BREAKING NEWS… SECRET AGENT TO THE MONARCHY JOHN DEE OF ENGLAND IN 1577 FOUND A SECRET MANUSCRIPT… Celebrated by mystics as ‘John Dee’s Monad’… During the Renaissance era, John Dee was a secret agent to the British Monarchy and a member of the order of the Rose Cross. He found something in ancient manuscripts (probably now in the Vatican). He was so moved by it he depicted it encoded in secret symbols. It caused an outrage. He was ordered by the Monarchy for a secret hearing on heretic matters in what was called the secret Royal Star Chamber. A chamber he frequented a lot with his order that was decorated with ‘important’ stars. (see image thread) This man was probably forced to published a manuscript on his work but keeping the revealing truth intact by traditionally swamping it in chaos. His code has now been cracked. It is time for it to speak the truth… Its a star map… sOL iNVICTUS … showing the place of the ‘angelic ones’: His secret symbols MERGE to form a ‘star man’ crowned with bull horns as in the Egyptian Dendera zodiac disc tradition as one with Isis who originates from a blazing star near the Leg of the bull constellation in the cosmos. The star man is celebrated as the constellation of Orion in all Megalithic civilisations presented as one interacting strangely with a bull of Taurus. Human form origins teaching reside here in Orion and he shows the way with his arrow and his male anatomy traditionally known as his ‘3 belt stars’ aligning… legend of the ‘three kings’ that follow from the east as he ‘rises’. His belt stars aligned… vertical on a day 25th December known as Sol Invictus predating the Christ story and sourced from the Megalithic epoch… its about to enter the womb of Nut in the cosmos. (all linked to on website later). It is celebrated during Dee’s period as the secret of the Grail and in Communion ritual dipping of a disc that emerges from the vessel of Creation with a special formed gold artifact. (links) My discovery takes off from the ground breaking work of D.R.Jones who cracked the 7 point geometry and Taurus connection and also finding evidence the Monad is made from 5 ancient symbols… merged… so has no confusing links to symbols for planets like Mercury etc etc. The symbols… from the top decoded… 1) Egyptian crescent… world of the ‘star deities’ 2) Circumpunct Ra … Sol star… a Sun system 3) 7 pointed geometry… identified by D.R.Jones… Pleiades 4) Cross of the Churches… Orion… as proved by the Carthusian 1084 Globus Cruciger used in coronations. 5) the akhet… two hills and marker for measuring the rising of Sol Invictus. the symbol story on wiki…


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