New Readings by Alloya for 2015.


Alloya is providing for a small fee , four new readings for 2015.

Working on a particular issue

Do you have an issue which has been with you for some time and you have been unable to shift and heal? Are you at a dead end in your understanding of this issue, do you want a fresh perspective? Alloya can work in-depth with you around your issue to look for its source both in this lifetime and past lives both on and off world. Alloya will help you root out the core energy supporting this issue. She will look for the effect of this issue in all your bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Together you will explore the issue and find the correct and appropriate healing modality to use to address the issue. Alloya will provide you with concrete solutions to your issue. If you are interested in this reading please be prepared to open up to Alloya and discuss the issue in full.


Have you ever wondered why you choose the relationships that you find yourself in? Have you wondered about the connection you have to the people in your life? Is the significant other in your life, your Twin Flame, Soul mate, or karmic partner? Alloya will give you an in-depth analysis of your relationships. She is able to look into the archaic records and read the stories that connect you together. She will look at challenges which may come in the relationship and give you guidance on how to get through these challenging times. This reading is not just for romantic relationships, it is for all kinds of relationships, daughter, mother, father, son or lover. If you are interested in this reading, please send a recent photograph of both you and the person you are in a relationship with.

Power Animal & Nature allies

Ever wondered what your power animal is for this time, ever wondered who your friends and allies are, in the natural world? Alloya can read your energetic body and also the surrounding energies around you. She can see animal allies and nature spirits around your body which may not be known. Through a guiding reading , Alloya will read which animals, nature spirits, plant allies, and crystal beings are your allies , who wish to be known, so you can open up to them and begin working with them to gain support along your spiritual path.
Alloya will read the energies around you, through this she will be able to tell you which plants, crystals and animal powers you are aligned to and will support your journey.

Spiritual guidance for the year

Alloya will provide for you an over view of your energies. She will read your energies and give you a snap shot view of your overall condition and then she will break it down into an in-depth analysis.  Alloya will look at the various layers of the auric field and will read the energies which are present, looking for lessons coming up and unresolved issues which your soul wants you to work on. She will give you advice and suggestions on how to move forward unhindered. Within this reading there will be provided an analysis of your energy body and all its various chakras, and energy systems. Alloya will also channel information directly from your soul to you to guide and support you throughout the year. Alloya will introduce you to new guides and allies which are supporting you for the coming year. Alloya will give you an overall theme for the year, and give you ways of exploring this theme yourself. Alloya will provide a space within this reading to ask questions connected to this year’s theme.

Soul Reading

Have you ever wondered where you came from before you came to Earth? Alloya offers a detailed channelled reading, giving you access to information about your existence in the universe before coming to Earth. Have you ever thought about what kind of being you were, before you were human? Alloya will tune into your Soul and look into your archaic records, (the library of your Soul) and gain information about your off planet past. Your Soul will tell you about your past, the past of all your different forms in the universe. Through this you will come to better understand the energies that make up your Universal Soul Self. Through this you will discover new ways of integrating and aligning all the different aspects or selves that make up your Multidimensional Identity.

An energy diagnosis

Alloya will tune into your energetic body system. She will give you a detailed diagnostic report of your energetic body and its chakric system. She will look for blocks that are inhibiting the free movement of your energetic body and encourage you in doing exercises to re address any imbalance.

The fee is £50.00 or (the equivalent in your currency) for all readings except the

Spiritual guidance for the year reading which is £70.00

Payment can be made by Paypal ( you do not need an account ) .

Alloya on request, will send via email a Paypal invoice which you can use to pay for the Reading , by credit or debit card.

Or Via bank transfer, details given on request.

All enquiries please contact


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