Life on the ceiling .


During an Ayahuasca ceremony i opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling. All over the ceiling were lights which at the time i could not tell if it was a actual light or energy. Mother Ayahuasca told me it was an actual light but i was to look closer. In between the lights it looked like plasma , like what you see if you take pond water and look at it through a microscope . The little lights were moving around the room and she told me to look closer at them. As  i looked i saw they were single celled creatures , but as i looked closer i realised they were evolving into mini universes, galaxies and solar systems. She showed me how the universe is exactly the same as life in the smallest drop of water. She told me to choose one light to look at as i looked it evolved much quicker than the others and i saw how it developed into a wonderful universe with many thousands of stars inside. She told me that i had done this, i had created this universe i was seeing and that my attention as the creator was creating other worlds, other universes in the void. I was blown away. love alloya 🙂


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