Taken from my recent book Navigators of the AbZu.

METATRONS-CUBE-ConvertedTaken from my recent book Navigators of the AbZu.

“ Chapter Five…..Metatron’s Prison

The Halls of Amenti are the dimensional passageways or rather a labyrinth deep inside the Earth entered by a portal in the Great Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt. Initiates pass through the portal or stargate present in the King’s chamber and enter this series of tunnels, passages ways deep inside the Earth. It is possible to ascend through walking these dark ways, only those of a certain lineage could open the Stargates and pass from one level to another.  The Halls of Amenti provided passageway to one who has to pass through on its way to ascend out of the time dimensional reality, Metatron’s cube.  Within the Earth there are hidden within the Secrets of Amenti, the mechanics of the ancient Halls of Amenti Star Gates that sleep in Earth’s core. It is written that the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber was used for the adepts as one of their final tests. The pyramids were built precisely along powerful Earth energy lines known as ley lines and used by the gods in their ritual workings. Beneath the great pyramid is the Halls of Amenti, the womb of the Earth. The adept would lie in the sarcophagus in the correct position so a powerful beam would hit the third eye.

This was exactly what had happened to me when I visited the Pyramid in this lifetime. To make a long story short I had entered the pyramid and the caretaker made everyone leave but me and two friends, then he had lead me to lie in the sarcophagus , instructing me to lie a certain way , which I did. I felt my whole body being flooded with information , my body twitched and rushed with energy I could feel things popping inside the cells of my body and when I asked my higher self what was going on, I got told to lie still they were activating the Star Codes in my dna. To this day I was not sure what had happened to me that day. Was I being used as a key to open the stargate into the halls of Amenti?

It was at this point that I had a dream where I was talking with Buddha. I woke up at the tail end of his lecture. He said to me “there are two paths to transformation, one is correct and leads to complete and organic transformation. This transformation is possible through the Star Fire and the other way, is to pass through artificially created Stargates, which take you to a fallen artificial matrix which the Annunaki and many others are currently trapped in. The Star Fire in your blood, opens the organic Stargates and allows stellar magnetic energy to flow through the bloodline, bringing all into the path of Solarian, this gives you the ability to magnetically navigate your way through the solar highways.

Things were starting to make sense. I had known for some time that I was made up of many different races of beings, in fact I was made up of them all, being a super hybrid; all were represented in my Soul matrix. I knew that as I cleared the karma of the various aspects that made up my Soul matrix then I was also clearing the karma of each individual race. I knew that I carried the signatures of all these races and as I walked through each one of the Stargates in the halls of Amenti, I would be able to record how I did this and send this information to all the races represented within my being, so they too could find ways of transformation and thus continue their race’s development. Time is running out for many of the fallen races, realities are collapsing, they have to find ways of moving through organic transformation quickly .When the whole Universe moves into this new expression, if they do not have the correct Star Codes within their Soul matrix, and pass through the zero point into the void and they will cease to be. Many races were counting on me to show them the correct formulas to organic transformation. Maybe this Star Fire was the key.

It was a complicated business braiding all the different lineages together; it had taken millennia of planning to get Soul family groups back together within my DNA, to now take them back to the stars to bring them to the point of superluminality, would we succeed. The mission is to bring them to the point of being able to organically transform themselves through implosion, the nature way to completion, rather than through inorganic artificially created Stargates. Many races had already attempted inorganic ascension and have ascended themselves into places where they were now trapped, the Annunaki being only one of these fallen races.

Asyhana Dean calls this organic ascension, “a fast path EVAC called Star Fire, which is an Inscension (in toward the Core), as opposed to an Ascension through the Outer Domain Star Gates” Instead of ascending myself through the higher dimensions via the artificial Stargates or wormholes I was to turn inwards on myself and compact all selves into one and thus take myself through the core, ride the waves of Star Fire to a new creation.

In Ancient Egyptian cultures a substance called Star Fire was considered to be the life-giving extract from the divine menstrual blood of the Goddess.  Star Fire was the menstrual essence of the birth Goddess.  The Oxford English Dictionary describes the menstrual action as “an alchemical parallel with the transmutation into gold.”  In ancient Egypt, menstruum was ritually collected from priestesses, known as the Scarlet Women.  These women were known in the original as “beloved ones”, and via various translations, as “whores”. (But these women were never considered to be prostitutes or adulteresses — the contrary interpretation being a contrived strategy of the Roman Church in their bid to denigrate the Scarlet Women.)

When I had the dream during which I had talked to Buddha, I was shown two paths one contained lots of artificial Stargates or wormholes all guarded by what looked like Annunaki security guards. The other way was a river of blood with naturally forming Stargates which appeared as stars throughout the blood, I knew when I awoke from this dream that I was to find a way of ascending or rather inscending by riding the Star Fire in the blood, Star Fire gave me this ability to open Stargates.

Taken from Asyhana Dean and the Guardian Alliance text.

“   (Planetary Star Fire Cycle) because the Star Burst was not a large enough reset to protect the Eckasha/Ecka level from the Budhara Gravitron technologies Star Fire was initiated in the grids. Star Fire is a cycle of pulling inward on the Inhale of Source, into what is called the Jhardon of Edon Middle Worlds.  In simple terms the contraction/inhale back into Middle Worlds Source is the Star Fire process. Star Fire, as Star Burst, is natural part of our Creation Cycle (within the bigger Star Born Cycle of the Cosmic Light Body) which we would normally cycle in, in an extremely long period of time. Star Fire Cycle allows for a very big leap in time which takes us directly into the Middle Domain Worlds if we can hold the frequencies necessary to live in such a system. As the Star Fire progresses, the planetary 12 Star Gate system will need to be progressively closed due to the high frequency of the Hub pulses associated with the Star Fire. In their place, Arc of the Covenant Gate system will be coming back on line. Before Star Burst and Star Fire we were travelling a path of Ascension that took us vertically up the Star Gates (SGS). – The Ascension path through the SGS can be progressive and slow or as we found out in Hetharo/Hethalon, it can entail leaps along the way of our ascent. Star Burst represented a very big leap to the other side of the Hub into our Parallel Ecka system. When Star Fire was initiated we learned there was also a very fast, intense through the Centre route that took us into the Middle and Inner Domains. This is a quick path inward toward the Core rather than the much slower path vertically and the inward to the Core of Creation”.

“Star Fire in the blood “This sentence imprinted itself upon my mind and I could not let it go, it rattled around. What exactly did Buddha mean the correct way to ascension was through the Star Fire in the blood? What was this star fire?

Star Fire is the San Graal, the song of the blood. It is the blood song which gives you the ability to magnetically dance or navigate gene pools and all corresponding Soul families through the stellar vortexes, to travel through the serpent cords to inscend to the stars by walking the Solarian way. The Solarian way is the ability to navigate through stellar Stargates, the fuel for this is within the blood, it is your star fire. Excite the passion, ignite the fire in the blood, bring a moment of bliss to the heart and the Universe begins to sing. The many Silver Serpents entwine through harmony and become the serpent rope, which turns in on itself, creating the serpent tunnels through space and time, travel these highways of light to the portals in the Sun.

I could see pictures in my mind of my dna in the blood creating patterns and these patterns somehow were affecting my Universal Reality , creating vortexes within the fabric of the Universe, vortexes which I as my consciousness could travel down to come out at another star system via ,  a Star Gate which was within the Sun. Whenever I had wanted to astral travel around our Universe, I had always used the portal in the Sun, I was instantly magnetised to the Sun and passed through on my way to other dimensions or sectors of time and space. I thought it was a cool way of beginning the process of astral travel; I had no idea that this was a set path way for other beings that were travelling here from other dimensions and other sectors of the Universe. It seemed that this was the organic way to travel, other races needed space ships and wormholes or artificial Stargates created in order for them to navigate the Universe, they did not have the ability to pass through the stellar gateways, as they had lost their ability to ignite the Star Fire in the blood.

I wanted to make sense of what I was seeing in my mind. I was shown how the DNA was affected by the patterns that formed from the harmonics and patterns that came from the heart. So I began to research on the internet and that is when I came across the work of Dan Winter. I suggest anyone who is here on the mission of finding a way to New Planet so they can record the DNA route for all members of their Soul family to follow, read and come to understand fractal science, of which Dan Winter is a master. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGYkJgOS2e0

His work is amazing and even though I do not usually have a head for science, this science I already knew on some level. As I read his work something began to happen to me. It was as if I had a screen next to my right eye, and upon this screen I was being shown a visual educational informative video which was being played alongside the information that I was learning via reading Dan’s work. Within this video I was shown the land of fractals and patterns. I began to see Dan’s theories as fractal patterns and processes. I understood these concepts totally as if I was already a master of this language and dimension but had somehow forgotten. Whenever I was not sure of what I was reading I would look to the screen and instantly see the fractal pattern or process organically growing and moving, and instantly I would know what Dan was talking about. I thought to myself this language of fractals is more complete and more at ease than any other language or method of learning I had ever come across. This language is how beings from outside the cube communicate. Within each fractal I was shown such a wealth of information it was far too much for my mind to explain to anyone else, I thought Dan was a genius as he had found a way to inform.

This fractal space and its symbols must be the sixth dimensional language I had heard so much about , I knew that this 6d was a dimension of codes, Stargates, patterns , and fractals and that Alustra my dragon self had full knowledge of this language. He was somehow made up of these fractals he was the vehicle which carried my awareness through this dimension of fractal landscapes. He held in his body the star maps and co-ordinates of my travel. I always thought of him as being my personal space ship, my Merkabar. I began to see him not as a flesh and bone dragon as he has appeared to me before, now I began to see him as a fractal pattern, a pattern of perfection. He has the ability to navigate his way through this 6d space of fractalisation because he was a perfect fractal himself and thus used magnetism to travel from one place in the Universe to another. Like attracts like, this is a universal law, the law of attraction. Alustra had the ability to travel to anywhere in the dimensional Universe he so pleased because he was highly attractive pattern and therefore he was compatible with all other patterns in the fractalised universal 6d reality.

Star Fire is in the blood, it is the ability to fire the blood with the energy of bliss.

Perfect sharing proceeds perfect branching which leads to perfect nesting, which creates progression, evolving Soul groups leading to the golden mean of phi.

When the heart is experiencing bliss it creates an electrical charge which creates frequency pictures in the sound harmonics of the heart. When someone is feeling bliss this electrical charge has the ability to embed itself into the DNA.

The spectrum emission of the heart, braids the DNA.

It is true, the heart really does sing. If you are moved to tears of joy then the emotion of this plays the heart and thus the heart begins to send out from itself sound waves. The harmonics are created by the rhythms of the heart- beat. The heart has seven chambers which is plays like an organ to create harmonious sound waves. These sound waves move out from the centre of the heart and weave around each other. Long waves that come from the heart harmonics entwine the short waves of the DNA and sound waves mechanically braid the DNA, into geometric patterns and this creates a sacred geometric ladder.  The harmonics are perfect at the moment of bliss and because of this harmonic perfection an amazing process begins to happen. The sound waves create patterns, sacred geometric shapes, which become fractal. They are perfect geometry.  These shapes are in perfect harmony with each other and because of this they are just the right shapes to compress or implode on themselves that is they fold in on themselves to create perfect compressed geometry. This compression occurs to the fractal pattern which was created by the harmonic sound frequencies which were coming from the heart, at the moment of bliss.

Emotions are the weaver of the long and short waves of the DNA.

Bliss is the heart harmonics which braids the DNA.

If you look down through the DNA spiral from the top, you can see a hole in the centre where all the geometric patterns have compressed or rather embedded themselves so compatibly, and so in such harmonious structure that they begin to implode to create a black hole. This compression is made possible because of the harmonic attraction of the geometric shapes, Dan says that the heart become a fractal attractor at the moment of bliss. The way the DNA forms or braids into geometric patterning is a direct mirror of the process of integrating all the different Soul aspects which made up the multidimensional identity. Each strand of DNA, the short waves represent the many aspects that make up the Universal Identity. These short wave groups of DNA codes came together through harmonic attraction and create compatible sets or nests of these short wave DNA codes. These nests are representative of the Soul families coming together. The short waves represent each of the Souls; the nesting which then occurs through bliss enhanced attraction is the Soul families coming together. The DNA spiral then branches in perfect sharing harmony called branching, which is a representation of the perfect harmony between Soul families. This perfect branching goes on to create the Tree of Life, which is the pattern created through the harmony between all star -nations. All brought about through the bliss of the Goddess.

The heart harmonics at the moment of bliss implode upon themselves and create a magnetic donut shape at the centre point.  The heart harmonics ascends the ladder of frequencies climbing all the donuts within the DNA spiral, imploding as it goes. The DNA begins to braid to form a ponytail affect. If you plait someone’s hair eventually you will get to the point of having two small strands of hair in your hands, as these two strands cross they create what is called a Magnetic X. This is the X chromosome, the presence of the Goddess within the DNA; this is the point of bliss. From the mouth of the X of the Goddess comes a cascade of harmonics which pushes the wave lengths of the DNA braid through the hole in the centre at the speed of light. The frequency signature of the heart harmonics at the moment of bliss  are so perfect in their fractalisation that they catapult the wave through the black hole at the centre of the dna spiral at the speed of light, the wave becomes superluminal. This is called the superluminal worm or the Silver Serpent.

The wave which gets catapulted through the centre of the fractal is like a Serpent which rises up through the middle channel which runs up the spine, it is called the Sushummi. As the Serpent rises up through the chakras which lie along the spine to the crown and as the wave catapults itself through the middle of the fractal, it too is seen as a Serpent with an eye which has the ability to look and steer its way through time and space. The Buddha for example has this Serpent’s head with a single eye on the crown of this head at his moment of enlightenment. The wave created by heart harmonics on the moment of bliss which affects the DNA and eventually implodes into itself, then catapults itself through the imploding spiral of the DNA and in this process becomes aware, becomes conscious, and has the ability to then make decisions in its journey through the space and time. This Silver Serpent then begins to lucid dream and time travel.

The symbol in the upper chest of my Light Body is a fractal of the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, Dan winter teaches that at the moment of compassion the heart harmonics are so orderly that they create a perfect fractal pattern that is so like the outside pattern, that is starts to implode on itself due to fractal attraction. This turns inside out the heart’s magnetism, this is made possible by the fact that the inside is now so similar to the outside. This is called becoming self similar. The appearance of star in my upper chest indicates to me that I am in a process of becoming self similar to the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons. Through this process I am becoming a solar being here on the Earth.

This process of compression is going on fractally within my DNA. I am going to superluminally send myself through the centre of the DNA spiral at the speed of light to lucid dream myself into a New Planet reality. I am weaving all the Star Codes of all races of beings in the Universe as the Super Hybrid into the braid of my dna , I am imploding my dna inwards to create a wormhole through which I will take all the races represented within my Soul matrix to awaken in the lucid dream, into a new Universal Reality.

Remember how this notion came about was, when I talked to my friend about the strange vibration I felt inside my bones during the night. Was that strange vibration, the catapulting of the Silver Serpent through the DNA hole at its centre. Was my heart racing in harmonic patterns, the braiding my DNA, and its implosion and the travelling of the Silver Serpent through the wormhole.

A Coherent wormhole enables superluminal (faster than the speed of light travel) through the centre of the DNA.

The heart is a fractal attractor at the moment of bliss

So what makes the bliss in the first place? Electrical fields become self- aware and self- organising and then nest to bring on perfect fractal compression in the moment of bliss. The agony of separation causes there to be compassion which is the moment of bliss which causes the start of the braiding of the DNA, which results in magnetic inversion in the DNA which creates the wormhole and thus takes all back to the stars through the Solarian pathways of light.

So that is why I choose to come to Earth because here was the most separated point from Source, and thus the most agonising place to be . The agony of separation causes the compassion (which the fallen races have lost so therefore they no longer have the ability to create the moment of bliss and thus the process of ascending via the stars is not open to them and thus they have to use space ships to travel in through the artificial Stargates and wormholes to travel interdimensionally and time travel). By coming here and experiencing the agony of separation I was able to feel the compassion and create the moment of bliss when I felt myself as the Source for the first time. This moment of bliss created the heart harmonics which kick started the process of braiding the DNA and creating Soul embedding. This braiding is the weaving together of all the Star Codes which I had contained within my Soul matrix. These Star Codes are the codes of all the races which make up my being i.e. everyone one of them as I am a Super Hybrid. I came here to Earth as the conditions were just right to do this DNA braiding and I weaved my Soul and all its various aspects into the DNA braid. This braid moved into perfect fractalisation and created a ponytail affect which came to a single point to the magnetic x, which then kick starts the compaction and later implosion of the DNA. This makes me magnetic to solar origins and I then have the ability to ascend myself through the stars. I am mapping myself home through the stars and taking all the races which are contained within my Soul matrix with me. The various races which I represent will then read the radiation emanations I leave imprinted on to the Universe, as I go through this process, to act as star maps to navigate their way home too. So by finding my way home I am lighting the way for all those other races to walk the same path home. No wonder I am being monitored.

EnSoulment is the result of braiding the DNA.

The Solarian symbol in the area of the thymus (upper chest), this catches the sound of the heart, it is the skin of the speaker or the skin of a drum, the vibrations makes the sound, and from this comes the geometric shapes and patterns which are the harmonics of the heart. The Solarian symbol shows that I have successfully squirted myself at the speed of light through the wormhole to magnetically guide myself into the Sun, as a test to see if I can navigate the stars , like a practice run. The Solar symbol is a fractal of the perfect god Source fractal when the DNA was braided inside the heart and the heart was playing perfect harmonics during bliss. It is the bridge between hyperspace and the endocrine system and the serpent juices –serotonin.

Dan explains that fractal recursion creates both self-awareness and gravity as the attractor and ultimate centring force .Compassion embeds these waves during glandular magnetism. That is to say that love and compassion act as a magnet to draw waves of consciousness to it and thus this creates gravity. It is our attention here on the Earth and our love which compresses our fractals, to create the density of Earth. It is only through compression of the fractals that Earth exists at all. The Earth is a grand fractal attractor; this is brought about by our attention and love for her, our compassion. Gaia is a wonderfully complex fractal; she contains all the other fractals or patterns in the multiverse. Beings come here as they know they will move into perfect fractalisation with Gaia and thus through compassion they will be able to  compress their dna , to eventually implode and move at the speed of light through the wormhole. Gaia is the only place in the Universe where all fractals can come and find a place to anchor into the flower of life. Was that why I was here? I am made up of all fractals, all beings throughout the Universe. Did I come to Earth with all my different fractals, hoping to find a place for me and them within Gaia’s fractal, so at the moment of Gaia’s implosion I will be able to implode with her and take all of ya (Alloya) through the wormhole, to create a brand new Universal Reality which is made up of all the fractals of my Multidimensional Identity.

The heart ascends the ladder of frequencies

So it seems that my mission is to squirt myself with all my Soul groups and their DNA shamanically through black holes (wormholes) to the stars. The skin of the cube (Metatron) or egg is a barrier of the speed of light, in which we need to break through to escape the cube. When having tantric bliss we are squirting our DNA through the skin of the egg to go to the stars. Fallen races needed a pace to create a safe haven for the possibility of the star family re-birthing themselves in the stars. The fallen races do not have the ability to squirt themselves back into the stars and therefore needed to create a being that did have this possibility, so when we break out of the cube we go to the stars and take them with us. I am one of these beings, are you?

Many of the fallen races are stuck, they artificially ascended themselves through outside technology and chemicals and thus they do not have the organic ability to move from the place they are stuck. They have lost their ability to implode the DNA, they have lost their bliss. They are stuck in astral planes and thus need a food source in order to survive. Many of these fallen beings exist on the emotional energy which we Humans create, such as fear, anger, sadness and even love , joy and light. Not all the beings stuck in these places exist on fear, many feed off love and light that is coming from the Humans on Earth. Many of the Ascended Masters are feeding off the worship and love energy of their Light Worker fans. They have created astral milk houses, these are places where Humans go when they sleep and dream and even when they die and pass over, these are astral prisons which store these people in their astral bodies. They are then used as an astral food source. Also when incarnate Humans on the Earth follow many of the ascended master’s teachings, they often find that they are designed to allow the siphoning of energy from the worshipping Light Workers. These fallen beings have to eat the sticky stuff of our emotions as food because they cannot make their own gland bliss. St Germaine by getting addicted to the Mono Atomic Gold, Manna, Spice made himself a technological immortal astral body, but he cannot go any further as he is stuck. Ashtar command and many of the Ascended Masters could not make enough bliss gland juice to break the skin of the egg. So they are stuck and have to feed off our emotions as a substance to survive.

There is a lot of information about mono atomic gold on the internet I suggest anyone who is interested do some research of their own. I found out about this a few years back. I spent many days talking to the Goddess whilst I was in America, (you can read about this in “Her Perspective “ ). During this time the Goddess explained to me how many of the Ascended Masters had artificially ascended themselves through eating a white powder made from gold. She showed me what this powder did to the aura and how it messed up the fractals. (Of course I did not know about the fractal implosion necessary for travel at this time, so I saw them more like patterns) She explained to me how it allowed them to cheat death and become immortal and live in a higher dimension but it was no short cut to true organic ascension, that it had a serious price. St Germaine was one of the many beings who ingested this powder and now is stuck and can only exist if he feeds of the energy given to him by his worshipping Light Workers. These beings are fooling many to follow them and give them their energy, but more dangerously they are also teaching others to follow the path they themselves walked to get to their false astral heavens. This powder is very dangerous and I do not recommend anyone take it, it is no short cut, perfect implosion is impossible once you have ingested enough of this powder. Many of these masters are instructing Light Workers on Earth, to work with the death star Merkabar mechanics to not only take themselves into a fallen system these astral milk houses but also to take whole systems and planets into the fall.

True organic compression will enable a recalibration of the geometric shapes that make up each person’s fractal self , but also all the beings that they carry in their Soul matrix will also be given the chance to bring themselves in harmony with this process , so they too can then compress and implode their dna. That way when we finally implode and move down the wormhole we will be able to take all of them with us. These geometric shapes represent galactic files, and records, stargate codes for opening star gates, navigation maps for navigating through time and space, genetic banks, ascension codes, planetary, solar and galactic history, all of this will implode into a single point or vibratory tone. All races of beings on all levels will become healed, as we move down the wormhole to a brand new Universal Reality. So can you see by integrating each and every one of the multidimensional selves and their star codes( their fractals )  into the Soul matrix , the fractal , and then going through compassion into Gaia’s fractal and then imploding to travel down the wormhole we are healing the whole Universe, taking all with us.

The Holy Grail is in the blood

Accept the entire spectrum of the freewill Universe

Let’s just go through the braiding of the DNA and the process of catapulting it through the zero point one more time, so we can get it clear in our heads. The person feels bliss, this affects the heart which then beats a certain beat, which creates sound harmonics which vibrate out from the heart and are caught by the thymus gland, in the upper chest, the place of the Solar Logos symbol. This then begins to braid the DNA according to the law of phi and the golden mean ratio, (perfect harmonics). The braiding continues until it is a magnetic x, which then implodes, becomes perfectly fractally embedded or nested, it compresses to a single point and then one single wave comes from this compression and is squirted at the speed of light through the imploded black hole at the centre of the DNA. This single wave if converted into 3 dimensions becomes the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is the DNA folding itself into a perfect map of what is outside into the inside. The magnetism (emotions) of this configuration of the DNA energy wave creates a perfect map of what was outside is now the same inside. This is perfect self –similarity that is to become that which is on the outside. This Holy Grail cup or energy wave form is then a perfect mirror of the outside fractal pattern which is Gaia’s grids. The Holy Grail energy wave has the ability to create climate and embed into the grid of Gaia the perfect fractal morphic resonance.

“If you braided the DNA in life forms with enough perfect fractality you arrived at magnetism in blood which was embedded or fractally attractive. The result was a creation of morphic resonance leverage on magnetic spins across great spectrum of scales. Essentially, you could in this way create a Human wave form which had enough magnetism bending ability in the spin geometry of their DNA, to bend stars in the blood with the magnetic rush of feeling. DNA in this way became so psychokinetic that it is possible to magnetically fabricate ecosystems with the scale of stars.”- Dan Winter.

So what Dan is saying is that we have the ability to braid our dna during bliss in such a way that it creates a wave form which when converted into 3 dimensions becomes a mechanism by which to become self similar , to that which is in the fractal pattern of stars in the Universe. He is saying that we have the ability through bliss to anchor here into Gaia’s grid or fractal, the fractal pattern which is coming from the stars. It is possible to embed the star fractals into the Earth fractal. We are the means of bringing the stars to Earth.

“The cup contains an inPHIknit amount of spin, it never runs over, it has no inside or outside, it solves the problem of separateness. It is the San Graal, because it is the song in the blood, because your ears ring with the magnetism of the land when the arc of your torus and the land are. One…”  Dan Winter.

Was this what I was hearing, when I heard the ringing in my ears? Ever since I had moved into my new home I had, had this ringing in my ears. Not a high pitched tinnitus ringing, no a deep and resounding hum. I thought it was coming from the electric station up the road and had even called the electricity board out to look at it, thinking it might be faulty and that is why it was making this hum. No one else could hear it, now I am beginning to think it might be something else entirely. Was I embedding my sound waves, my DNA signature, my fractal into the fractal of Gaia in this place? Was I and the land One. I had worked hard on aligning my new home and garden, had I unknowingly embedded the fractal of my DNA, into the fractal of Gaia in this place? Was the Holy Grail formation in the harmonics of my DNA magnetising to Gaia.

The grail cup is the

Perfect spin density,

Perfect information density,

Perfect recursion,

Perfect embedding,

Perfect implosion,

Perfect gravity

Perfect data compression,

Perfect connectivity,

Perfect symmetry,

Perfect damping,

The perfect way to turn inside out (Labyrinth),

Perfect phase conjugation,

The perfect magnetic monopole,

The perfect scalar wave,

The perfect “singularity”,

The perfect superstring connector (black hole),

The perfect geometry of bubble expansion,

The perfect (& only way) a wave can re-enter itself non-destructively (self


The perfect balance between equilibria/ between liquid/crystal,

The perfect way to SORT anything (magnetic, liquid or gaseous),

The perfect way to SCALE anything,

The perfect way to SYMBOLIZE (or embed) anything

The perfect way to get physical (PHI-cycle),


The perfect (and only) SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT,

The perfect self-awareness,

The perfect pining,

The perfect intent,

The perfect time wormhole (antennae geometry),

The perfect Heart Beat harmonic signature for disease resistance

The perfect Brainwave harmonic signature eliminating addiction & attention Deficit

The perfect Planet ScHumann harmonic signature eliminating climate chaos &

Atmosphere loss,

The perfect DNA braid to make “Soul”. (Spin memory to survive death),

The perfect sharing,

The perfect compassion and love,

The perfect fractal,


The perfect grail”

Dan Winter

Dan explains how he “believes this is how wave forms become self organizing and self- aware. The Grail is the geometry of nesting for waves to become perfectly 1.)  Fractal, “2) Self-embedded, 3.) compressible, 4.) distributable/shareable as a wave. The point may be that this electrical spin path to perfect embedding may well be what happens in DNA when braided by perfect ringing sonics in a heart’s EKG feeling bliss!”

Many years ago I put out a request to Gaia to bring me my Twin Flame, I asked from a romantic stand point, as at this time I did not understand the true function of the coming together of the Twin Flames. I asked her to send me my lover and later that day I was doing a tarot card reading for myself asking when my Twin would show up. I dropped the pack of cards by accident and they were all right side up apart from one card, I turned the card over and said “ ok this card now represents my Twin Flame and the coming of him into my life “. I then put it on my altar as a reminder to the Universe that I wanted him to come into my life. It was the Aliester Crowley tarot pack; it was the king of cups. On the card it had a knight riding a white horse carrying the Holy Grail.

To cut a long story short a man did come into my life and he turned out to be my Twin Flame and we went into a very deep process together. He came to my home and saw the card and without me telling him anything about what the card meant, he told me that the card represented him and when I told him what it represented he agreed. He came into my life at a point where I had not anchored myself into the matrix or grid which is Gaia’s fractal. I was not Human yet if you like I was still in Fairy body and had not created myself a pattern which I could embed into Gaia’s pattern. My Twin Flame helped me anchor in,  he gave me something I did not have myself as I was unable to perfectly nest with Gaia’s fractal,  I was incompatible until my Twin Flame gave me the Holy Grail cup of love. He opened my heart filled me with bliss and the rest you know, the bliss affected the heart harmonics and the rest is history. He did not stay in my life, he was not meant to, he was only to stay long enough to give me the Holy Grail. He had given me a piece of the puzzle that I needed to change my pattern, so it became compatible with Gaia’s fractal and thus I could become magnetic and grounded into her and thus the process of perfect nesting and perfect embedding could occur.  His name was Jon.

“Perfect branching or nesting, of the Grail cup the ancients call the SCION or Zion or Jon.”- Dan Winter

Where there is a tingle this is the focus of tantra

Dan explains that the best way to generate bliss is to hold the field affect with your attention in wave cascades where the charge does not leave the body. Being able to move in a continuous flow holding the charge or the tingle of the wave without it leaving the body, this is the principle of many of the martial arts especially Tai Chi. Tai chi, braids charge affects. It is not the only discipline that achieves this, many dance forms do also. One of which is belly dancing. I knew that my new found passion was doing something more than just learning to dance. It was changing my patterns or fractals, it was making this pattern compatible or sharable with Gaia’s pattern or fractal, this dance form was anchoring me here. Each of the movements seemed to be a language, representing codes which all make up my unique yet sharable fractal pattern. I was learning to hold my focus on the movement of the body especially the hands and through the constant focus I could bring my body to an elevated level of bliss. The hand movements especially were compressing my coherent waves in none destructive manner.

I am dancing the braiding spin path of my DNA fractals into the zero point, the black hole.

When you feel the tingle when you hug it is the voltage in the DNA, it is the voltage of the wave of creation. Anyone who has read my work will know that each and every self which I integrated had its own unique dance patterns or style and through dancing especially with certain hand and arm patterns or Katas, I was able to integrate each one into my Soul matrix. Now I am rearranging my fractal (which is made up of all the various multi-selves) with the fractal of Gaia through my belly dancing. I move my body in focus and thus go from infinite motion to infinite stillness in grace. This is one way of bringing the self to bliss through dance and movement, another way is through touch and tantric sex.

Certain touch expresses certain emotions. There are different pressures to represent each emotion. This we call the squeeze rate. Certain pressures especially love builds and then peaks in the middle of the period of time that it takes to hug and this embeds the love or bliss into the DNA. When you first hold someone to hug them with genuine love, you start off with light pressure and then build it to the apex of the hug and then slowly release. The building up to the climax of the hug and the release are at the same rate of pressure, this expression of love in the physical body embeds love or bliss into the DNA. You can touch with all emotions, and the pressure rates are different for each one. By touching in certain waves of emotion, it is possible to translate the alphabet of emotions coherently into the braiding of the DNA.  This can bring about healing if you. Emot coherently, dancing in bliss means a good immune system and no infection.

Only embedding creates and only love embeds.

Electrical fields become self-aware and self –organising, changing the matrix.

Infinite compression is fractal.

The first phase of the mission was to integrate each and every one of the  Star Codes. These Star Codes contained the data of each and every one of the races of beings who reside in this Universe. Some of the Star Codes represented races of beings who resided in lofty positions, and other codes represented those that had fallen. I have each and every one of them represented in the fractal of my true being. The next phase of the mission was to anchor this fractal, this pattern into the pattern or fractal which is the Earth. I had been given the Holy Grail by my Twin Flame Jon. What was I to put in this cup, what was its purpose? Its purpose was to hold the life blood of the Goddess which I was becoming here on the Earth in a physical body. This cup was to hold my menstrual blood. The electronic nature of menstrual blood is so grounding, so embedding it allows one to inhabit the space magnetically.

This is what had happened to me during a ritual in Cornwall, at the Men an Tol. I went there to watch a ritual, as a woman poured wine over the stone I bled. When the blood soaked down my legs and I ran home in embarrassment. I have since found out that, at that exact place Aleister Crowley had done a black ritual there to start World War 2. Was I embedding myself into this place, to bring about a healing to the land, to heal the rifts and tears in the fractal fabric which had been caused by Crowley’s ritual?  This was not the only place I had unknowingly embed.

I went to Egypt and fell in love with a Nubian man; this man is from the Crocodile clan I talked about in the previous chapter. I lived with him on his boat on the Nile. One evening he took me to his village in the desert. It was the time of my period. I asked to use the toilet which of course was a simple hole in the ground, I thought to myself “oh my where am I going to put the tampon, I cannot throw it down this hole, it would be impolite “I had no idea what the Nubian women used when they menstruated, I had not seen western tampons for sale in the shops, where did they put their sanitary products I did not know. All of a sudden I felt the presence of the Goddess, she said “go out into the desert and bleed into the Earth”. I walked away from the village as if I was looking for a special place. All of a sudden I felt a tingle and feeling of magnetism in the soles of my feet, I knew this was the place. I sat on the Earth and allowed my menstrual blood to flow into the Earth, it was one of the most overwhelming bodily feelings I have ever had, it was ecstatic. It is only now that I have come to fully understand exactly what I was doing that special night in the Nubian Desert. Now I understand what I was doing I was embedding myself into the Earth fractal of this place, I was magnetically bending the lines that make up Gaia’s grid in this place to inhabit it.

Perfect embedding results in the magnetic fields becoming self -organising when they emerge from chaos by becoming perfectly fractalled.

“Where menstrual blood touches Earth such a suction is created no Shaman could escape the worming re-directing of his attention, thru the woman’s genetic memory arcing to Earth (embed).”Dan winter

(As I was writing this during my lunch break at work, my supervisor came in and gave me a delivery receipt he had been given. On the top of the page it read “Magna power – magnetic processing technology”- I wanted to laugh I love it when my outside reality mirrors my inner processes. This happens to me a lot when I am in the zone, when I am in full flow with my spiritual processes. It is like my reality is talking to me. )

The overlords who ruled over mankind in ancient days had a simpler way of acquiring this fluid. Their ancestor-gods, the Annunaki, had endocrine systems that produced large amounts of this and other beneficial substances, so they drank it straight from the Source: the menstrual blood and vaginal fluids of the goddesses themselves. This they referred to lovingly as “Star fire” and drank in a ritual ceremony called the Black Mass, after which the Catholic Mass is said to have been modelled. Later, as direct contact with the Annunaki ceased, the fluids were collected from sacred priestesses referred to as “Scarlet Women,” or “Grail Maidens.” According to De Vere and others, ingesting the fluids of mundane women has only a slight effect, certainly not enough to maintain a royal Dragon family in the manner to which they’re accustomed. And after a few thousand years the genetic purity of their Grail maidens began to deteriorate, so the Star Fire lost its potency. This reportedly began around 1960 BC and is equated with the time that an edict was handed down to Noah by God demanding that the consumption of all blood cease immediately. (Gen. 9:4) Thus, a substitute had to be found, and so the alchemical process was created as a means of artificially creating the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, also known as “potable gold.” This is created using a black powder known as occultism, the universal solvent which has the power to transmute metals.

The drinking of menstrual blood, symbolized as “red mead” or “red wine”, goes back to the dawn of history and many ancient calendars were based on the Moon-menstrual cycle. The Greeks called it Ambrosia (“supernatural red wine” of the goddess Hera), while in India it was Soma (the food of the gods) and in Persia, haoma. They believed the menstrual blood was sacred and the life essence that could bring immortality“.

“Blood Royal” or Sang Graal in the “womb of the Dragon Queen.

Le Serpent Rouge” – the red serpent or the serpent blood.

The geomantic’s of creating perception by creating focus on the land…

      Dragon’s Egg…

The skin of the cube or the egg is the barrier of the speed of light, which we need to break in order to escape the cube. When we are having tantric bliss, we are able to squirt our DNA through the skin of the egg to travel to the stars. First we must navigate our way through the Sun; it is actively enabling this ability within our Light Body.


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