Cat Companion

ImageDuring an Ayahuasca Ceremony . At the very beginning of the ceremony the first thing that came up was a deep feeling of loneliness . I said in my head ” boy i am lonely”. The room was quiet at this point , i suddenly heard little feet tapping on the floor , then all of a sudden the house cat jumped on to my lap and curled up and purred like a train. I had full telepathic communication with the Cat , i asked him if would mind if he would stay with me and help me through the ceremony , he replied he would be happy to if i shared my duvet with him . He remained with me for pretty much the whole night . Every Time i did not know what to do with my body Mother Ayahuasca would ask me what the cat was doing , i was then instructed to lie the same way as the cat. Soon as i lay down in exactly the same position as the cat , my body would instantly relax and i would gain healing and rest before the next healing stage began. I was very appreciative of his presence and support . On the last day as everyone was getting ready to leave, he went off across the fields. I was disappointed as i thought i would not have the chance to say goodbye and thanks to him. Just as i thought this he came back through the cat door and instantly sat upon my lap . He purred and i thanked him , when i came to leave he did not want to get off my lap as he did not want me to go. I am very grateful for the love and support of Cat.


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