Signs of an archonic infection and possible cures.

93D1D25APlease read my other articles about the Archons before reading this so you have full understanding.

The Archons are low-vibrating thought-forms, empowered by our own creative mind abilities. In a strange way they give us the opportunity to choose what we’re creating, what we are thinking by aligning with archonic thought patterns, or aligning with our own inner knowing, our own soul’s wisdom. They require emotional energy to sustain themselves; mankind has long been their primary food source. They feed upon energies that are in resonance with their own vibrations: negative emotions, psychological suffering. They engage in lower vibrations, they thrive off influencing us to ignorance, suffering, and ego perversion. They use us against ourselves; they can read us and use our dormant negative tendencies to cause us to be locked in negative thought patterns which enable us to be fed upon by these archonic entities. They seem to work hand in hand with the matrix of control, the relationship we have with the matrix only feeds them more.

So how do we know if we are infected? Here are some symptoms I have noticed.

Partial infection

  • Do you suddenly feel tired like it has come from nowhere, one minute you are energised and the next minute you feel like you could easily crawl into your bed?
  • Do you suddenly feel heavy or have a dense feeling of worry especially in the solar plexus?
  • Do you suddenly have very negative thoughts about yourself which pull you into a deep depression? Do you get easily pulled into doubt, especially when you have meditated on higher energies or are having a special and joyful experience guided by your soul?
  • Do you feel hopeless as if everything you do is futile, especially those of you working in light worker professions, like your work is no good?
  • Do you start questioning yourself and your abilities, do you start analysing yourself as if you are a cold and ruthless psychiatrist?
  • Do you feel like giving up, do you feel suicidal?
  • Do you have old issues which you thought you had healed resurface?

Full Blown Infection

  • Do you think someone is psychically attacking you , do you feel a bad feeling in the solar plexus, do you look for the person attacking you , do you judge your friends for the attack?
  • Do you see everyone in their ego when all the time you are in yours? Do you become angry, arrogant towards other people who are standing in the light of their soul, yet you see it as them as being in their ego. Is ego a dirty word for you?
  • Do you think your spiritual path is the only correct one there is, do you feel empowered to chastise others for walking another path?
  • Do you psycho analyse and blame others for things you are doing yourself? Do you step over other people’s boundaries and insist of telling them all that is wrong with them, when you have not been given the permission to do so?
  • Do you think you have to save everyone from themselves, not honouring that they know their own way for themselves?
  • Are you part of a spiritually minded group and feel you are somehow better than they are, are you always picking one person out of the group to isolate them?
  • Are you often instrumental in the collapsing of intimate groups?
  • Do you blame everyone but yourself imaging all sorts of wrong doings?

Signs of someone around you being infected and actively living the archonic agenda to get at you. Often when we are free of this influence ourselves, they will choose someone close to us to do their bidding for them.

  • Are you suddenly under personal attacks from someone who you considered close to your heart?
  • Does that person suddenly turn on you and accuse you of things you simply do not do?
  • Are you suddenly blamed for all sort of imaging misdemeanours?
  • Are you suddenly under the influence of a hate campaign?
  • Do you suddenly find yourself isolated from your friends or likeminded individuals?

Now I know everyone at some point or another has experienced this and I am not saying that every time this happens it is down to archon infection , however if you are actively working on yourself , increasing your light , or trying to expose a negative force in one area or another , you may come under an archonic attack. These beings are tricky and will even use new age ideas against you. They will trigger others who are infected to judge you in the name of the new age movement. We are taught by these ideas that to look at the negativity is somehow feeding it (I can understand where this comes from and agree with it to a point). The archonic entities love this because under this new age idea they can hide from detection.

I had one friend who looking back was obviously infected. She had read lots about not judging other people. She became very holy than though, she spent her whole time chastising people for being judgemental. Often the other people were not being judgemental and we only expressing what they had observed going on around them. She became a real hard person to be around; I remember one day she ranted at me about being judgemental when I simply expressed my dislike for cooked carrots. It was only then that I realised she was a little crazy and if there was anyone being judgemental it was her. She became like a new age thought police woman, people began to avoid her because she would jump on people and start blaming them and judging them for supposedly judging. Often people were not in judgement but were simply exposing a negative force such as the shadow world government etc. I noticed that if I talked about the Illuminati or the new world agenda which is well documented, she would explode in rage and judgement against me for supposedly judging the perpetrators. If we lose our ability to see light from dark because of a new age idea that we should not judge , then the archons have most definitely won. There is a big difference between judgement and discernment.

So with that said how on earth do we deal with this infection?

As I said above it is no good fighting them, or falling into fear of them as this only feeds them. Light does not work either I have noticed they are actively going after light workers , instead working with the dark light frequency of obsidian works much better to starve them from your body. I have noticed that sound seems to have an effect on bringing them to the surface; I have noticed that during shamanic healings the use of the rattle brings them to the surface.

So far the things that help with the infection are working with the black light, imagine that your whole body and aura is now black, and imagine it is so black it is shinny. Once you have achieved this you may notice you feel sick, often you want to gag, a strange slimy feeling arises in the throat. It seems the solar plexus and the throat are the places in the body which react the most to the infection. Allow the energetic vomiting, I have never had anyone actually physically throw up, but they urge and gag as if they are going to throw up. Allow yourself to make noise, express this infection in sound, growl, scream, groan make noises like an animal, make any sound you can to get this parasite out of your body. Shaking the body also helps to get these parasites up and out, just like a dog would shake to get rid of fleas.

Many light workers do not like working with the dark light as they have ideas it is negative and somehow evil. This is the biggest trick that these archons have played upon us. It is time to integrate your dark side and get whole , if you are only working with your light side you can easily be pulled into fear and then you are simply become archonic dinner . It is time to use all of our powers to get into balance, integrate the light, integrate the dark, bring ourselves to balance; this is the only way to disinfect ourselves.

I have done lots of these processes on myself and my clients and I have noticed that it is very easy to become re-infected. We need to perform a regular spiritual hygiene routine to make sure we are not re-infected. I take not only a light shower every morning but I also encase myself in a dark light shell , this seems to work , though whilst I am around others who are fully infected I am open to be re-infected and have to watch myself very carefully.

Anyone having experiences with these parasites or need any help do not hesitate to contact me , I am very eager to know more about other people’s experiences so we all can better understand exactly what they are and how they operate .


19 thoughts on “Signs of an archonic infection and possible cures.

  1. good point i did not mention it in the cures , maybe i should have , but not everyone is into sacred medicine do you think it is necessary ? much love alloya πŸ™‚


  2. Hi lovely i am so sorry to hear you are having such a problem. What helped me was to drop down through the dimensions to the first where these being cannot exist, i designed and recorded a meditation which you can do which will help rid you of these parasites, i think you will need to do this over and over as you are highly infected.

    i am on holiday for a week but if you want to write me please email me at i will be happy to chat with you much love alloya πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi Alloya,
    According to your list it appears that I have partial infection but very severely. The exhaustion and physical pains in my body are extreme and lack of motivation as well as direction in life. I know they have been working hard to keep me down all my life. I have many medical x-files from many abductions and have had two physical implants removed so far. First 35 years of my life loaded with massive paranormal happenings, experiences, encounters, prophetic dreams and so much more. When they couldn’t destroy me completely they decided to try and keep me as down and deactivated as possible. I fight a severe siphoning of my entire life force along with inexplicable internal core pains. My story is rather huge but I’ll leave it at that for now.
    Would also love some help.

    Truth, Light & Love;


  4. Hi
    I really relate to this website…great reading

    I strongly believe I am infected with Archons
    I have been depressed for the past 10 years
    I have dark, demeaning, suicidal thoughts and have actually started to self harm
    I have had 3 love ones die in the space of 6 months and lost my business
    My relationship with my wife of 27 years is in jeopardy because I push her away even though I love her
    I say things to her that I know are not my words but seem to manifest by a will of their own
    I seem to ooze negativety wherever I am so o don’t really go out much
    I have lost many friends and ostracized most of my family
    I used to be the life and sole of the party bit now am just a shell
    I have no appetite
    No motivation
    No zest or zeal just low self esteem
    I used to play soccer and practice Muay Thai and pump weights
    I do no-thing anymore
    I am at the end of my tether and desperately need to rid myself of these archontic parasites

    I would really like some feedback it will be most appreciated

    Universal love to all



  5. This is what ive been looking for. Archonic beings have been attacking me since 07. It feels like a shimmer in my upper back. Sometimes other places but predominatly in the upper back. I tried the black aura and it worked before. I will continue. They have heavily slowed my spiritual progress. Thanks for the article.


  6. I cannot say for sure but it sounds like it , it is not so much that it is black but it is the void and appears black because it is the void ….. can you work with this energy again and ask your soul if i am right or if it is something else? love alloya πŸ™‚


  7. Thank you Alloya for this! I have fibromyalgia. An illness that they do not know much about. I am working some time on it to get better. What I have felt is that it is in my solar plexus. I feel it is the home of this disease. When I look at it in my minds eye I see a black being, sticky. It can become big and small. I had a healing from a shaman woman. She did find it but could not get rid of it. She did not know about it. She only said that it moves. And that it feels sticky. She could get parts off. When I asked myself what is the solution I saw this. Another being… No face, just like the black being It was a shine through being. No light being. It was empty and I could see through it. Those two beings became one and from the inside there came a golden light and the beings they bursted into golden light. I took this image as balancing out my dark and light side. So started to do that… The symptomes are feeling tired a lot, drained, lots and lots of physical pain, my light was almost out a lot of the times, I could find it back every single time. Now I notice everytime I am busy with something that gives me pleasure or will help me in my growth I get fall backs of the ‘illness’ More pain, more tired. In those 5 years that I have it I worked hard on my thoughts and emotions. Getting controle over them. I went through panic attacks for no reason and so on… So yes I know those symptomes. And it could be an archon infection because they cannot find anything physical being wrong with me! So yeah got a lot of negativity on my way of healing from normal doctors… One thing I see… All of this made me who I am today and without this I would not be who I am today. I will try the exercice and see how it goes because ‘IT’ is active at the moment. Draining me, feeding thougts that bring me down, pain… And the tiredness comes from the belly!!!


    • It does sound like an archon parasite to me , correct me if i am wrong but did you call in the black energy not the archon but the see through being ? i think this may be the obsidian dark light which to me seems seethrough. It is hard to stay in the light when we are under these attacks , so it is easier and more powerful to go into this black obsidian light , they feed off light so it seems that this obsidian light works well.


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