Earthing Sheet

groundologyI slept on my new earthing sheet for the first time last night. It was a strange experience. It was too cold to sleep naked which is advised . However I did get my legs out and had skin contact from the waist down. I could clearly feel the difference between the bare skin on my legs and my clothed upper body. My legs felt like they were filling up to begin with, then they felt dense and heavy .The energy began to pulse and it can and went in waves , it seemed to be clearing out the negative energies from my body especially in the areas of my body where i experience aches and pains. The waves of energy lasted only 20 minutes and i began to feel calm and relaxed. My boyfriend got into bed and as we cuddled up he said my legs were tingling and i felt a slight electrical charge pass between us. Half an hour later i could feel the hairs on my legs standing on end. I slept well , and felt more energised this morning.

will let you know how i get on i enclose a link to the place where i bought mine from enjoy love alloya 🙂


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