The Archons, are they dark plasma beings?

3389770-the-reaper-296144Taken from

“The latest WMAP results show that more than 95% of the universe is composed of invisible non-baryonic dark matter and energy.

Composition of Our Universe- The matter that is visible and currently directly measurable is composed of particles that have been identified in the physicists’ “Standard Model”. However, the majority of scientists now believe that this “ordinary matter” makes up less than 5% of the universe. In fact, it makes up less than 20% of all the matter in the universe. The other more than 80% is composed of invisible matter that has been dubbed “dark matter” by scientists. Dark Plasma Theory argues that this dark matter is present around our Solar System and, specifically, the Earth. Evidence shows that the Sun and the Solar System are under the gravitational influence of invisible dark matter in our galaxy. Dark matter particles have been raining down on Earth every day and night for the past 4.6 billion years. These particles are captured by the Earth’s gravitational field. Furthermore, the embryonic Solar System also contained dark matter components. There are therefore many reasons to infer that there are low-density halos of dark matter particles interpenetrating the Earth – effectively creating (currently) invisible ‘counterpart-Earths’ that co-rotate and share the same gravitational field as the visible Earth. The Theory questioned in 2007 if the density of dark matter around Earth was underestimated.

Computations in 2008 by Stephen Adler of Princeton University and Xu and Siegel from the University of Arizona, suggest that the dark matter density in the Solar System and around the Earth exceeds the galactic halo density significantly and is much higher than previously thought. According to Jay Alfred’s estimate, the visible Earth is gravitationally coupled to a Jupiter-sized dark matter halo. As dark matter clumped it created conditions for a dark biosphere to form. This dark biosphere gave rise to dark matter life forms and consciousness. The Theory argues that dark matter is largely in the form of plasmas of exotic particles (including super symmetric particles such as charginos and neutralinos). It has been shown in laboratory experiments over the past ten years that minimal ordinary plasma cell-systems can be generated in the laboratory.

The Theory therefore suggests that minimal dark plasma cell-systems were generated within this dark halo/biosphere in the early Earth and predicts the existence of terrestrial dark plasma life forms which evolved from these minimal plasma cell systems. Furthermore, unlike chemical-based life forms, dark plasma life forms are compatible with life in a super symmetric universe. Life forms would be as varied in scale, structure and intelligence as carbon-based life forms – as different as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and awareness were as different as a centipede’s awareness to the awareness and intelligence of Homo sapiens.

The entities that we have loosely identified as ghosts, angels, jinns, demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), aliens, biological UFOs, fairies and sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) are characteristic of these predicted exotic plasma life forms from interpenetrating dark plasma spheres or counterpart Earths. They constitute ecology of plasma life forms that evolved throughout Earth’s history and sometimes formed symbiotic relationships with the carbon-based life forms that we are more familiar with. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of symbio-genesis). When the carbon-based bodies died, the bioplasma bodies (resulting from the symbiosis) continue their existence in the counterpart Earths.”

The universe is made up of what we can see, what emits light and what we cannot, in the plasma of the universe. If you look through a telescope you will see large light filaments called Birkeland Currants, writing like snakes throughout the universe. These Serpents are basically electrical discharges causing a magnetic reaction in the plasma field, causing the light filaments to twist and braid becoming the Silver Serpents. Now they are telling us that there are the same structures within the dark plasma that we cannot see. We know that all dimensions and portals, stargates and realities of the light were created by the movement of the Serpents, now we are coming to understand that the dark plasma also folds and creates planes of existence, star systems, planets, beings etc. Through listening to Ananda Hari (read all about Ananda Hari in my new book “The Navigators of the AbZu “free to download

We have come to know that in the movement of the Serpents and their electrical discharge, they created folds within the plasma caused by the creation of magnetic waves. What if worlds, dimensions and beings were also created within the folds of the magnetic waves in the dark plasma field?

How would an entity in a very rudimentary form look like in this dark plasma universe? Would it not take on the snake like appearance? They appear in several forms depending on the level of intelligence. I have seen them as black orbs, blobs if you will. I have seen slugs and creatures like worms especially in people’s bodies. I have seen larger snakes and nests of serpents, hydra and octopus looking creatures. It occurred to me that they had some sort of gestation period as I have seen the way they develop starting as a blob, then forming into a slug, then worm, snake, hydra, and octopus. It looks like the stages of simple celled life form mutations. I have remote viewed nests of these creatures underneath prisons , military bases and hospitals , all places where people would be in a negative headspace.

Are these Archons coming from the dark plasma universe? As Ananda Hari sent a beam of light through the ninth dimension into the eighth to draw a template of light upon the lower dimensions to create life, did she also trigger the animation of the dark plasma, just like Sophia in Gnosis Nag Hammadi scriptures. Sophia is an Aeon; she is one of many gods and goddess of the sacred foam.  In the myth she injects through the skin of the egg of the Pleroma a light template, which happened to be the human template in the story. I think bigger I think this is the template enabled lower animal life forms to evolve to eventually become humanoid races within our galaxy.  As she did this she became so fascinated by the living light template forming she somehow got pulled from the Pleroma and found herself in the field of matter. Her presence in a place she should not be, caused the matter to become animated, her creative presence alone caused the dark plasma to become alive. She then watched as the dark plasma like a swarm began to fight against itself, so she gave it a part of herself, her intelligence, she gave it the ability to self-regulate and it began to form worlds. These entities then went on a rampage and became the tyrannical empire of the Archons.

The black slugs that I am seeing in people’s bodies are eating their light; they are attacking light workers the most and eating their light bodies. What if the same process is going on a galactic level and there are large serpents eating light systems. Now we know the universe is prone to eating itself as we have black holes which do exactly that. These processes are going on, on a macro and microscopic scale. The worms or slugs which enter our bodies enter them through the black hole in the centre of our chakras. They then infect the person and over time they grow into slugs hoping to take over the person entirely and eat their light body. There are also larger beings that are entering galaxies and solar systems through the black holes in their centres to enter the system and consume the light. Now I know this all sounds very scary but if you look it just as the dynamic workings of the universe, imploding and eating itself, just like the serpent eating its own tail you will calm down a little.

People assign personalities, characters to these beings, but I do not think this is incorrect. I think there are many beings in the galaxy that have fallen prey to their infection. I think the Reptilians, Greys etc. are not Archons, they are however fully infected and are hosts (some of them willingly) to these Archonic parasites. In the film Stargate the Apophis is a host to the snake creature which controls his mind, and body. Do these beings enter through black holes into our reality? It is said that the people at the Hadron Collider are trying to open a black hole between this universe and a parallel universe, are they opening portals to allow Archonic entry into our reality.

So why do they go after the Light workers the most, people who actively working on increasing the light in their auric field? Jay Alfred may have the answer.

“ Recent scientific papers at the end of 2008, which studied acceleration anomalies in space crafts and satellites orbiting the Earth and more detailed calculations of dark matter density in the Solar System and around the Earth, also point to the possible existence of blobs of dark matter in our atmosphere. Within the context of Dark Plasma Theory, this point to dark plasma blobs within the Earth environment.

To understand how they interact with ordinary matter, the Dark Ionization Process (DIP) has first to be understood. Interactions between ordinary and dark matter bodies are generally collision less, i.e. they can pass through each other. Firstly, this is because of the low density of particles and secondly because dark matter particles do not interact with ordinary electromagnetic forces within an atom. Hence, generally, dark matter particles of a dark matter object can pass through the large spaces within ordinary matter atoms easily and without causing any effects. However, plasma bodies possess a plasma frequency which is caused by the natural oscillations of the particles within the plasma. If the particle oscillations within the dark plasma are high, the probability of collisions between dark matter particles in the plasma and the particles in ordinary matter atoms increases.

When the dark plasma life form focuses (this also happens during meditation or other mental focusing activities) on a target area, the density of dark matter particles in that area increases. This results in an increase in the frequency of oscillations within the dark plasma and a rise in the collision rate. When dark matter particles collide with ordinary matter atoms, some electrons may be displaced to generate an electric rent. Other electrons may jump to currants higher energy states then fall back to lower energy levels, emitting ordinary photons. In ordinary circumstances, there will be ultra-weak photon emissions. However, when the plasma life form focuses on a target area, the intensity of photon emissions in that area will increase. Ordinary light of different colours and other electro-magnetic radiation, including microwaves may be generated.

Besides light, the ordinary plasma also generates heat. The microwaves that are generated  by the Dark Ionization Process also heat up biological tissues. Thermoelastic waves of acoustic pressure are generated when microwaves heat up soft tissues in the head. These waves travel by bone conduction to the inner ear to cause buzzing and other sounds that can be heard only inside the head and not by others who are not oriented similarly. Furthermore, the natural oscillations of dark matter particles in the dark plasma cause collisions with ordinary particles in a periodic fashion, resulting in the density of the ordinary plasma to increase and decrease cyclically, generating a pulsating electromagnetic field.

The predominant frequencies generated by the temporary ordinary plasma will be low, mostly in the microwave region, but would also include radio waves and infrared waves on either side. Occasionally it will be high enough to be detected at visible wavelengths and more rarely extending beyond this into the ultra-violet region. The “light curve” generated by the temporary ordinary plasma of a dark plasma life form would therefore span the frequencies over a particular time-frame. A microwave glow is predicted before the visual detection (and also a microwave after-glow subsequent to the visual detection). In other words, a visual sighting of a plasma life form or (biological UFO) can be predicted by first detecting the microwave glow, then tracking its evolution. If the frequency continually increases, a visual sighting is likely to occur. “

These slug like Archon entities are often seen with a glow around the edge of their form , is the glow described above?


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