Gaia transforming into a star becoming the source of a brand new universe. :)


When I awoke to my true nature and began to integrate the various aspects which makes up my multidimensional soul identity , I was told that I was part of a team of beings who trigger the completion and evolution of universes. I was shown a fractal field which went off in all directions for infinity. I looked into this fractal field and could see all the various dimensions that make up our universe. As I looked at the fractals I recognised that each one represented a galaxy, solar system, star , planet , race of beings , or an individual. I was told that the universe was going to go to completion and it would implode to a single point. I watched as the complex geometric patterns which were the fractals and represented beings residing on the highest levels begin to fold up. Each pattern folded perfectly into each other , with no friction or damage to the electrical wave forms which made up these geometric patterns. As this folding process continued , as the implosion of the fractal field continued, it was entering the lower levels of earth, earth is the most magnetic place in the universe, at her centre there was a black hole.

As these patterns folded up they eventually got to single point  to form the Gaian Seed , which contained the whole of the information of the universe. I watched as this seed passed through an immense stargate which was the entrance through the black hole. As this seed passed through the zero , the black gate into the void. I watched as the seed ( which was the earth itself ) opened out into a flower of life pattern and I watched as Gaia in her light body form became the source of this new universe.

love alloya 🙂


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