New World Order V New Earth ( 2)

New World Order, this entity can be understood through the lens of mysticism, where the central concept that encapsulates its essence is coercion. Coercion serves as the driving force that leads individuals towards a state of unconsciousness, effectively stripping away their awareness and consciousness. Consequently, this state of unconsciousness paves the way for the enslavement of individuals.

The triad of coercion, unconsciousness, and enslavement finds its foundation in fear – a potent catalyst for inducing individuals to succumb to the mechanisms of coercion. However, it is crucial to approach this understanding without fear or apprehension, as knowledge empowers us to prevent such circumstances and reclaim our personal sovereignty. Fear acts as the primary vehicle through which individuals relinquish their spiritual sovereignty and surrender their power, consenting to unconscious timelines that reflect their state of fear-induced ignorance.

To counteract this detrimental process, it becomes imperative to embrace our spiritual sovereignty, thereby stepping into our inherent power and self-responsibility. This necessitates a deep internal exploration, fostering emotional intelligence, attunement, and awareness. By cultivating emotional intelligence and attuning ourselves to our internal landscape, we establish a foundation of internal sovereignty, which empowers us to navigate the intricate dynamics of the external world and resist the allure of the New World Order’s coercive influences.

The emergence of a new world order is intricately tied to coercion, unconsciousness, and enslavement, all of which are fueled by fear. However, by embracing our spiritual sovereignty and cultivating emotional intelligence, we can transcend these influences and reclaim our personal power and self-awareness. We must remain aware and accountable for both our internal and external environments. Internally, we strive for harmony and healing, while externally, we seek consciousness and awareness. The concept of the new Earth involves becoming conscious manifesters, acknowledging that manifestation goes beyond mere thoughts, but also encompasses our understanding and active collaboration. In this new Earth, we avoid paradigm blindness and recognize ourselves as conscious collaborators and co-creators. We utilize both active and passive forms of creation, understanding that to bring forth a new Earth, we must cultivate a healthy internal environment that can envision and speak into existence the desired future, while also taking concrete actions in the physical realm to manifest that outcome.

In contrast, the prevailing notion of the New World Order represents a surrendering of personal power and a belief in our own powerlessness. Fear and the outsourcing of our creative life force have led to a state of powerlessness and unconsciousness. It is important to emphasize that in the context of the New World Order, coercion and unconsciousness are closely intertwined. Coercion serves as a potent facilitator of an unconscious existence, requiring negative forces and threats to sustain such a state. On the other hand, the new Earth embraces conscious creative freedom, where coercion has no place and individuals are empowered to manifest their desired reality.

Consciousness and unconsciousness, freedom and coercion represent the two prevailing timelines currently faced by humanity. It is essential to understand that when referring to a new Earth, it is not a utopian fantasy but an actual reality that can be accessed or aligned with through conscious actions. By taking responsibility for our internal and external environment, actively participating in our own personal growth, and contributing to the betterment of the world, we can call forth and align ourselves with the new Earth. This alignment signifies a state of harmony rather than a complete absence of conflict or challenges. Lessons, karma, and the interplay between contrast and dharma still exist within this new Earth.

In all timelines leading to the new Earth, unity consciousness is the dominant characteristic. Unity consciousness refers to the unified awareness within each individual, achieved through the healing of cognitive dissonance, fragmentation, and traumas. It is an enlightened state that becomes a necessity rather than a luxury in the future.In this enlightened state, we recognize our interconnectedness with all beings, but it is not an oppressive oneness or a monochromatic singularity associated with the New World Order path. Instead, within this version of unity consciousness and the new Earth, we understand that we are diverse and unique creative expressions of the same source energy. Consequently, we embrace creative freedom, spiritual sovereignty, and the understanding that our manifestations should not harm others or seek to dominate or manipulate them. Collaboration and conscious co-creation with our environment become key principles.

On the other hand, the New World Order pathway represents a hierarchical structure that seeks power through coercion, fear, and the subjugation of others. It relies on strong-arming and the use of force to maintain dominance. In contrast, the new Earth embodies aligned power, creative life force, and creative freedom, where manifestations are driven by conscious collaboration rather than the desire to overpower others or gain undue control over them. In the context of the new Earth and the concept of a new world order, there exists a duality of power. On one hand, power can be harnessed in a conscious and benevolent manner, leading to extraordinary benefits and positive outcomes. This aligned form of power recognizes our interconnectedness and the conscious participation of individuals in creating harmony with the external world. It involves caring for Mother Earth and consciously working towards the collective well-being.

On the other hand, there is a shadow side characterized by the abuse of power and the negative qualities associated with it within the New World Order. This abuse stems from a fear-based approach, where power is wielded in a domineering and oppressive manner. This fearful perspective often arises from a lack of self-awareness, unconsciousness, and adherence to fundamentalist beliefs. Fundamentalism, regardless of its direction or ideology, tends to propagate fear and contract our consciousness, eventually aligning individuals with the principles of the New World Order. It is crucial, especially in the coming years, to cultivate self-awareness and recognize any fundamentalist tendencies within ourselves. By doing so, we can avoid resonating with fear and prevent our consciousness from contracting. Instead, the foundation of the new Earth lies in love, not in the conventional sense, but love intertwined with consciousness, discernment, and the acknowledgment of our interconnectedness with others. In conclusion, understanding the dynamics of power, fundamentalism, and love within the context of the new Earth and the potential for a new world order is essential for personal growth and the collective evolution of humanity.


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