Transformation Process Facilitator Training Series


A series of seminars running over 6 weekends running throughout the year. Train to become a certificated and qualified Facilitator of the Transformation Process Technique.

Description of the Process and information about individual modules.

Transformational Facilitation Training appendiX

Transformational Facilitator Training Manual

Location : Antwerp , Belgium

Dates :

Module One : 15th/16th March 2014 &  22nd/23rd March 2013

Module Two : 2nd/3rd August 2014 & 9th/10th August 2014

Module Three : 15th/16th November 2014 & 22nd/23rd November 2014

A translation into Flemish of the flyer to come soon.

Tea and coffee is provided during breaks. A soup is provided for lunch please also bring food to share. Please bring a warm jumper or blanket as this work can sometimes make you feel cold.

Alloya is also available for individual sessions in between each weekend of the module. Please email alloya at for bookings and more details.

Individual sessions one hour costs 60 euros .

Price for seminar will be updated later.

For more details please follow the link for details of other seminars


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