these archontic parasites. From within the chakra the Archon feds off the energy of the chakra, causing it to distort and go off balance thus sending the entire system into imbalance, which only opens it up to more parasitic infection. Most people are only infected in one chakra, though there are also people who are fully possessed, often they are in positions of power upon the earth. Many of the atrocities acted out upon the world stage are archontic agendas in play.

Have you ever wondered where those negative thoughts come from , you know that voice in your head which always puts you down, or puts others down, causes you to judge yourself and others. Have you ever wondered why your negative thoughts are so much easier to think than those of a positive nature? Have you wondered why those negative thoughts trigger fear and worry especially in your solar plexus, and how these feelings create heaviness in the body which is so debilitating? This is a sign of archontic infection.

Light workers are reporting being under archontic attack. It seems that the Archons have moved on in their agenda and are now actively attacking Light Workers on the planet. They cause Light Workers to fall in consciousness; the Archons can stir up old unresolved issues. If for some reason the Archons cannot infect the Light Worker they will manipulate another to act out this archontic agenda. Many Light Workers are reporting people blaming them for things they have not done, and other people are projecting their issues on to them. This can cause major confusion and distress for the Light Worker as they have to defend themselves from the accusations which come from the projection of the other person. The Archons will choose people who are the closest to you to steer you off your path. Often those people who you feel the closest to, the person you feel is part of your soul family, and the person you would never imagine would want to hurt you, suddenly turns on you for no real rational reason. Often when the damage is done the archontic parasite will pass into another dimension and the person who has fallen under its possession has no memory of the blame game they had been influenced to play. It is important to remember that the person blaming and judging you is under the influence of the archontic parasite. It is possible that the Archons will also possess many people around you, making you think the problem must lie with you, as so many more people are turning against you. If the Archon parasite can isolate the Light Worker from its fellow friends and family then their work is successful.

The higher up the ladder you climb, the more work you do on yourself, the lighter you become, the more open to this archontic attack you are prone. It is like moths to the flame; the Archons can pick you out from the sea of the collective consciousness and can send their tendrils to attack you either directly through your own thoughts, or through the negative thoughts of another. They can directly influence another person to attack you, many Light Workers are under heavy attack from others right now, from people they once considered to be their close friends or even other fellow Light Workers. Division causes blame, anger and fear which is delicious food to the archontic parasites.  It is as if mankind are infected by an evil disease, people are acting out of character, and even your loved ones can become infected and act out an archontic agenda.

My personal experience of these beings began many years ago whilst doing healing practices with my clients. I began to have people come to me with black slimy like tendrils inserted into their auric fields. I saw bundles of these tendrils gathered in the centre of the chakra, especially the solar plexus, the place of the ego. I worked on my clients with truth and light frequencies which worked very well for all other issues and problems. I was surprised to see that instead of healing the person, the light energy seemed to feed the Archons, giving them more power. One client in particular stayed in my mind, my client had come to me with depression and a constant fatigue. As I looked at her energy body I saw several long slimy tendrils, many gathered in her solar plexus, I tried to simply pull them out however I was unable. I called down the energy of her soul and aided her in breathing in the healing power of her soul, holding her in truth frequency I was shocked to see these tendrils take on more power and form. I watched as they developed from being simple tendril forms to embryos . She was becoming even more infected. I did not know what to do, it seemed the higher the energy I called upon the worse the situation became. I asked my soul which energy, which aspect could help in such a tricky situation. The answer was Satan. As you can imagine I was surprised to hear this.

Before I go on with this story I must tell you that I do not have the same judgements or fears around the being Satan as many in the new age circles. For me the satanic frequency is also part of creation and part of my overall multidimensional consciousness.  With the permission of the client together we held the satanic frequency, encased her whole energy body in a black energy which the satanic frequency enabled. The satanic black energy seemed to suffocate the archontic parasites and after over an hour of holding this frequency my client was free of these archontic entities.

Over the next few years many more people came to me with these Archon entities. I gained almost no information about them and thus remained in ignorance. My next encounter with them was during a past life process which I was taken through by a teacher within a seminar. I found myself inside a planet, which was hollowed out. I was merged with the walls; it was as if the walls had grown around me. I was a human (not necessarily from earth); there were many more of us also trapped inside the walls. Inserted into our chakric systems were dark black slimy tendrils which passed a black liquid into our bodies. It was as if we were being used as a recycling apparatus, for this black liquid. I was in horror and had long since given up the idea of any rescue or freedom from this nightmare reality. I remote viewed the entity which resided in the centre of the planet, who was the owner of the black tendrils. It looked like a huge black slimy hydra slug like being. Like a huge black octopus feeding and excreting its waste directly into our bodies. As I left this past life memory I asked where am I? I was told in a planet in Orion orbiting the star of Rigel.

From this time I had more and more encounters with these archontic parasites, many people shifted their energy in front of me, becoming cold, angry, hostile and positively evil. Many of these people would act out of character being mean, and horrible to both themselves and others. I saw a grey cloudy light pass over the eyes and sometimes I would even see the eyes change colour. The person would suddenly act out of character, blaming, judging and accusing all people around them. Many of them were in positions of power in one form or another; they had the ability to hold other people to ransom and through the archontic infection were able to affect other people too. I saw the archontic infestation spreading from people’s auric fields to attach to other people bringing those people to anger and fear. This fed the archontic parasite and thus more and more people were becoming infected. Fear is their most preferred food , when we are afraid we leak our power and thus we become easy food for these vampiric archontic entities. At first I thought they were not as intelligent as I was mistaken to think of them as simple astral parasites. However the more encounters I had with them I began to realise that they were intelligent and the more they infested humankind the more intelligent they became. They were feeding off mankind’s ability to have imagination and creative abilities. They did not seem to have imagination themselves but had the ability to trigger and steer the creative imaginative powers of the human, for their agenda which was complete domination.

I began to see them turn up inside other people’s bodies; I began to have encounters with those who were fully possessed. There seemed to be a big difference between someone who was simply infected to one who had a full blown possession of an archontic entity. The archontic entity is not really fully formed when it first infects its host; it can even stay dormant for years before some rising of frequency awakens it. Once certain energy triggers its awakening it can feed off the energy which is broadcast from our DNA and begin a gestation process which results in an embryo parasite developing in the solar plexus. The parasite can go on to inhabit all the chakras but it seems to start its takeover process from within the ego centre in the solar plexus. From within the solar plexus the archontic entity begins to control the lower mind, the rational mind. It does not dwell in the conscious mind but burrows itself into the subconscious . From the place of the subconscious it can trigger issues, unresolved trauma and negative mind patterns which are damaging to both the host and all those around them. The archontic parasite can influence all the thoughts of the host and the host has no awareness that these thoughts are not their own and they are under the influence of an entity and will instead blame all around them. I often see those who are hosts to these parasites accuse other people for things they are doing themselves. They will blame other people for negative emotions, thoughts and opinions they actually hold themselves. They are caught in a mirroring game which they cannot get out of. When you interact with a person who is under an intense archontic episode you will notice that they think everyone around them are operating in their egos, and have negative intentions. They will throw out accusations which surprise those they accuse, they cannot see past their own projections and thus think everyone but themselves are at fault.

It can become very tricky as this archontic episode can affect others around them, it can become infectious. Those people around them who have issues which are similar going on within their egos will also become triggered and they then are open in those moments of judgment to becoming infected by the Archon parasite themselves. Once the archontic parasite had gained enough food from the negative emotions, it will pass back into the subconscious and remain hidden. The hosted person will go from acting mean one minute to having no awareness of what has just occurred. It is not clean cut, it is hard to stay objective whilst in an archontic drama, it is easy to be pulled into the drama yourself, once in the disempowering influence of your ego you are food for their game.

It was not until my recent Ayahuasca ceremony did I realise that I too was infected. During an Ayahuasca trip I began to have intense negative thoughts and an incredible feeling of depression and fatigue. I realised that I had been feeling this on and off for several months , I had tried to process out these negative thoughts and feelings but it seemed allusive , like I could not hold it long enough to be able to heal it out. During the ceremony this became so highlighted it was unbearable, as the trip went on I looked over my shoulder to see a black slug upon my back. With the help of the shaman I was able to remove the slug, with this a rush of energy rocketed up my spine, my negative thoughts were gone and joy entered my heart once more. This experience gave me more of an understanding of these archontic entities. I think I needed to go through this experience so that I could more fully understand what these entities were and how to deal with them. I later meet a powerful psychic who reported seeing vast underground nests of these archontic parasites underneath many major cities, especially under hospitals and prisons. It seemed that they were congregating around places where humans were living under stressful and negative conditions.

Researchers of the Archons have stated that the Archons are the Reptilians and the Greys, this is incorrect. The Reptilians and the Grey clones have become fully possessed and no longer have any freewill and are completely living out an archontic agenda and placing us all in an energetic prison to become food for their Archon overlords. It seems that the fall of many of the races in our galaxy were caused by this archontic parasitic energy. Where did these Archons come from originally?  The story goes that a race of humanoid beings created an artificial wormhole in the outer skin of our universe, creating a tear in the fabric of our universe allowing the infection of these archontic entities to enter the universe. The Archons seemed to be living in the void space in between universes and on the creation of the wormhole they swarmed into our reality. I saw this process in my mind’s eye I could see the universe as an egg of light in a sea of the darkness of the void. A hole appeared in the outer skin of the egg and the light from our universe triggered something to occur in the void, it created a swarm of these negative archontic entities to then enter our reality. This parasitic entity at first was not really that intelligent but it had the urge to survive and it felt threatened, as it was out of place and was concerned about its food supply, so it went looking for a food which would nourish it. It found mind!

The Archons began to hang out around those beings which were also programmed to survive and thus they found the ancient races of the Reptilians, because of their genetics the Reptilians came very easily under the archontic influence. After time they possessed the Reptilian races and thus they fell in consciousness. The Reptilian races have been under the influence and possession of these Archontic entities for thousands of years. It seems that the falling of many races within our galaxy have all been caused to one degree or another by this archontic infection.

An archontic infection begins by the parasite lowering your vibration to lock you in an astral plane; there you are much more easily influenced and controlled. They can achieve this through many methods, drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals can be used by the Archons to infiltrate the freewill of people. In this state the possessing entity can then drain the energy directly from the solar plexus. Anyone trying to rid themselves of an archontic infection will be brought very quickly to paranoia and anger towards other people. It is reported that Meth addicts and heroin users often see these archontic parasites as demons around them.

The Archons can merge their distorted vibration with ours and increase the negativity of our emotional and mental attitudes. This is a process of deconstructive interference. They set up a distortion in our mental body, which directly affects our thoughts, causing us to spiral down in energy to lower and lower thought processes. From this state we are easily led and programmed by the mind parasite, we begin to believe these thoughts are our own and then empower them and thus create the reality the archontic entity wishes us to manifest. They are responsible for the thoughts of the artificial matrix in which we live. We are living in an archontic nightmare brought about through our own creative powers.

So how do we rid ourselves of this infection?



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  1. · I love that you and Lucent Imagery did this together – I read your blog posts one after the other, and their coencetndness made me feel happy – I could just picture you each in your separate kitchens, going through the same processes and thinking of each other It’s good when friends can do things like that. And you both ended up with delicious looking granola!!


  2. 2010 was a mini peak towards the end of 7th ed. But the drop off of people I know who used to go on a quite regular basis has been startling. In my group of gaming chums I’d say there were a good 15 to 20 regular tournament attendees who went to at least 1 tournament a month for WFB. Now we have two who still go to tournaments but not as much as 1 per month anymore. Thr8y#&217;ee playing other games and still spending the same sort of cash though, just not on attending tournaments but starting new games.


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  4. Hello Alloya, I shared one of my experiences as a child on an Instagram thread, and someone told me I saw an Archon. Then I found your page. I would love if you could confirm if that is what I had seen?
    I was playing with my bothers one night in their room, and my parents told us (from downstairs) the time we had to go to bed. My brother then directed me to go into my parents room to look at the alarm clock time beside their bed to see the time, so of course, being the youngest, I went to check. I walked into my parents bedroom and instantly saw a black cloud floating directly in the middle of their bed. I just watched for like 10 seconds, like I was frozen and then I yelled for my parents. I never took my eyes off the cloud and as I yelled for my parents it shot under the bed, on the side opposite from where I was standing. It moved what seemed like lightening speed under the bed. The movement for the first time made me feel scared. My parents checked the room and found nothing. I still don’t think they believe me to this day.
    I also saw other things in that house as a child. If I woke up in the middle of the night I would watch my moms bright orange house coat go by my room. Then again, and again. I would sometimes call for my mom and after a while my mom would come to my room (their room was beside mine) But she would tell me she had been asleep and told me it wasn’t her going by my room. I started to not wake her when I saw the housecoat go by my room.
    I would also wake up sometimes and see actual people in my room. I remember once seeing a man sitting on a tomb stone. I only saw things in this house and was the only one in my family that saw anything. I’ve tried to share these stories before and people look at me like I’m nuts, so I don’t really talk about it much. Was wondering if you could make sense of this a bit.


  5. Hello, I’m a middle aged guy from L.A. To give you some background before I tell my story, I had a tumultuous childhood. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old and then my Dad shot himself when I was 17. Before he shot himself in 96′ he called me and was speaking nonsensically with paranoid delusions that the government was out to get him, that his 2nd ex-wife gave him an STD, that his Doctor was colluding with said ex-wife to hide a terminal cancer diagnosis from him…you get the idea. None of it was true.

    The toxicology report revealed no drugs in his system. In addition, he did not have a history of mental illness and wasn’t on any medication (he probably needed to be). Above all, he was a good man with a loving heart. This gives you some context of what I went through in my formative years. Since his suicide, it seems like my life has been cursed in many ways – although I do believe in personal accountability. Still something always felt wrong and still does to this very day, like he was possessed.

    For some reason in 2011, I was drawn to esoteric knowledge and the occult, studying it on an academic level – everything from the Freemasons to Knights Templar and UFOs. I felt that my Dad’s break with reality and suicide had the calling card of demonic possession, so yes I learned about Demons, Gnosticism, and anything else I could find on YouTube that seemed even slightly probable. I was drawn to “forbidden knowledge” and the idea that we are not alone in the universe. I never worshiped any deities or entities. My interest was purely academic. I even studied the Tarot and got into doing readings for people, so yes, I dabbled in Divination, but it was harmless fun and my friends enjoyed the readings.

    I frequently changed anti-depressants and nothing really seemed to work. There was just a feeling that life was hopeless. I also developed a temper and started yelling at people and alienating myself. I’ve burnt bridges with all my friends, my brother, my mother (off and on), and even quit my job spontaneously a year and a half ago because I felt underappreciated and mistreated. I was very popular in Junior High, High School, but after the suicide I lost my essence, so to speak. My adult life has been miserable for the most part.

    Now that you have the background, I’ll get to the nuts and bolts of the story. In 2012 I had a dream that I was in South America. I don’t know what country. I was in a small apartment with a few Latin people I didn’t know. They were younger than me, probably in their 20s. I felt their age in the dream, like I was their peer. However, it felt like I was an interloper for some reason and I had to leave n a rush. I left the apartment and continued down a hillside which was lined with small homes and apartments, and there was a lot of foliage. Something bad happened and I was running in fear that I’d be implicated.

    There was this feeling of dread as I left the apartment as if I didn’t belong and just had to escape. I ran down the hillside and climbed through some bushes. I then found myself in a cave all of the sudden. I was deep in the cave – there was no light source. It was more like a cavern. There was also water in there. Now this is a part of the story that may make some of you laugh – it’s part of the reason I haven’t told this story till now. A woman approached me. Her skin was blue like the fictional creatures in Avatar. Her eyes weren’t yellow, but they were bright and seemed to glow with a white phosphorescence. She was also very attractive and wore a hood. She looked at me and said the words, “I am Archon.” Then I woke up.

    I wasn’t familiar with the word “Archon,” so I immediately Googled it and ultimately stumbled upon sites like this. Many videos on YouTube describe the Archons as having blue skin, or living in caves. The thing of it was, she said “I am Archon” not “I am an Archon.” In my naivete I thought this was her name. I give this dream a lot of credibility because it was a lucid dream and extremely vivid. It was a positive experience overall and she was strikingly beautiful. I’ll never forget those glowing eyes. She did not look like the creatures in Avatar, except for the blue skin.

    It’s been 5 years since that dream. Just this last week, I quit smoking pot, drinking caffeine, and eating fast food. I’m already feeling a bit more optimistic. I’m still looking for a job and I’m still on anti-depressants, but I feel a lot better. Perhaps the drug use was making me vulnerable to the Archons? In addition, could the malignant spirit that “possessed” my father or influenced his sudden break from reality transferred over to me? My brother and I sold his home after the death because of the grim scene. In addition, my great grandfather on my Mom’s side was a prominent Rabbi from Israel, highly revered in that community. My great grandmother used to tell fortunes with playing cards. I didn’t know this until I mentioned my interest in the Tarot to my mother. She seemed to think that I had some latent psychic ability since I guessed 4 cards in a row.

    I look forward to some feedback. If you think I should just chok it up to a weird dream I can accept that It just seems like a very specific interaction which I always think about. Thanks for reading.


    • Hi Jordan, thanks for your post. 🙂 First of all i would say that unfortunately the being you met had the same name as the archons but she is most definitely not a archon as you said it was her name. I think this is still correct. She sounds like she is one of the shinning ones or Elves what ever you want to call them. This is so synchronization for me as i am in the middle of writing a book about the Elves and are having many experiences just like your dream of the shinning beings with blue skin. I think you have been born into a family with psychic dramas or karmas or spells placed upon them , you are in this family to sort this out. Somewhere in your ancestral line someone did black magic and opened up to dark entities , this can come through life after life. You are in this family to find a way to clear this. The shinning being can help you undo the dark magic. Tune in with her and design a ritual to undo the black magic opening in your family. Follow your intuition and design a ritual , aim to undo the spell and clear your family line from entity possession which it sounds like to me , good luck and if you want to chat more about this please email me at much love alloya 🙂


  6. Help! I’m 19 and have been suffering depression and major fatigue for a couple of years. The depression is so bad I don’t have energy to get up from bed. The negative thoughts are utter hell. Makes me cry sometimes. /: it’s ruining relationships especially with my mom. Sometimes I feel cold and hollow inside with no emotion almost like a robot. It’s scary!!


    • You are going through a tough time but it will get better We are being blasted with gamma rays whichis good but is clearing all of the old negative out of us. Sleep as much as possible so you upgrade in your sleep and go out of the body. If you are focusing on the things and people that are bothering you, you end up putting yourself in vibrational disalignment, and this shuts down our power.

      In looking for the more positive, and viewing events as through the eyes of Source and tuning to the vibration of Source within, we will see the love that is available through all outer conditions. In observing discord from others, we feel it within ourselves. At this point we can stop ourselves.

      Do what it takes to raise your vibrational field. Meditation, praying, chanting, remembering what you appreciate in your life, and focusing on what we love, are some ways to help us to turn our attention away from the lower vibrational energy. At this point, we can then turn our attention to the things we do want in this world.

      This is our power and point of creation. Because you have raised your own vibration, you have a tremendous ability to change and affect the world. If, instead we focus on what bugs us, we lose the powerful energy that is available for us. When we take the time to align with this energy, we can move mountains. Some people feel that meditation cannot cause change, and yet aligning with the higher frequencies, shifts us into a world of different possibilities, that is absolutely not available to entities of a lower vibration.

      Often they will see you and want what you have. It feels like they are trying to bring you down–and yes they are…down to their level so they can understand. When we maintain a higher energy vibration, it gives us the ability to see a bigger picture. This allows us to emotionally remove ourselves from the traps of lower frequencies. We can observe these things and yet understand that they are a part of the “polarity experiment” that has been a learning experience on planet earth.

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      • Thanks for the positive feedback. After reading this I began to dis pare a little though quickly realizing like you have stated that light and love, Get on with your life and ignore these parasites, continue creating. I know for a fact they absolutely hate it when you use your imagination to create and cant stand it when you filter love and pure light from source through you.

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  7. Hello.
    I am having an experience that sounds similar to what you’re describing. I was wondering what you make of this, if you could shed some light.

    Here’s what’s happening… A few times now I am asleep and I notice that I my dream starts to turn to a nightmare which I dislike very much, so I begin to wake myself up. For the most part, my dreams are fantastical, fun, exhilarating and delightful. I look forward to sleep! And if they ever turn scary, I wake myself up. Well, on these rare occasions (like this morning) as I am waking myself up, the nightmare has gone, but I “see” the darkness behind my closed eyes, and in that darkness I see outlines of a form. I see it in “my mind’s eye” and it’s the shape of an insect that’s scurrying away from my mind’s eye. Like it had just been attached to that area, that chakra I suppose, and since I woke myself up, it must scurry away. I get the impression it was making the nightmare happen so that it could generate the fear response in my body because it wants that from me.

    However, it doesn’t look like a slug. The shapes are complex, angular, almost geometric.


    Thank you for your post.


    • Hi, i have seen what look like a mixture between a crab and a spider, i have also seen what look like geometric insects. I have also seen them inside my head, not as a thought but actually inside the brain matrix, they weave this cobweb like substance around the pineal gland and i think they are creating nightmares at night but also in the day too, we are living in a manipulated matrix and i think they are the weavers of this. They seem autonomous like they are the workers of the matrix. People are reporting seeing them when just falling asleep or just waking up so they can be seen when we are in the hypnogogic state …. would love to hear more from you about your experience love alloya 🙂


  8. Thanks for these informations dear Alloya it completes my Own Research. And Please go to the Infos of Harald Kautz Vella and Black Goo I guess it will complete your Knowledge too.lets come into contact.wiebke Gruetzmacher and I are Doing a lot of good Karma-Energy work to get them out of our Lovely planet.


  9. hello my body is totally infested there is a slug or spider like entity in the back of my brain shooting tendrils through out my head and mouth… i have a 247 migraine and i cant focus i cant think i feel that something is controlling my thoughts and implanting negativity and fear. i also feel something in the back of my neck like a slimy slug. and i feel something in my spine and left shoulder blade. Something is attached to my lungs preventing my from breathing i also feel something wrapped around and tied to my heart. it is attacking my heart when i am at my emotional lows (depression). i also feel something i my solar plexus. i also feel a bunch in my abdominal muscles and in my stomach which has tentacles going down my feet and penis… the pain in my stomach is unbearable and the entities in my stomach keep giving me stomach aches and messing with my digestion. i feel no energy i get nightmares every night and sometimes these things call for backup and these things come out of nowhere and just appear in my room appearing as a black cloud of smoke then shifting into a slug which tries to get inside my body and sometimes they do and they have really sharp teeth and can puncture through skin. i cant work, i cant got school, i cant have relationships with anybody my soulmate left me after finding out about this. I believe my aura is completely damaged i cant even leave my house because since my aura is bad it is leaking and i absorb too much negativity from others. my nerves are completely not working(because of the parasite in my head). I am not grounded. these things ruined my entire life. i am a light worker and starseed and i am suffering tremendously can you please save me? or know any master healer


    • Hi Ronald,

      I saw your plea for help and wanted to respond. My suggestion is to find a good practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine for some energetic healing. I am currently studying Medical Qigong and many of the symptoms you describe are energetic imbalances that can be alleviated with things like acupuncture and other modalities.

      According to TCM, we have a Hun and a Po aspect to our beings. The Po are similar to the concept of Archons. Not to say the Archons don’t exist, but according to TCM, the Po are negative aspects of ourselves (often repressed) that, if strong enough, can manifest into physical challenges like the Archons. The Po are there to challenge us and are the earthly aspects of our souls.

      Everything is energy. I know, still pretty scary when you’re dealing with these things, and I know people who also are. Being just energy, however, the Po can be controlled. It’s like fighting your own demons. If you can find a good TCM doctor in your area, this will help to relieve the energetic imbalances that are causing distress. Make sure it is someone who will talk you through it all, though. Getting to the root by examining your own beliefs will help these physical manifestations to stay away once you get your Self back.

      Grounding is also key, but be prepared to have things come up and have a good support system to help you deal with it. You might also want to read some of the Taoist texts for comfort and guidance – like the Tao Te Ching or the Hua Hu Ching. In there, they speak of a path to follow that helps you connect more with your Hun aspects and ignore the Po. It is a matter of controlling your mind and thoughts and especially your fears. Don’t go it alone, though. We all need friends to get us through these things and professional help sometimes (like the TCM folks).

      I once considered myself a starseed and Lightworker and in no way am belittling this path, but I’ve found that there are other ways, as well, to deal with these things that have proven effective for thousands of years. I wish you the best of luck with it and urge you to hang in there. Every cloud has a silver lining and you will be stronger when you Know Thyself and get yourself into a better space with it all.


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    • Hello, I know this is almost a year later. Hope that you have receive some help from a healer at this point. If you have not. You can contact me on Facebook. Eric Hypes, there are two of us on Facebook. Mine has my full name including my middle name right below it. Wintermute – Blair. Much love


    • Hi lovely i think i can help , would you please give me your email address so i can reply in private ? In the meantime get some orgonite and place four pieces under your bed in all four corners. Start taking one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a small glass of water , every day for at least a week, you need to address this from both ends , astral and physical , the bicarbonate will provide an environment in your body which is not in harmony with these archonic parasites. Please email me at and we can talk more love alloya 🙂


      • Alloya hello 🙂 I just wanted to know what can you expect from this, been feeling like been attacked from all sides and are pretty good at sensing the source of such things but these are give the sense of darting in and out of where ever like teleporting and coming back …. hahah so i’ve just started to become aware that my troubles may be them…


    • is it still there Watch your thoughts. They feed on fear, anxiety, and anger etc. Practice thoughts of love and acceptance. They cant stand it and will have to leave due to malnourishment. Cutting the ties for you right now


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  11. Seems to me that thoughts are the greatest currency for those wishing to control. It is extremely difficult to make choices from a love vibration when one is in a state of “energetic possession” … it takes years of personal work to understand what is going on, and I feel each person has to find their own way to heal and empower themselves. Sharing our success stories is the best way to boost of frequency and know we are not alone. Attempting to get results from another’s process isn’t going to work for everyone. I know that my Eternal State of Being ( what I call the original blueprint of my true self beyond space and time ) now that I am tuned in will always show me what is of value for my own highest growth. I LOVE all the info like yours Alloya that is available to us now so freely on the NET> the next stage is to teach encourage and support each being to find what works and resonates with them. Whatever realms you find yourself ,it is your true voice from your heart that you need to discern in all the smoke and mirrors!
    In peace with
    ONE heart ❤ Ell

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  13. Alloya, Thanks, I’m sure you are aware of John Lamb Nash’s book Not in his Image where he describes the Gnostic telling of the introduction of the Archons during the creation of our solar system. I have been seeking wisdom for 50 yrs or so now and am quite convinced that Gnosticism is where it’s at. Their wisdom is mostly lost to us but enough has been uncovered to get some knowledge of them. The “truth” is not for everyone but the readers here need to “know”. Peace be with you and yours.

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  14. wow lots of knowing here, thank you for bringing to light all this valuable and helpful information we all can now take and use in our journey back to source, I would say it seems as though Love Is the ultimate antidote against the dark, be it what ever form it chooses to manifest in… it seems being in a higher vibration is key here…..again thanks for your assistance ……Almighty Love to you Alloya. I will try and keep up to your travels../posts

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  15. These slimy, that I see them in the shape of blacks cats and dogs when they have no success against the individual, almost totally free, these bul-shith, in revenge, they pick on the innocent, true friends, pets, such as canaries, fish, hamsters, etc. … but excluding dogs and cats because for me, too many of these are fake animals. created by the archons, to subdue beings, devoid of conscience.

    hello from Tullian

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  16. Hi Alloya. Thanks for this article. Very interesting and prescient. This information is really rising in many peoples consciousness now. I have a friend who does shamanic work and described the slug like entity to me that she encountered on one of her journeys that was pretending to be a guide for her. She had no prior knowledge of the archon thing so it was great confirmation that this is information heading in the direction of truth. It seems that we now have the greatest opportunity to break the endless reincarnation cycle that we are conned into entering. Cameron Day on is doing great work in this field too. Thanks again. John.

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  17. Hi there, I seem to experiencing attacks from these things from many directions.
    Are there any other methodologies you could reccomend for removal of these things?


    • things i have found so far, that work to protect is imaging obsidian light in the aura and also using the obsidian stone itself under the pillow etc. It seems they are black and if we use this black energy they cannot detect us and leave us more alone. I have also found that the sound of a rattle brings them to the surface during healing session to be removed. I will write more about them in a day or two more info is coming. love alloya 🙂


  18. Hi Alloya,
    I’ve created a system of Initiations which the powerful is The Almighty Love and this only can disintegrate the Archons! Check
    Kind regards,


  19. I can attest to perceiving the energetic forms that are discussed here. In fact the description of how they manifest, what they look like, and how they start working individuals and groups of people over parallel my experiences with extreme similarity. They are very “real” in my experience, and most certainly the more one seems to climb the ladder towards unifying both light and dark, the more attention one receives. These are the “challenges” of “enlightenment” to me, as I do not view such a condition as a destination, nor do I see it as an escape. In fact, pursuing “enlightenment” seems to be an invitation to perceiving more and more refined realms of experience, both the “good” and the “bad” for the purposes of truly realizing one’s own infinite nature in a seemingly finite experience.

    I have found that engaging in a battle with these energies does tend to feed them more and more, and thus fighting mental fire with more mental fire does not necessarily alleviate the condition. There is great benefit in having confidants to discuss such dynamics over with, as this can allow one to get out of their own head, which may be under heavy influence of entitized thought forms, and receive verification of “reality” from beyond the fog of a heavy psychic attack. A fog that imposes loneliness, self-deprecation, and anxiety as mentioned in the essay.

    Coming to realize the existence and influence in these “critters” can be a very empowering realization, since so many people spend their time mired in depression for reasons that they cannot understand. Through true understanding comes salvation as the hands of the individual, and not some sort of externally perceived “deity”.

    As to the Archons “origin”, I have not ever personally experienced a location of their genesis, nor do I spend much time thinking about Dracos or Greys, beings supposedly under “their” control. I do not deny the existence of these figures within the collective experience, but the overcoming of this “challenge” is one that takes place with every thought of every moment of every day, both within 3D and outside, though, such distinctions are really not ultimately necessary, as the primordial source appears infinite. I feel it is just as beneficial to discuss this dynamic without the paranormal influences, since we all are subject to the influence of negatively charged ego-based thought forms. For some, it may help to characterize the source of such thought forms by referring to “Archons” and those under the control of these “Archons”.

    Once one becomes aware of this dynamic, they seem to be responsible now for this knowledge. How will these individuals continue? Will they keep a mind-set based in judgement and division, or will they realize their inherent primordial nature and not allow themselves to facilitate a mental condition which is susceptible to Archonic influence.

    Thank you for this essay. It is appreciated.

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    • Thanks LC for your words they are very much appreciated. You are right it is important to look at this from a none paranormal perspective too as the more we look into this phenomenon the more it makes sense of a lot of what is going on with people and on the world stage. That is the answer to not facilitate a condition which allows their infiltration of our minds. They are clever if not anything else , being able to masquerade as a person’s own mind , got to hand it to them . It is a symbiotic relationship without our negative thoughts they cannot exist and without their influence maybe our negative thoughts would not be so persistent. love alloya 🙂


  20. Hi Alloya…thanks for the article. I have been aware of the archonic forces for awhile now, and awareness is important in these areas, for sure. For me, what I feel is important here is to remember that lower frequencies such as the archons can mess with our thoughts all they want to. However, we as empowered human beings, connected always to a much higher frequency of love as experienced when we remember our true selves, always have a choice in how to respond to such thoughts. In the Taoist philosophies, which I’ve been following lately, a path is pointed out that helps us to put the mind and our thoughts into greater perspective within our whole being. If we do not choose to act upon thoughts that cause harm to ourselves or another, if we do not go into fear mode, then there is nothing for archonic energies to feed off of. For me, this is the best defense against such attacks. Thanks, again, for bringing this awareness to others. Much love, Kate

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