Native American Indian sweat lodge
I have always wanted to attend a Native American Indian sweat lodge. And I had my chance , in the deep countryside of Straubing, Bavaria, Germany. We spent the first day constructing the tent like structure. We chopped down flexible branches that were later made to bend and construct the sweat lodge. We dug a hole in the centre for the rocks to go in, as well as a fire pit outside the sweat lodge. The day came and we prepared ourselves after doing an Inca tradition blessing to the earth, we had picked the rocks we wanted to go into the fire and had blessed them using ancient words and smudging them to cleanse them with a bundle of sage. It is a traditional ritual from the Native Americans; it is used to clear negativity and bring in positivity. The shaman had also used this smudge to cleanse the site and create a circle that meant all inside were protected and we were told we could not leave and re-entered without being smudged. We created beautiful plates of foods to give as an honour to the four directions, the four elements, all the beings
of nature and the ancestors. After much singing and prayers to the beings that would guide us through the sweat lodge we took off our clothes and entered the lodge. Each stone that was now red hot entered the sweat lodge, the shaman put pungent herbs on to them and welcomed the rocks as a sovereign being and thanked it for being one of the rocks for our lodge. The water was poured
onto the rocks and the door was shut. It was black in there I could not tell whether my eyes were open or shut. It was hot, my energies
began to spin and I could see the sweat lodge much bigger than it really was and a big rock pit with Native Americans sitting around it. I looked at them all as solid and as real as you and I. I looked into one of the ancestors eyes and he smiled. He did not say anything more but I had many past life flash backs where I had been one of these people and had done sweat lodges before. One particular lifetime, I had been a very young girl about 12 years old and I was a seer, I could see in to the other worlds. I had taken a large amount of peyote and in a sweat lodge I had gone too far and went mad in this third dimensional reality but alive and well in the other worlds. I never really came back. Remembering this lifetime, made me loosen my control, and really let go and not fear insanity. The energy began to rise up my body and I felt ecstatic. The shaman began to call in the power animals and I could feel the energy of the wolf enter me. I even growled like a wolf, I felt my body changing and I really felt like I was the wolf. I saw many visions of being a wolf running through the forests, with a black bird flying over head. I was completely tranced out. Then I felt the snake in me begin to move at the base of the spine, I had been doing work with serpent energy and it was beginning to activate. Then the first round was over and the door was thrown open to reveal the fire pit man ,with a very welcomed bowl of water, that was eagerly passed around. Some of the women were scared and were finding it too much, but I was ecstatic, and wondered what all the fear was about. But as the fire pit man closed the door for the second round , I was plunged back into darkness with more rocks glowing in the pit, I began to feel a fear. No ordinary fear but one from the very bones of my body, I could hardly sing the songs as tears and screams came from my body. I do not know to this day what this fear was about ,but the all the women felt the same and we spent what seemed like hours, screaming and crying. It was the most intense emotional release I have ever felt. When the shaman said the door could be opened I was in a panic, I could not wait for the door to be opened I wanted out NOW. I had images of me tearing down the walls of the lodge but just as I thought I might scream and freak, the door was opened wide and the most amazing thing happened, there was fresh air. I gathered myself up and decided to be brave, as the door shut for the third time. However this time it was different, I could feel energy
enter the lodge, I knew this energy well it was Lilith, the dark Goddess. She entered my body and with delightful screams and yelps, she began to channel to the woman ,about who they were and what they were doing that was so important for them in this sweat lodge. It was very ecstatic for me, I remember the energy as it swept through my body, and I felt like every cell in my body, had the energy of the serpent pulsating through it. I have never felt so uninhibited and free in all my life. For the final round I spent most of the time , curled up in ball on the floor , with the floor now mud beneath me , dirty all over , sweating rolling down my body ,singing the songs in a very tired voice , but not giving up , continuing on . After the lodge we ran naked and free into the night, washing ourselves with freezing cold water. Wow what an experience. !


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