Nano Bacteria

Great video about Nano Bacteria. 

This made a lot of sense to me as i have been working with many people who have been under some sort of attack, they report demons, astral entities and even being psychically attacked by other people. I looked into this as it made no sense to me because my clients had worked on their fears of such things yet were still being plagued by attacks. When i watched the video it all made sense. The bacteria lies dormant in the body until we raise our frequency to a certain level and then codes in the dna which were placed their through genetic manipulation by the Annunaki wake these bacterias up. The bacteria then goes to work on bringing the person to fear of attacks , or anything which can activate the fear which these bacteria live upon. The chemicals released in our blood when we are in fear is food for this bacteria. I remember when i came back from India after having E Coli poisoning i had to take a medicine to kill off the parasites and bacteria in my body. The night before taking the medicine i felt bad about killing them off and even thought about letting them live in my body, the next morning after taking the medicine the voices were gone. I then realised the desire to let them live was not coming from me but from them. They are super intelligent and want to survive and will cause the person to do much out of character to keep themselves alive. 

There is lots of advice on the video for dealing with these bacterias , if i get any more information i will be sure to let you know all my love alloya 🙂 nano


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